• Speed tables and related division facts.
  • Revision of the four main operations and use of them in solving word problems.
  • Using maths in other areas of the curriculum to solve calculations.
  • Increasing confidence and speed in mental calculations.
  • Using factors, multiples and prime numbers.
  • Associating a fraction with its equivalent decimal.
  • Using positional language.
  • Solving reasoning and logic problems.
  • using practical apparatus to illustrate their understanding of certain concepts e.g. place value.


  • Conduct investigations around the themes we are studying.
  • Plan and carry out these investigations by predicting, planning and recording their findings.
  • Interpret line graphs and construct their own to show results.
  • Learn about the circulatory and digestive systems.
  • Look at evolution of animals/humans. Researching the works of Mary Anning, Charles Darwin.

Physical Development

  • Practice of all three swimming strokes, water safety and life saving.
  • PAS working on invasion game skills e.g. basketball, football etc


  • Revision of punctuation e.g. full stops, commas, apostrophes etc.
  • Revision of grammatical rules and writing structure e.g. prepositions, connectives, inverted commas etc.
  • Use all these skills in writing challenges to
  • ensure writing is fluent and interesting, increasing writing stamina in the process.
  • Use research skills e.g. note taking, use of bullet points,
  • skimming and scanning.
  • Reading a variety of texts to answer questions in detail, especially when having to use their inferential understanding.
  • Spelling rules, patterns and common words e.g. the I before e rule with its exceptions, the letter string ‘ough’, silent letters and homophones.
  • Our class reading focus will be the diary of Anne Frank.

Knowledge and understanding of the world

  • Revision of E Safety.
  • Understanding how to use programming and coding to control objects e.g. using a car-bot to program it to make a journey.
  • Writing our class blog and updating it as we progress through the term.
  • Learn about the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England.
  • designing and making a box to place special items.
  • Using EXCEL to create a spreadsheet to plan a visit to a place of interest to a particular destination using a budget.
  • Using maps and learning about grid references, latitude, longitude etc.

How you can help your child:

  • Homework: Please see letter in homework books.
  • Please help your child to keep track of what homework they have and not to leave it until the weekend when a lot of children are very busy.
  • Please try to hear your child read and talk about their books.
  • They will be heard to read at school during guided reading and where necessary 1:1.
  • A reading list will be coming home of ‘suggested’ books. I would like at least 3 books read on the list throughout the year.
  • PE will be on a Wednesday morning with PAS. Children will need full kit in school for the whole term.
  • Please could children not wear football shirts as part of their PE kit. The children should have a t-shirt and shorts for inside activities but NOT pumps. When PE is outside please could the children have warmer clothes e.g. sweatshirt/hoodie/joggers and trainers (converse are not suitable footwear). Many thanks.
  • Swimming will commence on Thursday, September 24th This year the children are receiving a 45minute lesson. It is vital that all children bring in their kits every week.
  • We will have a class blog. I will send out the address when it is up and running.
  • If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to pop in or phone.