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Newsletter 28/01/2021

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

What a wet week we have had January seems determined to go out with a whoosh. It feels very dark and gloomy as the sun has not managed to break through the clouds, however your children’s work and messages are bringing the sunshine to us all. I continue to be so impressed by you and the way you are organising learning at home, less than 1.5% of our children are not attending school or their live lessons and we are hopeful that those very few children will be able to join in before long. That regular contact with the rest of the children, their teacher and teaching input is so important for the children. Thank you for making sure it happens, I do not underestimate how difficult it can be.

I am starting to see sunflowers and messages appear in people’s windows brightening the gloomy winter scene, thank you. For those of you who have missed the two-week project for every class on Seesaw the whole school is working on Van Gough’s ‘The Sunflowers’, do go on and check out the ideas for home learning. As part of the project we have suggested that children can make pictures of sunflowers to put in their windows with messages to brighten up everyone’s daily exercise. The story goes that Van Gough had invited his friend Gauguin to visit, Gauguin said he would come so Van Gough got his room ready and put some fresh sunflowers in it to make it bright but Gauguin didn’t come. This kept happening until in the end Van Gough decided to paint the sunflowers so the room would always be ready for Gauguin if he came. We are all looking forward to seeing our friends again so are putting sunflowers in the window to let them know we are thinking of them just like Van Gough.

You will have heard on the news last night that schools will not start to open more widely until at least 8th March. I am sorry but we have got to keep protecting our whole community. As ever if you need anything do let us know. If what you need is a chat, we are here for you we know just how lonely it can be at home with the children all day.

We have been told that schools should shut as normal at half term. Just like at Christmas if anyone who has been in school, adult or child, tests positive over half term they must let me know as I may need to ask others in school to isolate. As the school office will be closed please inform me by texting or emailing

As we are in this strange time we are not able to hold our annual House Verse Speaking event which we all love, however we have a plan! Any child who would like to learn a poem and recite it on Friday 12th February we would love to hear it. All they have to do is let me know by Wednesday 10th that they want to join in the event and I will set it up. Get looking for those poems to learn.

I hope you all have a good week this week.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 21/01/2021

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

I don’t know if you are surprised we are at Thursday already, can’t believe it is only Thursday or like me both at the same time! Anyway well done we have all managed another week, actually amend that judging by what I have seen in school, on zoom and on seesaw we have all bossed this last week. The children are engaging with their learning and seem happy and relaxed. As ever if you have any concerns about your child emotionally or academically please, please contact us. A message on seesaw will get privately to the class teacher, an email or text to school will get to the class teacher or me and I am nearly always at the end of the phone.

I know the weather has been rubbish and made getting your children active even harder. If you can’t face another Joe Wicks session, you have all learnt all Oti’s dances and the thought of another set of chair exercises makes you want to scream, have a look at the cricket session I sent out yesterday. The live session is on a Wednesday but a recording of it is still available by following the link.

Thank you to all of you. Why? I hear you ask because as members of the PTA you have bought us some more ipads and a new ipad trolley to keep them in. They are a very useful addition to the equipment we have in school.

I have an apology to make to the lovely children who come along to Story Time every day at 4pm. I had promised them another Dick King Smith story tonight but I have to be in a meeting. So the bad news is they will have to wait until Friday for the story, but the good news is Mrs Hillier is going to be doing story time instead. Everyone is welcome to join in and listen to a story at the end of the day, it is lovely to see those that come along.

I hope you all have a good week this week.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 14/01/2020

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

Thank you all so much for the way you have just stepped up and helped us get remote education working. I have been amazed at just how smoothly it has gone. I know there have been a few teething problems at our end and yours but we seem to have got those sorted. If you are having any problems at all technological or emotional please get in touch.

You will have seen that the guidelines around part time timetables have changed. The children of critical workers are expected to be at home if they can be and can now be in for part weeks, vulnerable children are expected to be in school full time.

You will have seen that there has been some controversy over the quality of the food hampers provided to the parents of children in receipt of free school meals in some parts of the country. I am pleased to be able to tell you that the hampers provided by Derbyshire Catering Service to our parents have been great. They contain a lovely mix of fresh and tinned produce and would make tasty, healthy lunches. The Catering service should be commended on the speed with which they put together these hampers across the whole county. I know our catering team assembled them as well as providing lunches for the children in school. A huge thank you goes out to them.

I am missing you all.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes

Letter to children 07/01/2021


Dear Fabulous St Luke’s Children,

I am so sorry that you are not able to come to school at the moment. The corona virus is doing what viruses do and infecting lots of people. Luckily it is not making lots of children ill but it is making adults ill. Most children are being asked to work at home so that you can help keep the grown-ups safe and well. Thank you so much for doing this you are really helping. Some children have been asked to come into school to help make sure everyone in our country can still be looked after, thank you to those children too.

We were told this was happening after school closed on Monday so I was not able to see you before it happened. I am sorry I was not able to answer your questions or reassure you that we are all still here and still care about you. I am still here for you. If you need me or any of the other adults in school you can send a message on See Saw, the other children will not see that. You can email school at or you can phone 01457 852602.

It is really difficult for the adults at home with you so please be kind and helpful. There will be days when you feel grumpy and fed up, there will also be days when your grown-ups feel grumpy and fed up! We all need to be patient and forgiving.

Please remember to take care of each other. Please be kind on line, don’t say or write anything you would not say to me. Please make sure nobody is left out of group chats. If you think somebody is feeling sad please tell a grown-up.

You are all amazing. I am so proud of the wonderful young people you are. The St Luke’s team can get through this.

Remember as a church school we believe in hope for the future, things will get better. I am so looking forward to the day when we will all be at school together again.

Mrs Littlehailes

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  • Staying safe online

    • Don’t post photographs which give personal information away ie with your school jumper on, in front of your house number etc.
    • Think about what you are saying on the post. All the staff will check each comment before it goes ‘live’ but still if you wouldn’t say it to Mrs Littlehailes don’t say it at all.
    • Don’t give out other personal information on the posts as it might not be suitable.
    • If you unsure of anything ask a trusted adult at home.
    • If you post a comment please just use initials eg CB, not full names
  • Additional Learning Resources

    Some websites provide additional resources for learning at home. Here are the ones we recommend:

    • Reading plus (year 4 and year 6)
    • Numberbots
    • Timestables rockstars
    • Hamilton Trust
    • Tables Logik
    • K& Maths
    • White Rose maths
    • Phonics play
    • Topmarks (NOT the paid app)
    • Cosmic Kids Yoga
    • BBC Supermovers
    • Go Noodle
    • School zone

    There are also apps available, in particular there is one which allows you to download books for free run by the Library service called: Borrow Box. You do need to be a member of a library in order to do this. Other apps which are free are also available : Spelling Shed, Creative Book Builder, Pic Collage etc.

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