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Newsletter 21/03/2019

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

Congratulations to Kites and Harriers who raised £150 for Mummy’s Star and Reuben’s Retreat, what a great bit of service.

Thank you for all your support of the book fair there was a great buzz around school talking about reading.

I hope the children enjoyed Red Nose Day – they all looked very odd!!

Those of you with children in Merlins and Ospreys I hope you enjoyed Monday Night. I was blown away by the quality of their dances.  They were so proud of themselves for overcoming their fears and dancing on that proper stage. The other schools staff complemented us on the dances and the stories they told.  Well done to everyone involved.

On Wednesday four of our children went to New Mills Leisure Centre to be trained as our change for life champions. I hope they are going to be able to encourage us all to lead healthier lives.

On Friday it is a very busy day:

  • Eagles are leading our assembly
  • It is the dinner Ospreys have chosen for us, chilli I believe.
  • The older children get to see The English Touring Opera
  • The girls continue their football tournament
  • It is scoot and Skate after school.

On Sunday the choir are again in concert, what it is to be popular.

On Monday the NSPCC are in talking to the children about keeping safe. They will be talking about the speak out stay safe programme This is a nationwide programme for every primary-school-aged child in the UK and Channel Islands. With the help of their friendly mascot Buddy, they’ll be presenting an assembly to the children in our school as well as a workshop for Years 5 and 6.  They will also be talking about the underwear rule this helps children understand that their bodies belong to them and them alone.  For more information, go to

Also on Monday the Ospreys are going to the Lowry. This is the trip which was postponed due to the weather.

Eagles are off to Whitby on Wednesday the class is full of excitement and trepidation in equal measure! I know they will have a great time and come back feeling so proud of themselves.

As I am sure you know Mr Cooke is off sick at the moment and likely to be off until Easter, Mrs Grange is covering the class for us. He was always going to leave at Easter and I am very pleased to let you know that Miss Done will be taking over Peregrines after the holiday.  I am sorry for the slightly unsettled time but we are working with the children to keep things as settled as possible.

Remember next week is the last week of the school run afterschool clubs until after Easter.

Alice Littlehailes


Newsletter 14/03/2019

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

We have had a lovely dance filled week. The children in Eagles and Merlins worked with a dancer from The Northern Ballet. Wow, what an opportunity!  She was very impressed with the work they did.  The younger children have got into the dance groove and Kestrels have been choreographing a dance, we have been treated to a dance assembly by two of the children and some of the children are setting up a lunchtime dance club.  Merlins and Ospreys are very busy preparing their dances for the dance festival on Monday.  We will be leaving school just before the end of the school day and going by coach to Buxton.  We will be rehearsing and eating our packed tea before performing on the stage at the Opera House.

Eagles class also enjoyed visiting St Philip Howard for a taster lesson. They are learning a bit about what life is like at secondary school and what kind of lessons they might have.  I believe they were looking at Shakespearian insults.

Remember it is the Book Fair after school today and tomorrow the selection of books looks great this year.

You should have had your child’s class photo order form yesterday. If you would like a copy of the photo please return the order form to school by 22nd March.

Tomorrow is Red Nose Day the children are invited to come in something odd for a donation to comic relief.

The Kestrels have been preparing to lead our assembly tomorrow I believe it is going to be laughter filled. Do join us if you can.  Next week Friday 22nd March Eagles will be leading the assembly.

There is a PTA meeting tonight 7pm at The Cricket Club please do come if you can. Talking of the PTA, if the weather improves there will be a scoot and skate on Friday 22nd March after school.  The children can stay after school and use the playground to scoot and skate on – if they have a helmet on.  Watch out for further details.

School run after school clubs will finish on Thursday 28th March.

The girls taking part in the football tournament had a good session last week, winning more games than they lost but more importantly playing well as a team. I hope they do as well this week.  Thank you to Mr Warburton for giving up his Friday after school to enable them to play.


Alice Littlehailes


Newsletter 7/3/2019

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

The children in Kites and Harriers had a lovely day out on Monday they learnt a lot about the justice system and how a court works. I know they enjoyed the workshop and museum as well as the train ride and walk into Manchester.

On Tuesday there were lots of pancakes in school with the children enjoying making and eating them. I have to say the Year 6s were fantastic pancake makers. At dinnertime the children were loving their pancakes provided by the kitchen.

Remember Eagle’s Assembly has moved to Friday 22nd March. Next week 15th March Kestrels will be leading our assembly.

Tomorrow we are having a special dinner chosen by the Kestrels class it is going to be sausage pasta bake. The week after it will be Peregrine’s menu they have chosen Red Nose Day Pizza. If your child usually has packed lunches and wants to join in any of the special days just let us know.

It is class photos on Monday.

The children in Ospreys and Merlins are performing in the Peak Dance Festival on Monday 18th March thank you so much for all the offers of lifts back. If your child needs a lift back do let us know so we can help sort it out.

There is a PTA meeting on Thursday 14th March 7pm at the Cricket Club. This meeting is open to all parents and it would be lovely to see you there.

On Monday 11th March at 6pm we are holding a meeting for the parents of the children going to Whitby to finalise arrangements and answer any questions.

The choir concert with Kinder Choir is almost here, excitement is building. The children need to meet us at the Octagon Pavilion Gardens Buxton at 9.45 on Sunday 10th March with a packed lunch. I hope you have managed to get your tickets for the concert at 3pm.

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 27/02/2019

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

I hope you all had a good week last week, the weather was fantastic and the children have been telling me all about their adventures it sounds as if you all made the most of it. The children have come back ready to learn it is great to see them all.

We have had to change the date of Eagle’s Assembly to Friday 22nd March because a number of them are involved in other things on the original date. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Merlins will be leading our Assembly this Friday 1st March and Kestrels on 15th March do join us if you can.

Tonight three of our year 6 pupils are representing us at the High Peak School Sports Awards where they will be receiving our Gold Games Mark Award. We are very proud of the quantity and quality of physical activity we offer to the children.

On Monday the Kites and Harriers are meeting at the station and going to the Manchester Police Museum. I know they have been very excited about their preparation for a trial!

World book day is almost here it is on Thursday 7th March. The children are invited to come to school dressed as their favourite character from a book. Please don’t feel you have to go out and spend money on this. Talking of books following the success of the Book Fair last year we have booked it again. We will be opening the book fair on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th March after school.

As part of our work on character virtues we are exploring service. The children in Harriers and Kites have decided they would like to run a bake sale and second hand toy stall on Thursday 7th March to raise money for two local charities Reuben’s Retreat and Mummy’s Star. If you would like to support their endeavours, please send your child in with a small amount of money on the 7th so they can visit the stalls.

On Monday 11th March at 6pm we are holding a meeting for the parents of the children going to Whitby to finalise arrangements and answer any questions.

The choir concert with Kinder Choir is almost here, excitement is building. The children need to meet us at the Octagon Pavilion Gardens Buxton at 9.45 on Sunday 10th March with a packed lunch. I hope you have managed to get your tickets for the concert at 3pm.

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 14/02/2019

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe but the half term holiday is almost here, this half term has flown by with lots of things learnt and experiences had. Eureka is proving to be a topic which is leading to lots of reflection around ideas and learning and those light bulb moments. Exploring the lives of people who have made a difference to the world we live in has shown the children that education and hard work is important. It has also given them the confidence to believe that they can make a difference.

Today is our annual House Verse Speaking competition. I am looking forward to finding out what each house has done with the poems they have learnt. Thank you for all your work helping the children learn the words.

Thank you also to everyone who helped with the disco on Friday the children all had a lovely time. Whilst the primary aim is not to make money at the discos but to give the children a good time it did raise £384 towards PTA funds which are used for the children.

I am sorry but we have had to change the dates of the Year 3/4 production. It will now be on Monday 8th April at 6pm and Tuesday 9th April at 2pm.

There are a few dressing up days coming up so I am giving you an early warning! World Book Day is on Thursday 7th March when the children are invited to come as one of their favourite characters from a book, and comic relief is on Friday 15th March. This year we are inviting the children to come in something odd! Please do not spend lots of money on dressing up clothes a nod towards the theme is all that is needed.

Mrs Hukin has asked me to remind you that dinner money should be paid in advance and to ask you to clear any dinner money debts.

The Harriers are leading our Assembly tomorrow and the first Friday back (1st March) Merlins will be leading it. Everyone is welcome to join us for our Friday family assemblies.

When we did internet safety day we realised that the children are still confused about real friends and online friends. Some of them have not understood that people can pretend to be anybody online and that just because an online friend says they are a ‘9-year-old boy’ doesn’t mean they are. I am telling you this to remind you to be vigilant when your child is playing or chatting online. Keep an eye on what they are doing and saying.

I hope you all have a lovely half term and I look forward to seeing everybody back on Monday 25th February.

A huge enormous thank you goes out to The Car Care Centre in Padfield who have carried out all the work which needed to be done to the bus to enable it to stay safely in our playground. They have refused to take any payment. What kind people.

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 06/02/2019

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

The children in Y5&6 had a fantastic time at the Police Museum not only did they have a guided tour of the museum but they enacted a trial. The trial was based on a real case and was around internet safety. This fitted in really well with Tuesday being internet safety day.

On Tuesday all the children did some work around internet safety, they discussed how to keep themselves safe online. The internet is a wonderful thing and has brought so many benefits to all of us but is another area of life where we have to teach the children how to be safe. We talk to children about only going on age appropriate games and sites, especially those with online chat or play. We make sure the children understand what to do if someone says something on line which makes them feel uncomfortable – tell an adult and report it using the report it button. We talk about not posting anything which might upset anyone – the advice we use is that they should never post anything which they would not say to Mrs Littlehailes’ face! We talk about friends we make online not being real friends and how we should not arrange to meet up with them. The older children explore how everything on the internet is not always true and we should always check information. The problem is when children are sat at home online they often forget all they have been taught so please as parents keep monitoring what they are doing on line and keep reiterating the safety messages.

Your child should have brought home a sheet with two poems to learn. This is for our House Verse Speaking competition on Thursday 14th February. Lots of the children, yes even the youngest children, have learnt their poems. Please help your child make sure they know them.

The Peregrine trip which was cancelled due to the snow has been rearranged for March 25th. The change for life event will now be on Wednesday 20th March.

If your child is in Merlins or Ospreys put Monday 18th March in your diary, they will be taking part in a dance festival it Buxton Opera House. The festival is at 7.30, I know it is late but we have no control over times. Tickets are on sale from Buxton Opera House at £7. I know tickets sell fast so I would get them sooner rather than later.

Friday looks like it will be a very exciting day with Kites leading the assembly in the morning and the PTA disco at 5pm. Harriers will be leading our assembly on Friday 15th February. You are as ever very welcome to join us for our Friday Assemblies.

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 30/01/2019

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

Thank you to all of you; we received lots of positive messages about staying open yesterday. The staff did an amazing job trying to get in those that couldn’t come spent ages in their cars attempting the journey. We cannot promise to always manage to stay open as the staff increasingly live a distance away but we will always try. We had a lovely day working hard and then having a whole school play out in the snow. I am sorry we had to postpone the Osprey’s trip, we are trying to rebook it.

Monday is Merlin’s and Eagle’s trip. They need to be at the station by 9am and picked up from the station at 3.59. If you haven’t returned the permission slip yet please do so or else we will not be able to take your child on the trip.

This Friday Ospreys will be leading our assembly and next week 8th February the Kites will be taking the lead. Do join us if you can.

The Disco is almost here – hooray. On Friday 8th February it is the PTA disco 5-6.30. I know the children always look forward to disco night.

I have had a request through for you to take part in a research project:

We are researchers from the University of Leeds, and we are conducting a study to find out more about children’s eating habits and food in the family home. In particular, we are interested in the views of parents of primary school aged children. We have developed an online questionnaire and are trying to get as many parents to fill this in. The questionnaire takes about 8-12 minutes to complete, is anonymous and voluntary.

We would be grateful if you would consider sharing the questionnaire link (below) with parents of children at your school (e.g. in your school newsletter/bulletin)

*Questionnaire link – *

If any of you would like to help I know they would be grateful.

I have attached some new information about how to keep your children safe online that I have been sent by Derbyshire. I think it is worth reading.

I hope we all have a good week and it warms up!

Alice Littlehailes

In-game chat: What you need to know

Video games have always been popular among children – even more so now that online multiplayer games like Fortnite, FIFA and Overwatch have evolved into social spaces, where friends and strangers meet and play together.

Many children make new friends by playing online and get to know each other via voice or text chat while playing.

In-game chat refers to the game’s own built-in chat function which lets the entire group of people playing together, friends and strangers, talk. It’s also popular to use external chat platforms, like Skype or Discord, in which only invited members can join the chat. Being a part of an online community where like-minded people can talk to each other can be great fun — but not everyone in in-game chats has good intentions, and there are a few things to be aware of if your child is using in-game chat functions.

Online grooming

Online grooming is when an adult, sometimes using a fake identity, establishes a relationship with a child online to exploit them sexually — perhaps by asking for nude photos or to meet in person. There have been several reports of children being targeted by abusers through games like Fortnite, and it’s important that your child knows how to handle contact with people they don’t know in ‘real life’.

Explain to your child that people online aren’t always who they claim to be and that they shouldn’t be sharing personal information (their real name, their address, their school’s address) or agree to meet up with people they haven’t met in person before.

Sometimes, abusers will be quite explicit about their intentions and show their interest in children within their username or profile. Make sure your child takes this seriously and doesn’t dismiss it as ‘just a joke’.

They should be aware that abusers might start chatting during a game, but then ask to stay in touch on social media. They might even offer to send children a phone so that they are able to keep their conversations secret.

If you’re worried that your child might not yet be ready to speak to people they don’t know online, all games consoles feature parental and privacy settings that you can adjust so that your child can only communicate with people on their friends’ list – check online for information about your child’s console.

As your child grows, you might be more comfortable with letting them communicate with players they don’t know – but get to know the reporting mechanisms of the game they’re playing first, and encourage them to quickly block and report anyone who harasses them, or makes them uncomfortable.

If you come across something you suspect might be online grooming, go to the NCA-CEOP site where you quickly report it.

Read more about online grooming

Online bullying

Playing online with others, especially in ranked matches, can lead to heated arguments, swearing, and insults— especially when one player performs badly. Most in-game communication, whether it’s via text messages or voice chat, is immediate and unmoderated.

When a child is on the receiving end of mean comments or insults, they’ll probably be tempted to respond aggressively or seek revenge. Remind your child that this usually makes the situation worse, and that they should try not to take it personally – the issue is not with them, but rather the bully. Let your child know that they can talk to you if they have been cyberbullied and you’ll always help them.

Keep a record of the abuse – take screenshots of text messages, for example. Reporting tools vary depending on the game but they’re normally easy to find. If a game doesn’t have them, it’s probably best to avoid it.

If your child seems very upset after being bullied, there are several free support services available that can help them recover.

Read more about bullying in video games on Parent Info.

Think about alternatives to in-game chat

As we’ve mentioned, you can limit who your child can communicate with by adjusting the settings so that they can’t be contacted by people who are not on their friends’ list.

But another option is to set up a private chatroom for your child and their friends using platforms like Discord, which is very secure.

And some games, like Minecraft, offer the ability to set up a private server so that only approved players can enter the gaming session.

Newsletter 24/01/2019

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

Thank you to everyone who came to the PTA meeting last Thursday the turnout was good. The new PTA constitution will be coming out soon for you all to see and comment on. Also thank you to all the parents that ran the PTA film night on Friday it was enjoyed by all.

We had a lovely day on Tuesday enjoying the huge snowflakes that were falling and even better all the roads were clear by home time – my kind of snow!

Next week the children in Ospreys are off to the Lowry to take part in a dance workshop and art activities to support their work on L S Lowry. We are all very excited about it.

On Friday next week 1st February the Ospreys will be leading our assembly do join us if you can.

If your child is in choir and you haven’t returned the letter about the Kinder Choir Concert please can you.

We have received the following:

Dear Parents –

With online payments on the rise, Eduspot (as providers of SchoolMoney) would like to remind you to be extra vigilant when making payments.

Recently, there have been a small number of reports of attempts to defraud parents whilst using SchoolMoney. We thoroughly investigate all reports of attempts to defraud parents using our system (including separate, independent checks) and can confirm that we found we found that no fraud, data breach or malicious attack has occurred.

We believe however, that it important to remind parents to be extra vigilant when making payments online. NEVER give out your ATM pin to anyone – no system or person should ever require this to complete an online transaction. If something looks suspicious, do not complete the payment, close down your browser and start again making sure you are using a genuine website.

You should also ensure all system and app updates are applied to your PC or mobile devices and that they have reliable, up-to-date anti-virus software installed. Increasingly, mobile devices are the targets of malicious software so it’s important that these also have adequate protection.

Eduspot remains committed to protecting your online security and providing you with an easy to use solution to securely make payments to your schools. If you spot something that doesn’t look right relating to SchoolMoney, please contact us at

The Eduspot Team

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 17/01/2019

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

We have had another lovely week in school. I am enjoying getting regular pictures from Mrs Clayton in India. It sounds as if she is having an amazing not to mention mind blowing time. She has worked with the children in the school we are linked with and been training some of the teachers who work in Kolkata. We are looking forward to hearing all about it when she returns next week.

In school the children are all having great Eureka moments. There have been letters to dinosaurs, space station visits, stepping inside Lowry paintings, Fairy Tale telling, Teeth exploring, Beowulf imagining and shadow making to name but a few of the learning experiences the children have had.

We have been very busy changing the use of some of the rooms in school and tomorrow we will be opening our ‘Bookwormery’ (fiction library) and ‘Questionarium’ (non-fiction library). A huge thank you to all of you who through the PTA have provided £3,000 worth of books for these rooms.

There is an important PTA meeting tonight 7pm at The Cricket Club. One of the agenda items is the new PTA constitution. I hope a lot of you can be there.

It is Film Night on Friday. I am looking forward to watching a film with the children.

Next Wednesday 23rd January all the staff have to leave promptly to get to a training session so please ensure your children are picked up on time as nobody will be available to look after them.

Cookery Club is cancelled next week 22nd January as Mrs McLaren and Miss Byron are at training. Next week is a busy week for staff after school!

Well done to all the children who are helping their class reduce the number of lates they have. Merlins continue to be our punctuality super stars. If your child arrives at school after 9am they are late. Please can you make sure your child is in school before 9am.

No snow is forecast for here over the next few weeks but as the ‘S’ word has been mentioned let me remind you that we always try our best to keep school open if it is safe to do so. If school has to be closed either because not enough staff can get to school or it is not safe for the children to walk to school a text message will be sent out as early as possible. Let us just hope any white stuff falls at a weekend.

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 10/01/2019

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

Welcome back and Happy New Year. I hope you all had just the kind of Christmas you enjoy whether that be busy or quiet. It has been lovely to welcome all the children back into school.
A huge thank you to everyone who sent in a donation for the school we are linking with in Kolkata. Mrs Clayton is going there on Friday – tomorrow.

The Peregrines were welcomed back in with the news a space shuttle had crashed in the playground!
Luckily Keith is very good at clearing up messes so no evidence remains of the incident!

Our lovely choir, following their fabulous performances over Christmas, have been invited to take part in a concert on Sunday 10th March in Buxton. I know lots of them have regular commitments on a Sunday but we would appreciate it if they could miss them just this once. They should have brought a letter home about it yesterday.

Clubs restart on Monday. If any children would like to leave or join a club please just let us know. Remember it is the second group at cookery club.
Day Time Open To
Orchestra Monday 8.30-9.00 Anyone learning an instrument
Creative Club Monday 3.30 – 4.30 Years 2-6
ICT Club Monday 3.30 – 4.30 Years 4-6
Cookery Club Tuesday 3.30-4.30 Years 3-6
Gardening Club Tuesday 3.30 – 4.30 Years 3-6
Key Stage 1 Club Tuesday 3.20 – 4.00 Year 1-2
Ignite Wednesday 3.30-4.30 Years 3-6
Running Club Thursday 3.30-4.30 Years 3-6
Drama Club Thursday 3.30 -4.30 Years 2-6
Film Club Thursday 3.30 – 5.00 Years 3-6

On Monday the Harriers are going to treat us to a Clarinet Concert in Assembly just after 9am. Please do join us to hear just how good they are becoming.

There is a PTA meeting on Thursday 17th January 7pm at The Cricket Club. Please do come if you can we need as many people as possible to help.

Friday 18th January is Film Night from 3.30 – 5.20. Look out for flyers about this.

The closing date for applications for a place for due to start in Reception next Year is fast approaching. The deadline is Midnight on Tuesday 15.1.19. Make sure you get your school preference in and remind anyone you know who may have forgotten to do it. Late applications are dealt with once the whole of the county has been allocated places.

The children tell me they have got a whole lot of new internet enabled devices, lucky them. A parent has told me about an app which helps them both know what the children are on and set limits for screen time. It:

Allows you to create child accounts for under 13s and they need to be part of a google family group which parents may already use to share apps.

Over 18 accounts can be set as ‘parents’ in the group.

Most apps on the device can be disabled / enabled remotely.

Time limits for individual days and overnight lockdowns.

Also gives you locations for devices and will get them to make a noise even on a tablet or phone on silent when lost at home!

Gives a report of how long each app has been used for. There is also a version for apple devices.

Sounds good to me.

Whilst we are talking all things electronic the children are also telling us that a number of them have been given or are playing with their fathers on ‘Grand Theft Auto’. This is an 18 and is an 18 for a reason it is very violent, and exposes children to a number of inappropriate sexual content such as rape. I would urge you not to let your children play on this game or watch others play this game until they are old enough.

I am attaching the dates for this term with the usual warning that things may change.

Alice Littlehailes

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