At St. Luke’s CE Primary we pride ourselves on being an inclusive school. We believe everyone is equal and deserves equal treatment.

We treat all bullying as unacceptable including bullying due to race, sexuality, disability, or gender.

We treat all name calling based on race, sexuality, disability, or gender as unacceptable.

We regularly survey the children to find out if any group or individual feels unsafe.

We try to provide positive images and role models for everyone reflecting the diverse world we live in.

We break down data within school to allow us to track the progress of different groups within each year group. If a particular group is doing less well than their peers we will try to find out why and address this issue.

Objectives For Future Development

As Glossop is almost exclusively a mono-cultural town we need to broaden our children’s world view. Our objective is to ensure all pupils engage with and  recognise positive images of people from other ethnic backgrounds.

We have a few children who find it difficult to accept their peers who are  different. Through PSHE, Assembly and RE we will help these children respect differences.