St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter

Opening eyes, hearts and minds


Dear families of our St. Luke’s children,

We’ve had another busy week here at St. Luke’s.  I’m loving the enthusiasm that the children show up with every day even though we’re in a very long half term and everyone is a bit on the tired side!


We have a very strong tradition here at St. Luke’s of attending lots of different sports competitions.  The children continue to do us proud as excellent ambassadors for the school and fantastic role models for the rest of our pupils.  We have received lots of compliments about how the teams support each other, play fairly and with respect at all times and are resilient when things don’t go the way they want them.  A big thank you to all who competed in the football and rugby games and a big congratulations to the netball team who came top of the Gloospdale table yesterday and as a result are through to the High Peak league in March.

Flu Immunisations

Please see the link below to inform us as to whether or not your child can have the flu immunisation.  This is administered as a nasal spray (unless there is a reason your child cannot have the spray.) The closing date for signing the form is the 17th October.

The immunisations will take place in school on Friday 20th October.

Glossop Jog

Thank you to those who took part in the Glossop Jog on the weekend.  St Luke’s was very well represented and I was impressed with the stamina our youngsters have.  If you were one of the people who took part, please can you return your sponsorship money to the office ASAP.


We have been asked to let you know about the Home-Start initiative.

“Home-Start is a family support charity with two main core beliefs. One is that children’s early years are crucially important; the other is that the best people to help parents who are going through difficult times are other people with parenting experience. We recruit and train parents and match them with families with young children who are really struggling – it could be because of poor mental or physical health, financial hardship, family break-up, domestic abuse – a variety of issues. Volunteers befriend parents and children in regular home visits for as long as they are needed, linking them with any specialist help they need. It really works – and volunteers benefit too, as the training and experience can prove to be a springboard into further training and employment.”  The charity are looking for volunteers to become part of their network.  They are also keen to hear if you need support with anything.  Please see their website for more information.



The issue with us sending emails to Hotmail or msn email addresses still hasn’t been resolved.  Apologies if you are one of the people affected by this. We are still pushing for a fix for the issue.


Wishing you all a restful weekend.


With best wishes

Mrs Rogers