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Newsletter 20/10/2022

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

I hope you have all been enjoying walk to school week.  We have had some lovely cold mornings and sunny afternoons.

Last Friday the children in Y5&6 enjoyed a choir workshop.  They were amazing.  The choral teachers are setting up a free Glossop Choir at Glossopdale school.  There is a singing day on Sunday 13th November 11.30-4 and then the choir will meet regularly on a Tuesday 5-6.30.  The children can attend the weekly choir even if they cannot make the choir day.  There is a leaflet attached with more details.

After half term NATURE CLUB is moving to a Thursday because a lot of school sporting events Mr Holt is part of are on a Monday.

We have had a request from Educade a charity working in Sierra Leone that we support to send some Christmas Shoe Boxes for the orphans they work with.  We asked Pupil Parliament and they would like us to support this initiative.  Each shoe box needs in it:

  • Soap ● Toothbrush ● Pens/ Pencils ● Notebook ● Hair comb (not brush) ● Water bottle ● A gift of your choice (under £5).

Please see the attached leaflet for more details.  You don’t have to do a box each you can club together and do a box.  Please return the boxes to school by Monday 7th November.

If you have a child in Y6 remember their application for a secondary school needs to be done by 31st October.

Have any of you managed to set up a smile Amazon account for St Luke’s PTA?  How easy was it?

The children finish today 20th October for half term.  They restart on Monday 31st October.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes


See your children at the disco tonight.      

Newsletter 13/10/2022

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in the Glossop Jog.  There were some amazing distances run.  If your child took part you now need to collect the sponsor money and bring it into school as soon as possible.

Friday is the first Class Assembly of the academic year.  Year 5 will be leading it.  I will send out a code word on Friday morning to the parents of children in Y5. 

Next week is walk to school week.  This is the week when we encourage you to walk scoot or cycle to school.  If you cannot walk all the way please try to park further away from school and walk some of the way.

Next week is also the PTA disco on Thursday 20th October.  What a great way to celebrate the end of the half term.

There has been a lot of sickness this week.  Just a quick reminder that if your child has sickness or diarrhoea they need to stay off for 48 hours from the last incident.  This is to help stop the spread of it.

The PTA committee has been thinking about how to give people the experience to help them take over the named roles in the PTA and reduce the workload for each named role. They have come up with the idea of having shadows so for example there might be a shadow treasurer supporting the present treasurer and learning about what the job entails.  As we have already had the PTA AGM so cannot have this ratified there, we wanted to ask if anyone can see any problem with this idea and ask if there are any objections to it.  As members of the PTA you all have the right to raise any objections.  If we don’t hear from anyone by 1st November we will assume everyone is in favour of this constitutional change.

The Police and Crime Commissioner has asked me to let you know about a survey they are carrying out into crime and community safety.  The link to the survey is below:

I am attaching the PTA newsletter please do read it as it has more information about the Disco and how you can use Amazon Smile to raise funds for school.

I am also attaching a leaflet from the National Sleep Helpline which some of you might find helpful.

The children finish on Thursday 20th October for half term.  They restart on Monday 31st October.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 06/10/2022

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

Thank you all so much for supporting the wonderful sculpture and music park, what a wonderful way to end a week.  Thank you to all the musicians who performed, you were all amazing.  Even the horrible weather couldn’t dampen everyone’s enjoyment of this event.

It is the Glossop Jog on Sunday.  If you are taking part meet me at the Pikes Lane Playing Field about 10.30.  The children need to check in with me rather than at the main tent.  It starts at 11 and finishes at 12.  The weather is looking perfect.

Next week on Wednesday 12th October it is individual and family photo day.  We will organise individual and within school family photos during the morning.  If you would like a family picture including a pre-school child please come to the main entrance at 8.30 and the photographer will do them first.

The PTA disco is on Thursday 20th October 5-6.30.  The children need to start finding their dancing shoes and sparkles.

I have to mention a few things unsafe things that are creeping in to drop off and pick up time: 

  • Please stop your children from walking on the walls alongside the paths.
  • Parents are not allowed to park in the carpark. There are a few parents who have asked for and been granted permission e.g. whilst they had covid. As you can imagine if every parent tried to use the carpark there would be accidents.
  • Please follow the routes round school, they have been designed so the children do not need to cross the carpark.

I have noticed a number of children without book bags carrying school books home in the rain.  Doing this will damage the books.  Your child needs to have a book bag to carry their reading book in.

On Friday 14th October it is the Y4 Sleep Over.  Excitement is rising!


Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes

  • Calendar

  • Staying safe online

    • Don’t post photographs which give personal information away ie with your school jumper on, in front of your house number etc.
    • Think about what you are saying on the post. All the staff will check each comment before it goes ‘live’ but still if you wouldn’t say it to Mrs Littlehailes don’t say it at all.
    • Don’t give out other personal information on the posts as it might not be suitable.
    • If you unsure of anything ask a trusted adult at home.
    • If you post a comment please just use initials eg CB, not full names
  • Additional Learning Resources

    Some websites provide additional resources for learning at home. Here are the ones we recommend:

    • Reading plus (year 4 and year 6)
    • Numberbots
    • Timestables rockstars
    • Hamilton Trust
    • Tables Logik
    • K& Maths
    • White Rose maths
    • Phonics play
    • Topmarks (NOT the paid app)
    • Cosmic Kids Yoga
    • BBC Supermovers
    • Go Noodle
    • School zone

    There are also apps available, in particular there is one which allows you to download books for free run by the Library service called: Borrow Box. You do need to be a member of a library in order to do this. Other apps which are free are also available : Spelling Shed, Creative Book Builder, Pic Collage etc.

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