St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

Wow what a week. Monday saw the older members of the Pupil Parliament visiting London. An early start was well worth it for an amazing day out. We were made to feel important from being welcomed over the tannoy at Stockport to entering the Houses of Parliament through the Queen’s entrance. We saw the changing of the Guard at Horse Guards and found loads of the Take One Picture pictures in the National Gallery. The children were a delight to spend the day with. We drew breath and then the Harriers were off to Chester on Wednesday. Much Roman learning was done and a good time was had by all. Today Eagles and Merlins are off to Biggin and Hartington schools to do some work on team building and understanding different faiths.

Tomorrow Kites will be leading our Assembly do join us if you can.

The Christmas Production is almost here!! Oh help! Children get those lines learnt. What I really meant to say is that if you haven’t ordered tickets yet please do so soon so we can allocate any spares. The production features children from Peregrines and Ospreys.

Kestrels will be giving us their Christmas presentation in their Assembly slot on Friday 14th December. They will also be performing in Church at our Carol Service on Friday 21st.

Our Christmas Dinner is on Friday 21st if your child usually has a packed lunch but is going to join in this festive event, this is usually just about everybody, please let the office know.

School led clubs will finish next week. Thursday 7th is the last day of clubs.

There is a Christingle Service in St Luke’s Church on Wednesday 5th December doors open for this at 3.45pm. This is always a lovely service enjoyed by the children who go.

Last but very definitely not least the Christmas Fair is almost here. Tomorrow is non uniform day for contributions for the fair, chocolate from Kestrels, Peregrines and Ospreys and presents for the wrap stall from everyone else. The Fair is on Friday 7th December 5.00-7.00. There will be games, and stalls, face painting and hopefully a visit from Father Christmas if he is not too busy at The North Pole. The Fair will be opened by the Choir singing at 5.00 which is always a treat not to be missed. I look forward to seeing you there.

Alice Littlehailes