St Luke’s Newsletter


Dear All,

This week I showed a colleague round from another school which was a real pleasure as I got to see school through someone else’s eyes. She was so impressed with the atmosphere in school.  She commented on the busy happy children who understood what good learning looked like. She noted that the children were happy to have a go at things even if they might get it wrong.  You should be very proud of your children, I know I am.

I am sorry the children have been coming home muddy this week, they seem to be mud magnates. The wet weather has caused muddy puddles to form in the soil at the edges of the playground and it has also washed some mud down from the bank.  We are forever talking to them about not going in the mud but it is so appealing. The only way to ensure they stay mud free is to not allow anyone out until the ground dries up, which is months away!  Nobody wants that.  We will continue to remind the children to stay on the playground and hope for some dry weather.

We have had an invitation from New Mills Secondary School for you and your children to take part in a moonwatch on Thursday 1st February between 5-7pm.  They will have a variety of telescopes set up so people can see the craters, mountains and lunar landing sites on the surface of the moon, weather permitting of course.  If you and your child would be interested in taking part please fill in the attached form and return it to the office.

Glossop North End Juniors are collecting pennies. They are trying to create a world record so if you have any pennies hanging around at home please bring them in.


PTA Quiz night is tomorrow. If you would like to join in this fun event please buy your ticket £3 by the end of the day today.

Harriers will be leading our Assembly tomorrow 25th January and then will be treating us to a concert on Monday 29th both just after 9am.  Do please join us for these.  Kites will be leading the Assembly on Friday 2nd February.

The girls are starting their football league on Friday we hope they all enjoy this.

Alice Littlehailes