The ICT Club meets on Mondays after school until 4.30 pm and is open to Year 6 and Year 5. During this time we learn about some of the many fun things we can do with computers and other modern technology, from creating presentations to making short films and podcasts (sound recordings for the web).

Try this at home: software you can use

We use the school’s computers and software but many of our activities can be carried out at home too. These free programs and resources may be useful for you – all you need to do is to download and install them:

  • Libre Office: a complete office suite that will allow you to read and create Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files as well as Open Office files
  • Audacity: sound recording and editing software that we use in school: just add a microphone. For help and sound effects see:
  • Assignment: Podcast from BT Education is a good introduction on how to create a podcast
  • A1 Radio Sounds: a large number of free sound effects.
  • SFX: free sound effects from Pacific Digital Video
  • Imcompetech: Royalty-free music from Kevin MacLeod’s Incompetech site
  • VLC media player: a player for sound and video files, including DVDs
  • The GIMP: a program that lets you edit photographs, create your own images – and more

For more information about free software for schools, see the Open Source Schools schools site