• Increasing speed and accuracy of mental strategies and calculations.
  • Solving problems using all four methods, including long division and long multiplication.
  • Understanding factors, multiples, prime numbers and square numbers.
  • Converting measures e.g. metres into kilometres etc.
  • Using simple algebraic equations.
  • Practising SATs questions.


  • Use scientific vocabulary to describe what happens in an investigation.
  • How we see things by looking at the eye and how light enters it so we can see an object.
  • Know that light travels in a straight line and this can be shown in diagram form.
  • Investigate reflection and shadows. Recording results and analysing what these mean.
  • Use their knowledge and understanding of these scientific elements and construct a periscope.

Physical Development

  • PAS will be working on gymnastics and dance skills.
  • Merlins will be performing a learnt dance in Buxton Opera house.


  • Using different techniques and materials.
  • Learning about the artist Salvadore Dali and the architect Goudi.
  • Producing sketches, painting and sculptures based on these artists work.


  • Revision of punctuation eg full stops, commas, apostrophes etc.
  • Revision of grammatical rules and writing structure eg prepositions, connectives, inverted commas etc.
  • Use all these skills in writing challenges to ensure writing is fluent and interesting.
  • Use research skills eg note taking, use of bullet points, skimming and scanning.
  • Reading a variety of texts to answer questions in detail, especially when having to use their inferential understanding.
  • Spelling rules, patterns and common words eg suffixes, prefixes (ible and able).
  • Writing in different genres e.g. arguments, diaries etc
  • BIG WRITE: to produce a long, detailed story

Knowledge and understanding of the world

  • Revision of E Safety.
  • Learning about the civilisation of ancient Greece.
  • Preparing food for a banquet.
  • Learning about our solar system and the planets within it.
  • Local study: heritage walk around Glossop,
  • Studying a European country i.e. Spain

 How you can help your child:

  • Homework: As of last term.
  • Please do not hesitate in contacting me about any issues over homework.
  • Please try to hear your child read and talk about the characters in their books.
  • PE will be on a Wednesday morning with PAS and at other times during the week. Children will need full kit in school for the whole term.
  • If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to pop in or phone.