Who? What? Where?

Merlins Class – Yr6



  • Increasing speed and accuracy of mental strategies and calculations.
  • Revision of all areas of maths.
  • Applying all knowledge and understanding of maths concepts to mathematical investigations.
  • Reading data and converting it into the mean average and plotting these on a line graph (related to finding out about climate zones).
  • Calculating volume of shapes.

Physical Development

  • PAS will continue their work with the children on athletics etc.
  • Playing outdoor games e.g. rounders.


  • Use scientific vocabulary to describe what happens in an investigation.
  • Learning about how living things can be classified according to their similarities and differences.
  • Know what the 5 kingdoms are.
  • Understand that micro-organisms are both good and bad.
  • Use keys to identify particular flowers and plants.
  • Know about the life cycles of humans, insects and flowers.
  • Know about puberty and sexual reproduction in humans.


  • Use different techniques and materials.
  • Learn about Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Producing sketches, painting and sculptures based on this artist.
  • Make own musical instruments and compose music using them.
  • Listen and respond to traditional music.


  • Revision of grammar, punctuation and spelling rules.
  • Writing in a variety of styles e.g. diaries, stories, factual writing.
  • Work based on Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Murpurgo as part of the transition to secondary school.
  • Using research skills to find out information about our theme focuses.


Knowledge and understanding of the world

  • Reinforcement of E-Safety.
  • Create a presentation for new parents, incorporating sound bites or music.
  • Compose music using online software.
  • Learn about Mayan civilisation, their achievements as people and their influence on the western world.
  • Find out about climate zones, biomes, earthquakes and volcanoes.

How you can help your child:

  • Homework:
  • Monday is spelling homework. All spelling logs MUST be in school for the following week.
  • Thursday is either reading, writing or research homework and there will also be a piece of maths. All this must be handed in by the following Wednesday.
  • Please do not hesitate in contacting me about any issues over homework.
  • Please try to hear your child read and talk about the characters in their books.
  • PE will be on a Wednesday morning with PAS and at other times during the week. Children will need full kit in school for the whole term.
  • If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to pop in or phone…