Newsletter 11/01/2018 & Term Dates

St Luke’s Newsletter


Dear All,

The last week has been a busy and enjoyable one in school. I have seen mystery objects and marble runs, been taken on a red bus tour of a model of London, seen children responding to and interpreting great works of art and discussed whether we like them or not.  The children have explored the digestive system and the workings of Grandfather clocks. I have seen children excited about maths problems, relishing writing and gushing about Geography – maps and globes are wonderful! We have all enjoyed exercise and acting.  In other words a normal week at St Luke’s.

Friday night is film night. The PTA are putting on a film night for the children straight after school so all the children who have bought tickets for it will be taken into the hall at the end of the day to enjoy the film and some snacks.  Tickets are £3 and available from the office.

On Monday 15th Jan Y5 are going to St Philip Howard to do some PE in the morning so they need to make sure they have their PE kits into school.

On Thursday 18th Jan there is a PTA meeting at 7pm at The Cricket Club do come if you can.

Eagles are leading our Assembly just after 9am on Friday 19th January and Harriers the week after.  Do join us if you can.

I don’t know if you saw the Lego Masters series on Chanel 4 last year, I loved it the models were amazing, anyway they are looking for entrants for this year’s competition, adults or children. Applicants must be over 9 on 31st March 2018.  If you are interested email, if the applicant is under 18 a parent or guardian needs to phone.

I am attaching the dates for this term, as ever things may well change so do keep an eye on the newsletter. Talking of dates there have been a number of enquiries about May half term dates; we finish on Friday 25th May and return to school on Wednesday 6th June.


Alice Littlehailes


Dates Jan – March 2018


Friday 12th            Film Night

Monday 15th         Y5 to St Philip Howard

Tuesday 16th         High Peak Kids Council

Wednesday 17th   Y2 & Y6 Fire and Rescue talks

Thursday 18th      PTA meeting 7pm Cricket Club

Friday 19th            Eagles leading assembly

Friday 26th           Harriers leading assembly


Friday 2nd            Kites leading assembly

Tuesday 6th         Internet safety day

Friday 9th            Kestrels leading assembly

PTA Disco

Friday 16th         Ospreys leading assembly

House verse speaking

Finish for half term

Monday 26th      School reopens


Thursday 1st       World Book Day

Friday 2nd           Merlins leading assembly

Monday 5th        Class photo day

Tuesday 6th        Y5 to St Philip Howard

Thursday 8th      Y5 to Halle concert

Friday 9th           Peregrines leading assembly

Friday 16th         Easter Raffle and breakfast

Monday 19th      Y3/4 production 6pm

Tuesday 20th     Y3/4 production 2pm

Parents evening

Wednesday 21st House Netball and Football

Parents evening

Thursday 22nd   Easter Service

English Touring Opera

Children finish for Easter


Monday 9th        School reopens


Newsletter 04/01/2018

St Luke’s Newsletter


Dear All,

Happy New Year. I hope you have all had a good Christmas break.  It is lovely to see everyone back ready to learn.

Clubs will restart on Monday 8th January except Arts and Crafts. It is cookery club group 2s turn cooking on Tuesdays.

Swimming restarts for Ospreys on 11th January.  Eagles are also starting swimming on the 11th, please return any outstanding forms as soon as possible.

On Monday 15th January the Year 5s are visiting St Philip Howard School during the school day.  They will need their PE Kits.

Dinner money for the term is £102, £64 to half term, £10 for a week. Please remember dinner money should be paid in advance.

Alice Littlehailes


Newsletter 21/12/2017


St Luke’s Newsletter


Dear All,

Well here we are on the final day of term having negotiated choir concerts, carol services, Christmas Dinner and parties! The children have been amazing at all of them, you should be so proud of them.

Thank you to everyone who managed to get their children to the Methodist Church on Thursday last week, I know it was very difficult and understand completely why some just could not make it. I could not have got my children there if the roles had been reversed.

Also thank you to the choir and their parents for attending the carol service on Sunday. It was a lovely service and the children read and sang beautifully.

As we head into the festive season when Father Christmas may well bring children internet enabled devices can I remind you to always consider your child’s safety online. Keep an eye on what sites they are accessing and who they are playing games with online.  It is so easy for children to fall into the trap of trusting someone because they have been chatting online, we need to be vigilant for them.  It is also easy for them to send a message which is meant as a joke but is hurtful to others.  I ask them to use the Mrs Littlehailes test ie if I wouldn’t say it to Mrs Littlehailes’ face I don’t send it.

Term restarts on Thursday 4th January.

I hope to see a number of you in person to wish you a happy Christmas but if I don’t: Thank you for all you have done to support the school in 2017, I hope the holiday is a good one and that 2018 brings us all peace and happiness.

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 14/12/2017

St Luke’s Newsletter


Dear All,

I am so sorry I have had to close the school today, for only the second time in seven years, unfortunately nothing I can do about Gas Pipes!

Tomorrow is Christmas Dinner day so I am glad the engineers think they will have finished the job today so school can open tomorrow.

Well done to the children I Peregrines and Ospreys who put on an out of this world performance this week and thank you to you for supporting them.

Wow what a fantastic Christmas Fair the PTA put on, on Friday. Thank you to everyone who supported it by volunteering or coming and spending money.  It provisionally made about £1,200 so well done to all.

Congratulations to our swimming squad who came first in the gala, what lovely little fish!

On Sunday the choir are taking part in the Carol Service at St Luke’s Church. They need to be there by 6.15, not 5.45 as I said on the letter.  For some reason I had it in my head that it was starting at 6 rather than 6.30.  Please can they come in school uniform.

On Monday it is Merlin’s and Eagle’s party on Tuesday Kites and Harriers party on down and on Wednesday it is Kestrels, Peregrines and Ospreys turn. On their party day the children can come in party clothes or bring them with them to get changed at lunchtime. All I would say is remember they are having a normal morning in school so their clothes need to be suitable to work in and more importantly play out in.

On Thursday it is our Carol Service which will start at about 9.20ish, it depends how long it takes us to come across from school. The children in kestrels will be dressing up as part of this service so we would ask them to meet us at church in their costumes (which we will send home) at about five past nine.  Please can they bring their uniform to change into in a named bag.  The naming is really important as matching all those children to unnamed uniform is a real headache.  I would also ask that the readers and the choir meet us at church at 9.05.

If your child is in Key Stage 2 and would like to have fruit next term you need to return the letter by Wednesday. We cannot guarantee fruit for children whose parents have not returned the slip.

If you have any dinner arrears please pay these as soon as possible. Dinners need to be paid for in advance.  If you are having difficulty paying for school meals contact the office as you may be eligible for free school meals.

We finish for Christmas on Thursday 21st and school reopens on Thursday 4th January.

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 07/12/2017

St Luke’s Newsletter


Dear All,

Well another busy week at St Luke’s! Even better we are going to round it off with The Christmas Fair.

The children all made Christmas trees in their houses and the results are spectacular. Every year I think they can’t match last years and then they do. If you get the chance to pop in and see them do.  One of them will go down to The Methodist Church to be part of the Christmas tree festival.  A great time to see all the trees there would be on Thursday 14th December at 10.15 when the choir will be singing and we would love an audience.

On Monday the children were in awe at The Snowman concert put on by The Music Partnership.

A huge thank you goes out to Hannah Laxton, she has come in and worked with all the children helping them learn about the sheep and sheep farming. The children got a lot out of the sessions and were buzzing with enthusiasm after them.  We are very grateful to her.  We will miss the sheep when they return to their home field tomorrow.

Congratulations to our Boccia squad who came first in the tournament.

All afterschool clubs finish this week.

Friday is a busy day with Harriers visiting Bramall Hall, Kestrels leading our assembly and then at 5pm the much anticipated Christmas Fair. The fair will start with the choir entertaining us with a few songs and then everyone is free to play the games, try to win prizes on the tombolas, eat delicious Christmassy food and of course meet the main man.

Next week sees the Christmas Production by Peregrine’s and Osprey’s, they have been very busy learning their lines, practicing their songs and getting into character. If you haven’t requested your tickets yet for Tuesday 12th at 6pm and Wednesday 13th at 2.30pm please do so as soon as possible.

Friday 15th December is Christmas dinner day, children who usually have packed lunches need to book their dinner if they would like one.

Sunday 17th December is the traditional Carol service at St Luke’s Church our choir will be singing and some of our children will be reading.  Do come along for a really Christmassy feeling.

On Thursday 21st December it is our Carol Service at about 9.15am.  This is a lovely occasion and we would love to share it with you.  The children tell the story of Christmas through song, readings they have written and the children in Kestrels forming a tableau.

If you have some free time over the coming weekends and fancy some festive fun in the forest Insideout Forest Schools is offering Festive Forest Experiences on 16th, 17th and 23rd December.  For more details visit their website

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 30/11/2017

St Luke’s Newsletter


Dear All,

Last Friday we were delighted to welcome Ruth George our MP and representatives from The Arts Council into school to celebrate our commitment to the arts. The children all round school spoke eloquently about how an arts rich curriculum enhances their learning.  The choir sang beautifully and the Ospreys performed their refugee dance.  The school council were very keen to find out more from Ruth about how she became an MP and what her job involved.  Everyone left very impressed by St Luke’s and our children.

On Friday 1st December the Kites will be leading our assembly at just after 9am and the week after on the 8th it will be the Kestrels leading their first one.  Please do join us if you can.

Tomorrow 1st December it will be non-uniform day for the fair.  For the privilege of coming in their own clothes we ask the children to bring in donations for the Christmas Fair (which is on Friday 8th December).  We are asking Kestrels Peregrines and Ospreys to bring in chocolate for the chocolate tombola and everyone else to bring in a gift for the wrap stall.  On the wrap stall the children can buy presents for their family and we will wrap it up for them so it can be kept secret for the big day.  In other words please send in something you might like to receive!  The fair is nearly here it is on the 8th December at 5pm.

On Monday most of the school will be walking up to St James’ church to listen to a concert put on Derbyshire music service including The Snowman. This will be a magical start to the festive period.  Please make sure your child has a coat.

If your child is in Peregrines or Ospreys remember to return the slip asking for tickets to their production as we will be allocating tickets soon.

If your child usually has packed lunches on a Friday they should have brought home a letter inviting them to join in Christmas dinner on Friday 15th December.  This is an occasion much loved by children and staff.  If your child would like a dinner on that day just let the office know.

Children in Key Stage 2 will be coming home with a letter for fruit for next term. Please return the letter with payment if you would like your child to have fruit.

After school clubs that are run by school staff will finish next week (week ending 8th December) until the New Year.



Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 23/11/2017

St Luke’s Newsletter


Dear All,

I cannot believe how fast this half term is going, we are already half way through it!

Well done to everyone who took part in any Children in Need activities last Friday. We raised £284.21, thank you.

Last Friday was Year 4 sleep over, I am so proud of all the children who took part. A number of them were unsure having never been to a sleep over, or managed to stay all night, before but they all had a great time and were rightly proud of themselves for doing it.

The children from Merlins and Eagles who are in Parliament visited Derby Cathedral at the invitation of The Bishop to take part in a debate. They were so inspired by the experience they are determined to organise one at school.  I am looking forward to some interesting arguments.

Alison Brown from the Diocese visited on Tuesday and was impressed by the children’s learning behaviours and the work they were doing as part of RE week. It was a real pleasure to show off school to her.

There are a number of bugs going round school at the moment a nasty cold like one and a sickness one. Please can I remind you that children who have been sick or had diarrhoea have to be off for 48 hours (2 days) from the last incident.  This is to try and reduce the spread of infection.  Whilst I am on attendance the number of children arriving late to school has increased. The children must be in by 9am.

If your child took part in the Glossop Jog please can you return their sponsor money as soon as possible as the Rotary Club are trying to round up this fundraising activity.

On Friday 1st December the Kites will be leading our assembly and the week after on the 8th it will be the Kestrels leading their first one.

Next Friday 1st December it will be non-uniform day for the fair.  For the privilege of coming in their own clothes we ask the children to bring in donations for the Christmas Fair (which is on Friday 8th December).  We are asking Kestrels Peregrines and Ospreys to bring in chocolate for the chocolate tombola and everyone else to bring in a gift for the wrap stall.  On the wrap stall the children can buy presents for their family and we will wrap it up for them so it can be kept secret for the big day.  In other words please send in something you might like to receive!


Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 16/11/2017

St Luke’s Newsletter


Dear All,

I do hope your child came home last week and told you all about the first aid they have learnt. It was a fantastic two days and I know the children learnt a lot.  The parents also enjoyed the session they had on Friday.  Let’s hope we don’t have to put it into practice any time soon.

Thank you to all the members of the PTA who put on the fantastic fashion show evening on Friday. I know everyone who was there appreciated all the work that had gone into making the evening a success.  If you would like to get involved in the next PTA event (the Christmas Fair) there will be a meeting in school at 3.30 on Monday 20th November.  I know help would be appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the poppy campaign and made a contribution to the British legion. The money raised will go towards supporting soldiers and their families who have been killed or injured.

Tomorrow Friday 17th November it is Children in Need.  This year we are asking the children to be bright and or spotty.  They can come to school dressed in bright clothes or spotty clothes or both!  Please don’t go out and buy something they can come in anything they have at home, we would much prefer the money went into the Children in need.  All we ask is that they bring in a donation for Children in Need.

Friday 17th is also Osprey’s Assembly and Year 4 sleep over.  The children are very excited about the sleep over.  We have a sleep over to get the children used to staying away from home in a known space to prepare them for the residentials in Years 5 & 6.

Applications for places in next year’s reception class have opened. If you have or know of a child who will turn 4 by 30th August next year applications for school need to be in by 15th January to . It has been lovely to welcome so many families coming to look round our school.

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 09.11.2017

St Luke’s Newsletter


Dear All,

Well the cold weather seems to have arrived I am back to scraping my car before leaving for school. I know when the weather is bad it takes a bit longer to get sorted for the day but this is no excuse for lateness.  The number of families arriving late for school is increasing again.  The children need to be in school before 9am in order to make the best start to their day.

Congratulations to the children who have been part of the football team for the way they have played across the tournament we are very proud of them.

If you would like to buy copies of your child’s photo they need to be returned to school by Tuesday 14th November as the order is being picked up on the 15th. After this date you will have to deal directly with the company and pay for postage.

Tomorrow Merlin’s are leading our assembly do join us if you can.

Tomorrow afternoon remember there is a first aid course running for parents, I am sure there is still time for you to sign up.

The fashion show is tomorrow evening; you can still get your ticket from the office.

On Friday 17th November it is Children in Need.  This year we are asking the children to be bright and or spotty.  They can come to school dressed in bright clothes or spotty clothes or both!  All we ask is that they bring in a donation for Children in Need.

Friday 17th is also Osprey’s Assembly and Year 4 sleep over.  Another busy day at St Luke’s!

If like me you are feeling bereft now bake off has finished and fancy yourself as a bit of a baker the solution is here. I have been asked to let you know that applications are now open for the next series.  You can apply at email them for more information at I am very happy to taste any creations!

The flu immunisations are on Monday for the children in Reception, Y1-4 whose forms have been returned.

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 02/11/2017

St Luke’s Newsletter


Dear All,

I do hope you all had a lovely half term break, listening to the children they all certainly enjoyed it.

Thank you to everyone who sent in some old textiles for our bag 2 school collection, there looked to be a lovely big pile.

Last night our Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer attended a glittering awards ceremony, where they were brilliantly entertained by some wonderful dancers before being awarded a gold sports award. This award is in recognition of all the sports we do at St Luke’s. A huge thank you to all the staff and parents that help this happen, without your organisation, transporting, kit finding and cheering on we would not be able to offer the range, quantity and quality of sporting activities. Another thank you goes out to Dawn Richardson, Anna Flannigan and the rest of the High Peak School Sports Team who coordinate all the sporting opportunities.

Yesterday, was clearly award day, as in assembly, school was awarded the Music Partnership Excellence Award in recognition of all the music, school offers to the children. Again thanks goes out to the staff and to our music partners for helping us provide such a rich curriculum.

Tonight there is a PTA meeting 7pm in The Friendship Pub, please come if you can.

There is no family assembly on Friday because we are working with the NSPCC on the children understanding how to keep safe.

Next week Friday 10th November Merlins will be leading our assembly.

We do have poppies available in school if you send your child in with a donation.

Next week as you will have read the children are all learning first aid. The trainer has also given you the opportunity to learn or brush up your first aid skills, if you remember she wrote: On the afternoon of the 10th of November, I invite parents who would also like to learn CPR themselves, to attend a 2 hour baby and child first aid class. In this class I teach how to deal with burns, bleeds, breaks as well as how to perform CPR and deal with a choking casualty. This class is £20 per person and you would be welcome to bring younger children along with you. If you would like to attend this session, please email me at to express your interest or for any further information.

The fashion show is fast approaching, do get your ticket as soon as possible to attend what should be a fantastic evening on 10th November ( I know it is a busy day!).

Alice Littlehailes

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