St Luke’s Newsletter


Dear All,

Firstly well spotted you eagle eyed people tomorrow’s assembly will be led by Harriers not by Kites as I accidently said last week.

Thank you to everyone who supported our non uniform day the bottles came flooding in. The PTA are very grateful, as they were for the support at the Summer Fun Day which raised £606.

The Year 6 pupils have been busy visiting their new secondary schools. It is lovely to see their happy relieved faces when they come back recounting tales of daring do, surviving big sites and talking to new people.  They realise it is something they are ready for.

Next week we have the Eagle’s and Merlin’s summer production full of spots, pirates, treasure, adventure and skeletons in closets! Just another day at St Luke’s then. If you haven’t requested tickets yet please do so. The performances are on Tuesday evening 6.30, the children back at 6 please, and Thursday 2pm.

The Derbyshire Safeguarding Team have made me aware of a new problem with snapchat which you may not be aware of – I wasn’t. Snapchat has automatically updated and added snapchat maps which allows people to see where other people they know, or people they know know, are and what they are doing.  If you or your children use snapchat the advice is to ensure you are set to ‘ghost’.  Snapchat has many really good features and I am not recommending you stop using it just making you aware of this new issue. Here is a link to a 14 year old explaining much better than I can all about the potential problems.

As we are getting towards the end of term and people are starting to think about uniform and equipment for next year here are a few reminders, including some the children would rather you didn’t know. The uniform next year will be white polo shirt, purple sweatshirt or cardigan and grey trousers, skirt, shorts, dress plus sensible school shoes.  If you have red uniform that you still want to use you can of course use it until it needs replacing.  The children do not need, in fact please don’t send in pencil cases and pens etc we provide everything they need.  Also please, please, please do not send in back packs we do not have room for them.  The children only need a book bag and a PE bag.

Talking of old uniform we have had a request that the children are very excited about. In Nigeria the children can only go to school if they have a uniform, but many children cannot afford one so do not go to school where they get an education and also a meal.  One of our visitors has links to a school which has a red uniform and asked if we would donate all our old uniform to them.  The children love the idea that the uniform they have finished with helps another child to go to school so please send in old uniform and we will get it to them.  I just wish I had known this before and we would have done it every year.

Alice Littlehailes