St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

It has been lovely to welcome more children back into school this week. It has been great to see how quickly they have relaxed back into it. School has a funny feel at the moment; there are those children who have done weeks and weeks (some haven’t had a holiday since February) who are all feeling settled but end of termy and those who have done a few days who are tired because settling back into a routine makes you tired, but they are essentially full of beans. What is nice is each group is feeding off the energy of the other and there is a very happy atmosphere.

We are busy formulating plans for September and I will share those with you when they are finalised. One thing I have realised during this wet weather is that all the children, no matter what age group they are in, are going to need a pair of wellies in school. We need to get the children out no matter what the weather is doing and wellies and waterproofs are essential pieces of kit. I am saying this very quietly so I don’t jinx it but the weather looks much better next week, dry even, so no need to rush out and get wellies now but the children will need them for September.

As we only have 1 week left after this week it is the time when I nag you pay your dinner money debts. Please can you check if you owe anything and pay preferably before the middle of next week. As usually happens dinner money is going up in September to £2.20 A day £11 a week. Children in Reception Y1 and Y2 do not pay for their dinners under the universal free school meals scheme. Whichever year group your child is in if you think your child might be eligible for free school meals please do apply for them. Not only do you not have to pay for your child’s dinner but school also receives money, which is always useful. That is why we encourage people to apply for free school meals even if their child is in Reception, Y1 or Y2. You can apply at or by phoning 01629 536400 / 535743

We have not yet heard about fruit for schools as soon as we know what is happening with this we will let you know.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes