St. Luke’s Board of Governors

As governors, we are pleased and privileged to be able to contribute to the success of St. Luke’s. Our role involves working together with Mrs Littlehailes and the senior management team in the strategic management of the school to ensure that it provides the best possible education for all our children, and a safe and caring environment for everyone in our community. We are actively involved in the school in a variety of ways and always enjoy our visits to share in the children’s many achievements. The role of school governor is very rewarding, as it allows us to make a positive difference to the school by helping to raise standards and serve the wider local community.

What do Governors do?

School governors play an important part in raising school standards and our main priority is to act in the best interests of all the children at St. Luke’s. We are legally responsible for the school, and have final say in policy and budget. The governors work closely with Mrs Littlehailes, the head teacher, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school, providing both support and challenge to ensure our school provides the best quality education possible.

Governors play an active role in reviewing school achievement and attainment information on a regular basis. This allows us, together with the head teacher, to be actively involved in making decisions regarding the progress towards and setting of challenging targets for better performance. The school governors also approve and monitor the impact of school policies and work together with the head teacher and staff to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of the school improvement plan. The governors also approve the school budget and staffing structure in consultation with the head. As governors, we respond to recommendations from both the local education authority and Ofsted, to ensure that every child in our school is able to achieve to the best of their ability. The governing body also holds the head teacher to account for the performance of the school and ensures that parents are involved, consulted and informed as required.

At St. Luke’s the board of governors meet once a term. The governing body is also sub-divided into two sub-committees’ – the Teaching and Learning Committee and the Resource Management Committee. These committees meet an additional three times a year and report back to the main governing body. Each governor attends at least one of these committees.

Teaching and Learning Committee – Chair: Heidi Page

The T&L is primarily responsible for looking after the curriculum in detail and will receive reports and presentations about specific subjects and how they are being taught and what the results (of internal assessment or external assessments) are. They will also analyse in great detail the previous year’s SATs results and the results of the year 1 phonics check. This analysis will feed into the school improvement plan.

Resource Management Committee – Chair: Claire Sproulle

These governors look in detail at the school budget and how it is spent, and help with procurement decisions to get the best value for the school. Each year they examine the proposed budget and once happy, recommend its acceptance to the full governing board. At each meeting they then review how the spending is progressing against each budget heading as well as looking at where extra available budget could benefit the children. They also examine and recommend individual (anonymised) teacher’s pay progression, based on performance against targets.

Other sub-committees

There is an additional committee which meets irregularly and usually in response to unusual circumstances, known as the Development Strategy Group, this is formed from the chair, vice-chair and the chair’s of the two main sub-committees, plus optionally the head and any other governor who may have relevant knowledge. As well as all these committees, there are also working groups, who look at Ofsted preparation and the headteacher’s yearly performance management.

All governors agree to abide by our Code of Practice

Meet St. Luke’s Governors

At St. Luke’s all our governors are volunteers who represent those with a particular interest in our school, including parents, staff, the church, local education authority and the community. Our board of governors currently consists of a local authority governor appointed by Derbyshire County Council, three foundation governors appointed by the Diocese of Derby, three parent governors elected by parents with children at the school, two staff governors appointed through election by staff at St. Luke’s and six co-opted governors appointed by the governing body. All governors work hard for the betterment of the school, and we are particularly lucky at St Luke’s to have such a dedicated and willing team.

Deb Myhill

Deb Griffiths-Jones

  • Chair of Governors
  • Co-Opted governor
  • Named governor for: Science
  • Term of office: November 2018 – November 2022
  • Committees: Development Strategy /All
  • Attendance 2018/19: Full Governors:2/3 Committees:6/6 Other 1/1

“I have one child currently at St. Luke’s with two having moved on to secondary school. I was elected as a parent governor in 2010 and was later co-opted by the governing board in November 2018. I have previously served as Vice Chair of the Board of Governors (2013 – 2019) before taking up my current post as Chair (November 2019 to present). I am also an active member of the Parent Teachers Association and served as secretary from 2011 to 2018. During this time I have been responsible for and contributed to organising numerous events to raise money for our school. I come from a science background. I have a PhD in human development, and I currently work in Rheumatology as a clinical trials manager at the University of Manchester. I have extensive experience of collecting and analysing data, and this helps me to understand the varied and detailed information about the progress and achievements of our pupils. I am passionate about being a governor and feel very fortunate that I continue to have the opportunity to help all our children and staff at St. Luke’s reach their full potential.”

Heidi Page

Heidi Page

  • Vice-Chair of Governors
  • Member of the Development Strategy Group & Resource Management Committee
  • Named Governor for: Pupil and Sports Premium and Safeguarding
  • Term of Office: Autumn 2019 – Autumn 2023
  • Attendance 2018/19: Full Governors:3/3 Committees:5/6 Other:1

“I have particular responsibility on the governing body as the Chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee, link governor overseeing the work the school does for students who are entitled to the Pupil Premium funding, overview of sports premium,  and safeguarding. I work at The University of Manchester as a Student Recruitment and Widening Participation Officer with responsibility for the UK/EU qualifications and assessment as well as offering prospective students and their key influencers (parents and teachers) information, advice and guidance on applying to University”.

Foundation Governors:

Foundation governors are appointed by the diocese.The inclusion of Foundation Governors on the governing bodies of both Aided and Controlled schools is one of the distinguishing characteristics of a Church school. The Foundation Governors represent the historic link with the original establishment of the school and its distinctive religious ethos.

Tom Rank

Tom Rank

  • Ex-Officio Foundation governor
  • Term of office: October 2018 onwards
  • Committees: Teaching and Learning Committee
  • Named governor for: English
  • Attendance 2018/19: Full Governors:2/3 Committees:3/3

“After many years as a secondary school teacher and member of school management, I continue to work in education consultancy and examining. I run St Luke’s after-school ICT Club. I am a member of St Luke’s Church and have three grown-up children. I really enjoy being able to contribute to St Luke’s; visits to the school are always a delight.”

Glynn Jones

Glynn Jones

  • Term of Office – October 2017 – October 2021
  • Committees: Teaching and Learning Committee
  • Named Governor for: SEND
  • Attendance 2018/19: Full Governors:3/3 Committees:2/3
  • Background:

“I’ve had a long career in education, as a teacher, administrator, adviser and inspector, and it’s always been my philosophy that we owe it to our children to make sure they get the best possible deal from their years in school. One of my particular interests and responsibilities has been special educational needs and inclusion, and this has been intensified by the birth of one of our grandchildren with severe learning and physical difficulties. I hope to be a good support to St Luke’s as a governor and constructive friend. My wife and I are members of St Luke’s Church.”

Zoe Bowers

Zoe Bowers

  • Committees: Teaching and Learning Committee
  • Named Governor for: Health & Safety, R.E., Music & Arts
  • Attendance 2018/19: Full Governors:3/3 Committees:4/6
  • Term of Office: October 2018 – October 2022

“A St Luke’s parent since 2010 I have come to know many of the children and staff who study and work here. I am passionate about helping our students achieve their personal best, in an environment that is nurturing and supportive. I believe that children learn best when they are happy and feel secure, and when they are able to easily access appropriate resources to support their learning. I value the prospect of working with staff and governors to enhance our school and provide opportunities for our students to grow, both academically and into well rounded members of society. I have a background in outdoor education and experience in both children’s and young peoples’ work in a variety of settings. I attend St Andrew’s Church, Hadfield, with my family.”

Local Authority Governors:

Local Authority (LA) governors are appointed by the local authority that maintains the school. They are volunteers from the local area who would like to be a governor. All such governors are primarily appointed with a view to their commitment to raise standards at the school concerned.

Laura O'Keefe

Laura O’Keefe

  • Term of Office: Summer 2019 – Summer 2023
  • Attendance 2018/19: N/A
  • Committees:
  • Named Governor for:
  • Background:


Co-Opted Governors:

A “co-opted governor” means a person who is appointed as a governor by the governing body and who, in the opinion of the governing body, has the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school.

Mark Smitham

Mark Smitham

  • Committees: Resource Management and Development Strategy
  • Website liaison
  • Named governor for: Maths
  • Co-opted Governor
  • Term of Office: Autumn 2019 – Autumn 2023
  • Attendance 2018/19: Full Governors:3/3 Committees:6/6 Other 1/1
  • Background: Practice Manager at Up North Architects

“Having served on the governing body since 2010, and as Chair for four years, I have a vested interest in seeing the school excel, and with a background in IT and business intelligence I am well versed in reading figures and charts and knowing which questions to ask. I believe that every single penny the school receives should be spent on the betterment of the children, and I work hard alongside the senior management team and the governing body to ensure that happens.”

Claire Aspinall

Claire Aspinall

  • Term of Office: Summer 2019 – Summer 2023
  • Committees:
  • Named Governor for:
  • Attendance 2018/19: Full Governors:0/1 Committees:0/0
  • Background:


Parent Governors:

Parent governors are parents of pupils at school, and are elected by other parents. However, a parent governor is a representative and not a delegate of parents. They are there to work in partnership with the headteacher, senior leadership team and co-operatively with other governors to raise standards and improve outcomes for all children.

Claire Sproulle

Claire Sproulle

  • Chair of the Resource Management Committee
  • Member of the Development strategy group
  • Named Governor for: PSHE
  • Attendance 2018/19: Full Governors:3/3 Committees:3/3
  • Term of Office: October 2016 – October 2020

“I am a parent to 3 boys, 2 of which already attend St Luke’s and 1 to join September 2017. I saw the opportunity to become a parent governor as one that couldn’t be missed.
I am dedicated to playing an active part in enhancing the school for all our children, to allow them to be the best they can be regardless of ability.
I believe children learn best when they are engaged and surrounded by people who care and are passionate about providing the best for them.

It is a great pleasure to be involved in the school and our children’s education for what are some of the most exciting and rewarding years for our children”

Rachel Claydon

Rachel Claydon

  • Member of the Resource Management Committee
  • Attendance 2018/19: Full Governors:3/3 Committees:4/4
  • Named Governor for Humanities
  • Term of Office: October 2018 – October 2022
  • Background: IT Procurement

“I have worked in and around schools as a parent governor for a number of years and watching schools develop and thrive is hugely rewarding.
My three children are all at St Luke’s and I wanted the opportunity not only to help support and develop the school but to represent the parents perspective.
I have work professionally as a IT procurement manager for over 20 years and thrive working as part of a team to make a difference”

Jo Meek

Jo Meek

  • Term of Office: October 2018 – October 2022
  • Committees: Teaching & Learning
  • Named Governor for: IT, Tech & Computing plus Social, Moral and Cultural Education
  • Attendance 2018/19: Full Governors:3/3 Committees:6/6
  • Background: Journalism and Media Production

“My son started at St Luke’s in 2017 and I have a younger son who is due to start school in 2020. I’m journalist and media producer with 20 years experience making documentaries and news programmes for the BBC, including programmes like Woman’s Hour, You and Yours and programmes across 5 live and the World Service. I’m currently Digital Director of the Prison Radio Association and have experience of planning communications and launching campaigns, websites and media channels. I’m a keen runner and have raised funds for various cancer and children’s charities alongside running London and Paris marathons. I enjoy helping out at PTA events and contributing to the St Luke’s community. My commitment is to listen impartially to concerns and opinions on vital matters raised by parents and carers and present a balanced view of issues, keeping an approachable and reliable stance.”

Staff Governors:

Staff Governors are elected by the staff. As an employee, the staff governor has a unique insight into the activities of the school. The staff governor brings to the governing body an understanding of the school’s ethos and culture as well as a close, professional knowledge of its strengths and weaknesses. Staff must have a voice on the governing body so that they can contribute, in partnership with other governors, to the strategic development of the school. The staff governor serves as a useful link between the staff and the governing body.

Alice Littlehailes

Alice Littlehailes

  • Head teacher
  • Term of Office – N/A
  • Committees: Teaching and Learning, Resource Management and Development Strategy Group
  • Attendance 2018/19: Full Governors:3/3 Committees:6/6 Other:1

“I am the Headteacher of St Luke’s CE Primary School – a job I love. I have been teaching for over 25 years and still consider myself to be very fortunate to be doing the job I do. It is always a pleasure to come to school and work with the lovely young people and staff of St Luke’s.”

Catharine Byron

Catharine Byron

  • Term of Office – March 2016 – March 2020
  • Committees: Teaching and Learning Committee
  • Attendance 2018/19: Full Governors:2/3 Committees:2/3
  • Background: Class teacher, SENCO, member of the senior leadership team

“I have been teaching for over twenty years and over fifteen of these have been at St Luke’s. I have a Masters degree in SEN , this has helped me in my role as SENCO for the school. I presently teach year six which I love. I am also part of the senior leadership team, which helps me to keep up to date with data analysis.”

Clerk to the Governors:

Jill Hukin

  • Term of Office: N/A
  • Attendance 2018/19: Full Governors:3/3

Jill can be contacted via the school office.

Declared Interests

At the start of each governors meeting, there is a requirement that each governor declares in writing any conflicts of interest they may have with any agenda items for that meeting. In this way they can be excused from the discussion and any vote. This includes any business interests (for example if you run a stationery company, you might exempt yourself from a discussion about where the school gets its paper supplies from), or any other governorships held elsewhere.

The Governing body must now make details of any “declared interests” public.

Please see below the declared interests for St Luke’s Governors for the academic year 2018-19

  • November 2018: No interests declared
  • March 2019: No interests declared
  • July 2019: No interests declared

Meetings in 2019/2020

The following dates are for

  • Full governors’ meetings: 28th Nov 19 / 26th Mar 20 / 16th Jul 20
  • Resource management meetings: 20th Nov 19 /19th Mar 20 / 2nd Jul 20
  • Teaching & Learning meetings: 20th Nov 19 / 12th Mar 20 / 9th Jul 20

Ex-Members’ Attendance

Governors are required to publish attendance figures for the previous school year, even for governors who have since left the board. The following people were governors during the previous academic year:

  • Georgina Wilcox, Co-Opted Governor, Attendance 2018/19: Full Governors:3/3 Committees: 2/3
  • Penny Wardale, Co-Opted Governor, Attendance 2018/19: Full Governors:0/3 Committees: 3/3
  • Jean Cooper, Co-Opted Governor, Attendance 2018/19: Full Governors:1/1 Committees: 0/1

Governor Training

Here we will post details of governor training.

Governors’ report to parents

The latest governor report for 2018 can be accessed here:

Governor’s Report 2018