Following the very successful London Olympics, the Government was very keen to foster a lasting sporting legacy, and one of the ways they decided to encourage this was to provide funding into primary schools specifically for sport.

At St Luke’s CofE Primary School we use some of this money to fund staff working with professional coaches from P.A.S. This gives the children access to high quality PE and at the same time, trains the staff to continue this legacy once the funding comes to an end.

We have also paid into sporting clusters such as High Peak Sports Partnership that enables the children to participate in cooperative and competitive sports with other schools across the High Peak and the county. This has allowed the children taking part in the gymnastics, rugby, running, football and cricket teams to experience competition at a higher level.

Last year all the children participated in an inter school event as well as an intra school event. We got to the High Peak Finals and a County Final. Often St Luke’s have won or placed highly but always have the children learnt and even more importantly, conducted themselves in a way which is a credit to the school.

We provide more than two hours a week quality PE for all, and all the children understand the part exercise plays in a healthy lifestyle.

We have also been awarded the Sainsbury’s School Games Mark – Gold.