Newsletter 20.07.2017

St Luke’s Newsletter


Dear All,

It is hard to believe but this is the last newsletter of this academic year, just where has the year gone? It has been another fabulous year at St Luke’s with the children experiencing many different things, learning lots, including how to get on in a group, and enjoying working together.  Thank you to all of you for supporting the work we do here.

Thank you to the PTA for all their work this year, and for the disco on Tuesday. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Sports Day went very well yesterday, despite the forecast the weather was perfect, warm, cloudy and dry. The children worked well together in their houses and all had a good time.

Talking of sports we have again been awarded Games Mark Gold in recognition of all the sport we offer the children.

Some of our sports kit has yet to be returned 3 shirts are missing (numbers 17,18&19) as are 3 pairs of shorts (numbers 13,17&18) also 11 pairs of black socks with PB Sports written on them. Please can you have an extra look at home for them as we need the kit for future events.

If you have not settled your dinner money debt yet please do so immediately. We would hate to have to refer anyone to the legal department in order to begin proceedings against them but we may have no option if the debt is not paid.  Dinner money debt comes out of the school budget we have to educate your children not out of a pot at the council.

We finish for the summer tomorrow. We will be saying goodbye to the Year Six children in true St Luke’s style with celebrations not tears.  They will be leading the assembly in the morning have lunch with the staff and meet up for tea at Pizza Express at 5pm.

School restarts on Tuesday 5th of September for everyone except the Reception children who start on Thursday 7th.

As well as some of our children we will be saying goodbye to Andrew the Vicar who is moving to a new role in the south and to Mrs Farrell who, after a huge number of years supporting a huge number of children (I am not allowed to say how many but it is a lot), is leaving us to do other things. Thank you to both of them for all they have given the school.

I have been sent information about an event in Norfolk Square on Friday 28th July 9.30-3.  People are being asked to come along and write a love letter to Glossop.  This is a chance to think about our town and why we like it.

Remember the library reading challenge over the summer.

There will be no toast tomorrow as we will be busy with leaving events.

Have a lovely summer, stay safe and see most of you in September in our lovely new uniform.

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 13.07.2017

St Luke’s Newsletter


Dear All,

Congratulations to the children who went to Cyclocross yesterday, I understand one of our teams came first but more importantly they all behaved well and had a good time.

I hope all of you who have been able to come to the Eagle’s and Merlin’s production of Treasure Island enjoyed it. There was a fine display of piratical behaviour, skulduggery and creatures.  I also hope you have managed to get ‘Cheese on Toast’ out of your head.

This week we have had two important visitors in. One of the Librarians from Glossop Library came in to talk about the summer reading challenge. This is organised every year by the library and is a great way to keep your child reading over the summer without having to buy loads of books.  Just go along to the library and you can sign them up for the challenge.  Everyone who has taken part before has enjoyed it.  Don’t worry if you are not registered with the library it is a simple thing to do.

The second visitor was our violin teacher who does a great job helping children start to learn this lovely instrument. If your child is interested in starting to play the violin just let the office know.

The children in Kestrels will be leading our assembly this Friday 14th. Do join us if you can.

Next week is the last week before the summer holiday and is full of exciting learning, no we will not be winding down! On Tuesday morning the children will be working in their new classes with their new teachers.  These are staying the same: Reception Mrs Hillier, Y1 Mr Cooke, Y2 Miss Nicholls, Y3 Mrs McLaren and Mr Warburton, Y4 Ms Lee, Y5 Mrs Clayton and Mr Warburton, Y6 Miss Byron.

Wednesday 19th – weather permitting will be sports day in the morning.


Remember on Thursday 20th The choir are singing in Buxton as part of the Fringe Festival.  Please come along and support us if you can.  1-2pm near the Opera House.  Choir need packed lunch for that day.

On Friday 21st Y6 will be leading our Assembly, they will have lunch all together and will then go out for tea.

If children in Key Stage 2 would like to have fruit next term the letter needs to be returned by Monday. We have to put the order in next week and may not have spare fruit for people who ask for it in September.

If you have dinner money outstanding please settle your bill as soon as possible as we need to balance the books for this academic year.

Early warning Kim the lollypop lady will not be working in the month of September.

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 06.07.2017

St Luke’s Newsletter


Dear All,

Firstly well spotted you eagle eyed people tomorrow’s assembly will be led by Harriers not by Kites as I accidently said last week.

Thank you to everyone who supported our non uniform day the bottles came flooding in. The PTA are very grateful, as they were for the support at the Summer Fun Day which raised £606.

The Year 6 pupils have been busy visiting their new secondary schools. It is lovely to see their happy relieved faces when they come back recounting tales of daring do, surviving big sites and talking to new people.  They realise it is something they are ready for.

Next week we have the Eagle’s and Merlin’s summer production full of spots, pirates, treasure, adventure and skeletons in closets! Just another day at St Luke’s then. If you haven’t requested tickets yet please do so. The performances are on Tuesday evening 6.30, the children back at 6 please, and Thursday 2pm.

The Derbyshire Safeguarding Team have made me aware of a new problem with snapchat which you may not be aware of – I wasn’t. Snapchat has automatically updated and added snapchat maps which allows people to see where other people they know, or people they know know, are and what they are doing.  If you or your children use snapchat the advice is to ensure you are set to ‘ghost’.  Snapchat has many really good features and I am not recommending you stop using it just making you aware of this new issue. Here is a link to a 14 year old explaining much better than I can all about the potential problems. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MhHXbGKshgw

As we are getting towards the end of term and people are starting to think about uniform and equipment for next year here are a few reminders, including some the children would rather you didn’t know. The uniform next year will be white polo shirt, purple sweatshirt or cardigan and grey trousers, skirt, shorts, dress plus sensible school shoes.  If you have red uniform that you still want to use you can of course use it until it needs replacing.  The children do not need, in fact please don’t send in pencil cases and pens etc we provide everything they need.  Also please, please, please do not send in back packs we do not have room for them.  The children only need a book bag and a PE bag.

Talking of old uniform we have had a request that the children are very excited about. In Nigeria the children can only go to school if they have a uniform, but many children cannot afford one so do not go to school where they get an education and also a meal.  One of our visitors has links to a school which has a red uniform and asked if we would donate all our old uniform to them.  The children love the idea that the uniform they have finished with helps another child to go to school so please send in old uniform and we will get it to them.  I just wish I had known this before and we would have done it every year.

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 29.06.2017

St Luke’s Newsletter


Dear All,

I cannot believe that June is nearly over we seem to be hurtling very quickly towards the summer holiday.

Thank you so much to everyone involved in The Glossop Festival for putting on the concert for schools last Thursday. It was such a treat for our ears and for our performers.  The children were genuinely moved by the music.

On Friday our gymnastics squad performed very well and were awarded bronze medals. Congratulations to them.

This week Year 6 were all geared up to be extras in a film and Monday went well, however the weather put paid to Tuesday’s filming. The director says she will try again at the start of next week but does not know if the children will be needed.  I suggest they bring their film clothes into school for Monday and Tuesday next week and then we are ready if needed.

Thank you so much to Glossop Cricket Club who invited the children to watch the county match taking place this week. Luckily we picked Monday as the day to go.

It has been so nice to welcome the new Reception Children into school this week. We are looking forward to seeing them on Monday for a story and their lunch.

Friday is a busy day with Osprey’s leading the assembly in the morning, non-uniform day for a bottle and Forest schools for Y3.

Remember clubs run by staff members finish this week.

Next week sees our lovely Summer Concert on Tuesday 4th July.  This is an opportunity for all our musicians to perform and for everyone to hear the choir.  Please can all the performers, musicians and choristers be back at school by 6.50 for a 7pm start.  We do not issue tickets for this event but please do come along and enjoy a musical treat.

The last few weeks are so busy, and dates Keep changing so I thought I would give you an update.

Monday 3rd      New Reception Lunch

St Philip Howard Transition week starts

Tuesday 4th     Y6 Rounders’ tournament

Chapel Transition Day

Summer Concert 7pm

Wednesday 5th Last Y2 swim

The Great Science Share – This involves the Choir plus some scientists going to The Etiad

Longdendale transition


Thursday 6th    New Y3s visiting

Last Year 4 swim

Glossopdale & Longdendale transition

Friday 7th         New Y3s visiting

Kite’s Assembly

Glossopdale & Longdendale transition

Monday 10th    Y3/4 trip to Manchester Museum

Tuesday 11th   Cyclo cross competition

Y5/6 performance 6.30pm

Thursday 13th Year 5/6 performance 2pm

Friday 14th       Kestrel’s Assembly

Tuesday 18th   PTA Disco 5-6.30

Wednesday 19th Sports Day

Thursday 20th Choir perform in Buxton Festival Fringe

Friday 21st       Merlin’s Assembly

Leaver’s meal out

Finish for the summer

Tuesday 5th September Children return to school

Thursday 7th September New Reception Children start.


Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 22.06.2017

St Luke’s Newsletter


Dear All,

What a hot week it has been! Many congratulations to the children who were part of the PEGS concert on Monday.  It was incredibly hot in the New Mills Art Theatre but the children performed really well and all received much praise from the other schools.  It is supposed to be cooling down now.

Thank you so much to everyone involved in the Family Fun Afternoon, organisers, helpers and supporters. A good time was had by all.

A huge thank you also goes out to everyone for the cup cake for dementia Mrs Howe has counted up the donations and we raised a fantastic £185. Well done everyone.

This afternoon the children are all going to a concert organised by Glossop Festival in which some of our children will be playing. We are so lucky to have high quality live music available to us.

Tomorrow, Friday 23rd, The Eagles will be leading our Assembly, on the 30th it will be Osprey’s turn.  Do join us if you can.

Friday 30th June is a non-uniform day.  For the privilege of coming in sensible own clothes the children are asked to bring in a bottle which will be used at The Christmas fair.  It can be a bottle of anything; shampoo, ketchup, pop, wine, beer, bubble bath, the list is endless.

Our Summer concert is fast approaching, it is on Tuesday 4th July at 7pm.  This is an opportunity for any child who plays an instrument to perform.  I know the music teachers who teach in school are preparing their children.  It is also an opportunity for you to hear the choir.  If your child would like to perform encourage them to speak to Mrs Hillier.

The Library has contacted me to ask me to tell you about the Summer Reading Challenge. This year the theme is Animal Agents.  This is a great way to keep your child reading over the summer.  For more information pop into the library.

I understand there has been some chat and confusion on Facebook about purple polo shirts. The purple polo shirts some of you saw on Monday are the Arts uniform shirts.  School Uniform from September will be white polo shirts as these are readily available.

School run after school clubs will finish next Friday 30th June as we have a lot of other things on such as the summer concert and the Y5/6 production.

The Local Authority have asked me to give you the following information about term time holidays.

In September 2013 the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013 came into force. These regulations make it clear that Headteachers should not grant approval for any leave of absence during term-time, including holidays, unless there are exceptional circumstances. These regulations also state that holidays cannot be authorised retrospectively.

Any requests should be on an official school absence request form and handed into the school office for consideration prior to any holiday/leave arrangements being made.

You may be issued with a Penalty Notice should leave be taken which is not authorised. If unpaid this could lead to prosecution under section 444(1) of The Education Act 1996.

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 15.06.2017

St Luke’s Newsletter


Dear All,

Firstly, welcome to all the parents of children starting in September. This is the first of our weekly newsletters you will be receiving. We are so glad you are part of the St Luke’s family.

I am writing this a little bleary eyed having got back late from an amazing trip to London with our High Peak Kids Council representatives, so please forgive any mistakes. The trip was to see The Houses of Parliament in action and boy did we hit the jackpot. Our tour was just as all the ceremony surrounding the MPs swearing allegiance was happening.  John Bercow nodded at us and we can be seen on the BBC coverage being waved at by Teresa May and Jeremy Corbin.  Our new MP Ruth George met us.  We also saw the changing of the guards at Horse Guards Parade, popped into the National Gallery to see some of the pictures we had studied in take one picture weeks, had a good walk round central London, went on a London bus and on a tube. Phew!

This came just a day after a wonderfully musical day at which our children covered themselves in glory. In the morning the Year 4s played with The Halle Orchestra and in the afternoon The Choir sang to an audience including representatives from the Halle choir and the Music service in Derbyshire and Stockport.  Following both events lots of people told me how impressed they were with our children and the level of their musicianship.  The Choir’s next concert is on Monday afternoon as part of the PEGS concert when we are all getting together and sharing our music.  The children should be back for the end of the school day.

Thank you so much to Nicola Davies for organising the Dog Safety talks I think we all learned a lot. We are continuing on the safety theme today with a talk on being safe near water given by Glossop pool.

It is nearly here, just one more sleep until the Family Fun Day! Please do stay after school tomorrow for the PTA summer extravaganza. It should be a lot of fun and raise money for the PTA funds which are used to support school.

Remember it is the next bags 2 school textile collection on Tuesday 20th

Year 5 are leading our assembly on Friday 23rd June.  Please join us if you can.

I have been asked about activities organised by school for our Year 6 Leavers. As ever we are going to make a good fuss of them.  On Friday 21st they will lead our assembly and use this to say goodbye to the school community, we will have a special leavers lunch all together and then we have booked a meal out early evening on that Friday so they can finish on a high.


Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 08.06.2017

St Luke’s Newsletter


Dear All,

I hope you all had a lovely holiday.

I am sorry I had to cancel sports day but the weather was against us. I left the decision as late as I could as the forecast was changing all the time, mainly for the worse!  Judging by the damp this morning the decision was the right one phew!  I would have felt dreadful if we had woken up to a lovely day.

Hopefully the weather will brighten up for the boy’s cricket tomorrow and the girl’s on Monday.

Tuesday is our fabulous musical day with the Year 4s playing with The Halle in the morning and the choir singing in a concert in Manchester in the afternoon. They will all need packed lunches.  If you haven’t returned your letter for this yet please do so ASAP.


On Friday 16th Year 5 are going to visit St Philip Howard School, lunch will be provided by the school.


Friday 16th is also the PTA family fun event including scoot and skate immediately after school 3.30-5.30.  Lots of exciting things are planned so please do come along.

On Thursday 15th we are having a cup cake fundraiser for Dementia Day.  The very lovely Mrs Howe is going to bake cupcakes for the children to decorate and eat for a donation.


The next bag 2 school collection is coming up on Tuesday 20th June so bags should be coming home today for you to fill with unwanted textiles.  We really appreciate your donations as each collection raises a few hundred pounds for school funds.

Alice Littlehailes


St Luke’s Newsletter
Dear All,
What a turnaround! we have gone from my least favourite week to one of my favourites. This week is Take one Picture Week when we use the children’s responses to a picture to base all our work on. This year’s picture is Penelope and Her Suitors. On Monday the children worked in their houses and the Year 6s took the lead. A great day was had by all. There has been work about boats, castles, weaving, Greek myths, angles, taking the characters on adventures the range and quality has been amazing.
This week is also walk to school week – so of course it has been rainy. I have been very pleased to see the number of families who have still walked. Let’s see if everyone can walk at least part of the way on Friday.
Today the Year 5s are off to Castleton. I am sure they will find out a lot during this Geography field trip.
Tomorrow 19th May our High Peak kid’s Council representatives are going to New Mills to meet Andrew Bingham (a meeting arranged before the general election was called). This is in preparation for their trip to Parliament next month.
Next week is our science week, and what a week is planned. There will be scientists working with the children on experiments, a planetarium, animals and a science show.
The children in choir brought home a letter on Tuesday detailing all their gigs. Please could you return the slip as soon as possible so we know you have seen it. If the letter has not made it home please ask for another copy.
The PTA is as ever very busy; today is plant pick up day and preparations are well in place for the Family Fun event, incorporating scoot and skate. There will be stalls, bouncy castle, food and loads of other things. If you have a bit of time and would like to help with this event just let us know.
The Peregrines are off to Glossopdale Hadfield site on Wednesday 24th for a sports festival. Please send the permission slip back.
We have a fantastic reason to celebrate we have been awarded Music Excellence Partner status. We are the only school in this part of the county to have this award. It is in recognition of all the work we do, both within the curriculum and outside it, to promote music. Huge congratulations to all the staff and instrumental teachers for this. Remember if your child is interested in learning an instrument just let us know.
Remember the lollypop crossing may not be staffed next week. Derbyshire County Council is hoping to be able to staff it but cannot guarantee it.
Alice Littlehailes


There is so much to celebrate this week.
The children in Kites and Harriers put on a fabulous show this week. They acted and sung their hearts out making parents and staff so proud. Well done to all of them.
The children who took part in Aquasplash had a great time, I was told it was “sooooo much fun”. They behaved beautifully and were a credit to the school.
The girls football squad are celebrating because they finished top of the league. Well done to all of them and thank you to parents and staff who gave up Friday early evenings to make it possible.
Friday is our Easter Service in church. It will start as soon as we can walk the children over from school. The Merlins have written a moving account of the Easter story. Do come and join us, If you can, tissues in hand.
This Friday is also the PTA Easter coffee morning and raffle. After church at about 10.30 you are invited to come to school and have coffee and cake. Adult’s £2. The children also come out of class to have a drink and some cake for £1. Once everyone is fed and watered we will pull the raffle. Just who will be going to that Little Mix concert? Whose hair will look amazing? And just how many Easter eggs will be won this year? Do come along and find out.
We also finish for the Easter Holiday on Friday. The children return to school on Tuesday 25th April (Monday 24th is an INSET day for staff).
On Wednesday 26th April kestrels, Peregrines and Ospreys are off to the Ballet. They are seeing Goldilocks and The Three Bears at Buxton Opera House.
Thursday 27th April Harriers will start swimming.
On Friday 28th April The Kites will start doing some Forest Schools work, on site. This is where the children learn outside it has been shown to have many benefits. The children will be going out in all weathers so will need suitable clothes ie waterproof coats and wellies if it is raining.
After school clubs run by school staff will restart the first week back. Gardening club will also restart on Tuesday 25th 3.30-4.30 it is open to any child from Y3 upwards. If your child would like to go please let the office know. Again wellies and waterproofs are useful.
The new menu for next term should be in your child’s book bag, it looks delicious.
The consultation on the possibility of a new uniform has finished. Some excellent points have been made by people in favour and against, so thank you for the thought you put into it. The majority of parents are in favour or not against this and the pupils are very positive about it so we will be phasing in a purple uniform from September. I will be sending out full details in the new term.
Thank you for all your support this term. I hope you have a lovely Easter.
Alice Littlehailes


Dear Parents,
I cannot believe half term is almost upon us! Where is this year going?
I need to raise again issues around drop off and pick up times. These times of the day are very tricky, a lot of people are using the same space in different ways and everyone has somewhere else to be so they are hurrying and distracted. These times are therefore the times our children are most vulnerable. Please can everyone be extra vigilant, drive extra slowly and park extra considerately. The times I am talking about are not just about the normal school day but also out of school activities. There was a near miss on Disco night when a child was almost run over. At the moment I allow parents cars into the car park for club pick up events but am considering the wisdom of this. I would welcome anyone’s thoughts.
The disco was a very successful night raising £382, thank you to everyone who helped.
I am very pleased that we have managed to organise I trial of online payments starting after half term. If you have not received the information about this please ask for another copy.
Today is bug busting day when we try and clear the school of head lice. Your child should be bringing home a detection comb and a letter about this. I am looking forward to seeing lots of lovely shiny hair tomorrow as everyone will have had their hair washed and checked.
If you are paying music teachers for lessons please try and send the correct amount as they often do not have change and neither do we.
Tuesday was internet safety day and the whole school has been learning about how to stay safe online. The internet is a wonderful thing but like anything we have to learn to use it safely. Out of the fabulous discussions the children have had some things have emerged I think you need to know about. Children are playing games such as Call of Duty without their parents knowing. Some children are using gaming platforms which pose some risks:
Roblox allows you to create your own games or play games others have made and chat online to other players. Children like it because it is fun, entertaining and creative. It is risky because players are open to inappropriate comments and are essentially sharing information with strangers.
Musical.ly and Live.ly are free social media music apps where users can watch user generated lip sync video, and create video themselves lip-syncing or dancing to music. Children like it because it is fun and easy to use and share. Risks include 18+ content, interacting with strangers, potential bullying and inability to be private – even videos from deleted accounts remain on the public database.
All social media apps pose risks. Be very aware of Ask.fm, Kik, Snapchat, Whisper and Yik Yak, all of which encourage the sharing of personal information with people users don’t know. The NSPCC Online Safety website is an excellent source of further information.
Have a lovely half term see you on Monday 20th February.
Alice Littlehailes

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