St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

We have had a very musical week this week with the children listening to a concert by The Halle Orchestra and an Opera called Al Haytham’s Light. The opera celebrates the life and work of Ibn Al Haytham a Muslim Arab mathematician, astronomer and physicist born in 965AD. He is best remembered for the ground breaking work he did about light and our eyes. As well as this the Reception class were again treated to a lunchtime concert by Mrs Hillier, Miss Noble and Mr Groake I believe there was a guest appearance by Mr Holt on triangle – I am so upset that I am outside on duty whilst this is happening, there is a tambourine with my name on it.

We have got another bag 2 school collection tomorrow. On Friday 30th April we would love you to drop off an old textiles including old shoes. They are not supplying bags this time but you can bring your old clothes etc. in any bin bag or carrier bag. If you could bring them in and leave them outside the front door that would be fantastic. This not only helps the environment it provides money for school fund.

Remember Monday is a bank holiday so school will not be open. Everything still feels topsy tervy so if you are anything like me you may have forgotten, thank you to the parent who reminded me!

Parents of Year 5 & 6 pupils you have received letters about a residential at school on July 5-7th for Y6 and 7-9th for Y5 please return the slips about this as soon as possible. The Year 4 Sleep Over will still happen but in the new school year. The activities we do are much better suited to the autumn such as star gazing.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes