Who? What? Where?

Eagles Class – Yr5



Art: Natural Art (Goldsworthy) Take One Picture Week (Gainsborough)

DT: Paper mechanisms, gears, pulleys, levers and springs

Music: Make your own musical instrument



  • Number and place value, order negative numbers, subtracting from 6 digit numbers, rounding to nearest 1000-100,000
  • Roman numerals, 2 and 3 place decimals, multiply and divide by 10, 100, 1000.
  • Multiplication, division and percentages, find equivalence between fractions and percentages
  • Fractions and subtraction.
  • Multiplication and division, multiples/common factors, short division of 4 digits by single digit numbers to give remainders as fractions.
  • Written multiplication, grid, short and long multiplication up to 3 digit x 2digit numbers
  • Place value and subtraction. kg, g, l, ml, mm, cm, m, km.
  • Subtract up to 2 decimal places. Find the difference and change from amounts of money.
  • Multiplication of fractions
  • Revise calculations, single and multi-step problems
  • Angles and polygons
  • Measures, data and time

English (Composition, transcription and handwriting)

Classic novels

The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien, investigate settings, character development, dialogue and narrative style.

Science fiction

Tales from Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan, explore structure of short stories, write drama and a new short story.

Persuasive writing

analyse adverts and political speeches, write persuasively.

Non-chronological reports

research and write reports

Debate poetry and poetry that tells a story

Roger McGough, identify features, create play script and write a poem.

Poetic Style

Roger McGough and Michael Rosen, explore language and how writers infer deeper meanings.

Grammar includes:

Complex and compound sentences; elaborated language of description, including expanded noun phrases, adjectives, adverbials and, particularly, relative clauses; using accurate sentence and speech punctuation. Understand and use modal verbs, use and understand grammatical terminology, dialogue, direct speech, use speech punctuation, use commas to clarify meaning. Active and passive verbs, semi-colons, colons, dashes and bullet points.

Word reading, reading comprehension, spoken language and vocabulary.

Physical Development

  • Wednesday – Rounders, cricket and athletics.
  • Thursday PAS – outdoor and adventurous activity challenges both individually and within a team.

Science – Forces

  • Look at a range of different forces: gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction.
  • Develop an understanding of balanced and unbalanced forces and their effects.
  • Investigate how mechanisms, like levers, pulleys and gears, help us to use smaller forces.
  • Living things and their habitats
  • Study the life cycles of mammals, amphibians, insects and birds, including some unusual examples like egg-laying mammals and marsupials.
  • Compare complete and incomplete metamorphosis.
  • Find out about well-known naturalists and animal behaviourists.
  • Propagate plants from different parts of the parent plant.

Knowledge and understanding of the world

History – Study of an early non-European civilization

  • Mayan Civilisation


  • Climate zones
  • Vegetation belts and Biomes
  • Rivers
  • Mountains


  • Relationships

RE (RE Week 8-12th June)

  • How and why do Christians follow Jesus?
  • What makes a leader worth following?


  • Digital Imagery/Media
  • Music and Sound

How you can help your child:

I know that many of you do these things already, but please could you:

  • Hear your child read at least twice a week and talk about unfamiliar words, the characters and plot of the books they read.
  • Support your child and ensure that they complete homework tasks appropriately and hand them in on time.
  • Ensure that you label ALL of your child’s belongings as we try very hard to re-unite lost property with its owner. I have a large bag of lost property left over from the last two terms, this available for you to check at any time.


PE with Mr Montgomery will now be on Wednesday afternoon and PE with PAS will be on Thursday morning. Children will need clearly named PE kit in school for the whole term.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to pop in or to phone the office, leave a message so that I can ring you back.