Hello to all our new family!

We can’t wait to meet you all. See you soon!

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Class blogs

Dear Children,

All the staff of St Lukes have come up with a way of keeping in touch with you all. Each class now has a ‘blog’ and we are going to use it to set challenges each week and to keep in touch with you. On each blog you can upload photographs, pictures and comments. All the staff would love you to ‘talk’ to them about whatever you are doing or just to say hello and we will tell you about what we are up to too. We would like each child in our class to post on their class blog at least once a week, just so we know you are ok. If you have any questions you can also ask them on the blog. We will answer them as soon as we can.

The links to each class blog are:

For the time being Miss Byron will communicate with Kites class as well as Merlins. Feel free to comment on each other classes blog too.

As always remember how to stay safe online.

  • Don’t post photographs which give personal information away ie with your school jumper on, in front of your house number etc.
  • Think about what you are saying on the post. All the staff will check each comment before it goes ‘live’ but still if you wouldn’t say it to Mrs Littlehailes don’t say it at all.
  • Don’t give out other personal information on the posts as it might not be suitable.
  • If you unsure of anything ask a trusted adult at home.
  • If you post a comment please just use initials eg CB, not full names

In addition to the blog each of you will get a stationary pack to help you get started on the challenges we set. There are numerous web sites to access as well. Here are the ones we recommend:

  • Reading plus (year 4 and year 6)
  • Numberbots
  • Timestables rockstars
  • Hamilton Trust
  • Tables Logik
  • K& Maths
  • White Rose maths
  • Phonics play
  • Topmarks (NOT the paid app)
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga
  • BBC Supermovers
  • Go Noodle
  • School zone

There are also apps available, in particular there is one which allows you to download books for free run by the Library service called: Borrow Box. You do need to be a member of a library in order to do this. Other apps which are free are also available : Spelling Shed, Creative Book Builder, Pic Collage etc.

Finally, even though we are not all together we are still here for each other. Please use the blog to keep in touch with one another as well as staff. We will look forward to being together again soon.

With love from,

All the staff at St Luke’s CE Primary School

Newsletter 24/09/2020

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

This has been a tricky week. I am so sorry I have had to ask the children and staff in Peregrines to isolate for 14 days. I know this is very disruptive to the children and to parents work. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about this. You know that I always try to get the children into school if at all possible. Miss Done has been doing a great job supporting the children’s learning via zoom, something we are all learning about how to do. Thank you to all you parents who have helped make this happen for your children, we do not underestimate how hard that can be.

I also unfortunately had to postpone one of the bikeability groups because the instructor was unwell and had been asked to have a test. That came back negative and the team are trying to find availability to rebook. I will let you know more as soon as I know.

I have sent out a letter from the DFE yesterday going through who should and should not be tested. It is so hard we all want to do the right thing and not clog up the system but also don’t want to be infectious and pass it on to others. If we all keep doing our best and keep being kind to each other we can feel confident we can do no more. There were new regulations announced on Tuesday none of which will affect school at the moment. I would just remind you that if at all possible just 1 adult from each family should come to drop off or pick up their children. This is to reduce the number of people on site and so the number of possible infections.

On Wednesday some of the children and I were explaining to the teaching students at Manchester University how things had changed in schools. I was very proud of all the children involved as they answered questions with confidence and honesty.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 17/09/2020

Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter 


Dear Parents,

Hasn’t it been lovely to have some sunshine this week I know the children have been enjoying it. The forecast looks good up until next Wednesday – hooray.

I want to congratulate all the Year 6 children who stood for office in the elections. Their husting speeches were really good. They had all put so much thought into what they wanted to say. I wanted to elect them all. As parents you should be incredibly proud of them.

The systems in the morning and evening seem to be working well. Thank you to you all for not hanging around in the yard, much as you would like to chat. In terms of the perennial problem of traffic outside school the staggered start and end of the days has reduced the number of school cars at any one time. However, there is an increased number of neighbour’s cars parked around school due to more people working from home, this has led to problems. One simple solution is to park a little further away from school and walk. Please also think about the safety of all the children and do not park or mount the pavements. I know these are stress points in the day but nobody want’s there to be an accident.

I know there has been a lot of activity on Facebook around the subject of testing. A number of the children have got colds, the advice from Public Health England is that people should not seek tests if they have a cold. If someone develops a high temperature, a new continuous cough or a loss of taste or smell they should have a covid test. I am saddened by how unkind people have been towards each other on Facebook over this issue please think before you post anything and make sure you are showing respect towards others opinions and feelings. We are a strong community who need to stand together at this time. I also believe that there have been rumours flying around about us closing. I will always let you know if a class or the whole school have been asked to isolate. Our thoughts go out to the local schools who have had to partially or fully go into isolation. We can all imagine how hard it will be to keep children at home isolated for 14 days when they have just gone back to school. I know you will all help the families effected in any way you can.

We sent out an email about access to digital devices at home. If you have not replied yet please can you as this will help our planning.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 10/09/2020

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter 


Dear Parents,

As this is the first real newsletter of the new school year welcome back. It is so lovely to have school back to a full complement of pupils. It is also lovely to be dealing with the usual such as children (and staff) who suddenly hit that first full week back wall yesterday. If your child was one of those who suddenly felt sooooo tired don’t worry it is normal and gets better!

I cannot praise the parents, friends and family of St Luke’s enough for how sensible and considerate you have been. Even though a number of you may have been anxious over the children coming back you have shown care for our whole school community and tackled the new normal with a smile. I know the rules are getting stricter from Monday with the number permitted in a gathering both inside and outside being reduced to 6. This new rule will not affect how school is operating so there will be no changes to the current arrangements.

An email was sent out earlier this week about flu immunisations for the children, please remember to register your child for this. It is even more important this year to reduce the spread of flu.

I know it feels odd to be reminding you about the rules around holidays in term time at a time when most of us are trying to feel the love for holidays at home but it is one of those things that I need to do.

In September 2013 the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013 came into force. These regulations make it clear that Headteachers should not grant approval for any leave of absence during term-time, including holidays, unless there are exceptional circumstances. These regulations also state that holidays cannot be authorised retrospectively.

Any requests should be on an official school absence request form and handed into the school office for consideration prior to any holiday/leave arrangements being made.

You may be issued with a Penalty Notice should leave be taken which is not authorised. If unpaid this could lead to prosecution under section 444(1) of The Education Act 1996.

I am also including the information about our facebook page again just so you have it. I will try to get better at remembering to use it, I know I am rubbish at posting on it put it down to my age!

if you are a Facebook user we would welcome you to ‘like and follow’ the St Luke’s Church of England Primary School official Facebook page. The Facebook page has been established by the staff and governors to share information and events about the school to the school and local community. Its aim is to be a source of information, it is not to be a page for queries and/or concerns regarding your child/children. If you have any questions regarding school matters then these should be directed through the traditional channels of the school office or your child’s class teacher. The School staff will of course respond to comments as soon as possible should a response be required but this may not be immediate. We would be very grateful if you could respect this page and the users who use it – we will have to delete inappropriate comments should this be required. The staff and school governors hope that this will be a great new additional communication tool for the school, all the other communication channels will remain in place.

The school Facebook page can be found using the following link: https://www.facebook.com/StLukesPrimaryGlossop/

We recommend that you set up the St Luke’s Facebook page as a ‘favourite group/page’ by following these simple steps (from a desktop computer):

1) Like and follow https://www.facebook.com/StLukesPrimaryGlossop/ on your personal Facebook profile

2) When on the St Luke’s Facebook page. Click the ‘following’ button and under ‘in your news feed’ section, tick the ‘see first’ button. This will ensure that when a new item is posted on the official page you will see this first in your newsfeed.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

I am aware of a real and particularly nasty viral post going round on TikTok. The company are dealing with the situation and it should be cleared within the next few days. I am mentioning this to you as it gives you the option to prevent your child using TikTok temporarily if you think that is appropriate.

At this time in the term I usually send out a list of dates but unfortunately at the moment there are few dates I can give you. I know our lovely PTA, which you are all members of, are frustrated that they cannot meet and plan events. Keep an eye on the newsletters and I will let you know what is coming up when we are able to have things.

On Tuesday 15th & Wednesday 16th the first group of Y5s will be doing their bikeability course, we will keep our fingers crossed for fine weather for them.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 16/07/2020

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe but this is the last newsletter of this academic year and what a year it has been. I want to extend a huge well done and thank you to everyone for everything you have done. I know lots of you are going to feel a huge sense of relief that you no longer need to be responsible for home learning. A number of people have told me that they are looking forward to having time with their children without worrying about schooling them. I also know that a number of you will miss working with your children every day.

Thank you to all of you who have sent in lovely messages to the staff we have all appreciated them.

There have been a number of queries following the letter I sent home about arrangements for September which I can answer now.

• Birthday treats, there is no pressure to send in treats for the class if it is your child’s birthday but if you want to please can they be something like little packets of sweets. Please no lollies and unfortunately I am going to have to say no home-made deliciousness from September.

• If your child is going to out of school care before and or after school we will work with the nurseries so they only have 1 drop off/ pick up time.

• Reading books – I have no answer now about these as we are being encouraged not to send them home, but I am working on it.

The county council is looking at what can be realistically done to get students to and from school. To help plan for the September return the council need every parent and carer to complete a short survey. The survey asks about how your children got from home to school before the coronavirus pandemic, and how you think they will get to school in September. It also asks how your children could be encouraged to walk, cycle or scoot to school. Please use this link to fill in the survey https://wh1.snapsurveys.com/s.asp?k=159431407337 , the deadline is 31st July.

If you have not yet paid for your dinners please can you, today.

For those parents who will finish being a St Luke’s parent thank you for all your support over the years. Thank you for trusting us with your child or in some cases children. It has been such a pleasure to be part of your lives over the years. Remember you never stop being part of the St Luke’s family. Please keep in touch, we will miss you as well as your children.

I hope you all have a lovely summer and I look forward to seeing you on Thursday 3rd September, 4th for new reception children.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 09/07/2020

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

It has been lovely to welcome more children back into school this week. It has been great to see how quickly they have relaxed back into it. School has a funny feel at the moment; there are those children who have done weeks and weeks (some haven’t had a holiday since February) who are all feeling settled but end of termy and those who have done a few days who are tired because settling back into a routine makes you tired, but they are essentially full of beans. What is nice is each group is feeding off the energy of the other and there is a very happy atmosphere.

We are busy formulating plans for September and I will share those with you when they are finalised. One thing I have realised during this wet weather is that all the children, no matter what age group they are in, are going to need a pair of wellies in school. We need to get the children out no matter what the weather is doing and wellies and waterproofs are essential pieces of kit. I am saying this very quietly so I don’t jinx it but the weather looks much better next week, dry even, so no need to rush out and get wellies now but the children will need them for September.

As we only have 1 week left after this week it is the time when I nag you pay your dinner money debts. Please can you check if you owe anything and pay preferably before the middle of next week. As usually happens dinner money is going up in September to £2.20 A day £11 a week. Children in Reception Y1 and Y2 do not pay for their dinners under the universal free school meals scheme. Whichever year group your child is in if you think your child might be eligible for free school meals please do apply for them. Not only do you not have to pay for your child’s dinner but school also receives money, which is always useful. That is why we encourage people to apply for free school meals even if their child is in Reception, Y1 or Y2. You can apply at www.derbyshire.gov.uk/freeschoolmeals or by phoning 01629 536400 / 535743

We have not yet heard about fruit for schools as soon as we know what is happening with this we will let you know.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 02/07/2020

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

So here we are in July looking at a very different end to the school year, usually at this point we are preparing leaver’s services and celebrations, visiting our new classes, looking back on the past year, celebrating our successes. I know we have 2 weeks left but I would just like to celebrate your successes this academic year. As parents you have really stepped up and played your part in this ongoing national emergency. For weeks you either carried our vital work and bravely sent your child in to school, or you started educating your child at home. You have been juggling trying to work in a different way from home with keeping your child both entertained and educated. You have calmly and in a considered way decided whether or not to send your child back in to school, without judging people who made a different decision to you. You all have my respect and admiration. I just hope, as some more of the lockdown restrictions are eased this weekend, all this that you have done is not undone by people forgetting that there are still rules about what we can and can’t do. Unfortunately, Corona Virus has not gone away and we all need to proceed with caution. I hope you all take a moment today to stop and feel proud of yourself, even a little smug if you like, the job is not done but you are doing it really well. Thank you.

Tomorrow we say goodbye for the summer to some of our children, the first group of years 2-5. This is sad we have not had enough time with you this year but September will be here soon and everyone will be back in school together. It will feel a little different and we won’t be able to do everything we would normally do but we will still be St Luke’s. We will still be supporting the children’s learning via the blogs for the next 2 weeks so do keep telling us what you are all doing.

On Monday we welcome back the second group of years 2-5 we are all very excited to be seeing you again. Please refer back to the letter I sent out on 16th June for full details of arrangements but here is a reminder of drop off and pick up arrangements:

Drop off times are: Surnames A – H 8.40 –8.45 I – Z 8.55 – 9.00 Pick up times are: Surnames A – H 3.20 I – Z 3.30

There is a one way system in operation – do not worry there are people outside to help you.

Reports will be going out over the next week. As I am sure you understand they are much shorter than usual because of the year we have had but they encapsulate your child as a learner.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 25/06/2020

St Luke’s CE Primary School

Newsletter 25.6.2020

Dear Parents,

What a difference in the weather! From wet and soggy to hot, hot, hot. It has been lovely to welcome more children into school this week. Their excited but slightly nervous faces relaxing across the day to now just being pleased to be here. I know they are tired not only is it hot but they are not used to being at school. It is like September only more so. If you remember how tired they are that first week and multiply it up. You can tell how much they are enjoying being back because they are not moaning about being tired. If your child is in the second group of children coming back on 6th July we cannot wait to see you.

The children are all working hard, learning lots both inside and out. We have had botany, deserted islands, Elmer, Maths and English. I have walked the plank and been shown how to funnel rainwater using leaves. All the classes are loving our pond. Thank you so much to Annie’s parents for all their help in creating it. We now have pond skaters, a newt, frogs, beetles, water boatmen and aquatic plants and I have been told pond guardians. You may be asking where the pond is well ………..it is between the top field and the railway fence. We have a small secret garden there behind a locked gate so the perfect space to safely have a pond.

I know you are all wondering what the arrangements are for September. I am afraid I still cannot tell you the DFE has said they will give us information before the end of term but have not said when before the end of term so it may be very late. As soon as I have received the information and had chance to plan for September I will let you know what the plan is.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 18/06/2020

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

This will be a short newsletter as you have had lots of information from me this week and probably don’t want any more!

We have had another lovely week in school with lots of fun and learning going on.

I am so pleased that we will get to see most of the children in school over the next 4 weeks. I have had a number of queries about things such as school shoes. I know lots of children have grown out of shoes over the lock down please do not try to buy new ones any shoes they have that fit are fine. This also applies to other items of school uniform. The children are enjoying being back in uniform because it signals to them that life is getting slightly back to normal, but if they have grown out of an item send them in in something as close to uniform as possible.

If your child is feeling a little uneasy about what school will be like remember there is a link on the blogs to a video where I explain a bit about it.

Please can you check your dinner money account on School Money as some of you still owe money from before the lockdown.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 11/06/2020

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

I know you will have been disappointed to hear that whilst the Government’s hope is that more primary school children can come back to school before the summer holiday they are no longer expecting all schools to be able to do this. It is a real challenge to schools to get all the children in whilst following the guidelines. The children need to be in pods of no more than 15 children and be 2m apart. This means each class needs to be split into 2 and have a large enough space to work in. In order to make this happen schools would need to have twice as much space as normal. We are lucky that we have some spare capacity but not enough to accommodate the whole school. We know how important it is to your children to get back into school emotionally as well as academically and we will do everything we can to help make this happen. In order to help us plan for what might be possible it would be really helpful if the parents of children in Y2,3,4 & 5 could indicate on a text survey if you might be interested if we were able to offer a place for at least part of the time. This does not mean they would be offered a place or that they would have to take up any offer just an indication to help with planning. Please reply to the text by 1pm on Friday.

I promised you an update on how things are going in school for the children who have come back so here it is. I have been really pleased, all the planning the staff did before the children came in has paid off. The points when there are more people on site, drop off and pick up times, are going really smoothly thanks to the parents who are sticking to the new rules even when they feel a little daft because they appear to be the only person other than me there. We all would have liked it to be a bit drier but you can’t have everything! In the class pods the children are enjoying their learning. They are trying really hard to stay 2m apart, the older they are the easier they are finding this but they are all doing well at it. Lunchtime is taking longer it is spread over 2 hours, each child has an hour but because we are staggering it more time is needed. As the number of children we have changes we are making adjustments to timings to ensure the children can stay 2m apart but the system seems to be working. The parents of the children who are in are reporting that they are coming home happy but tired – sounds like a win to me. We are constantly reviewing what we are doing in the light of what is happening outside school and within school. We get information from the DFE, from Derbyshire County Council and from health and use this information to inform our decisions. I had a conversation with our school’s senior advisor yesterday who felt confident we were doing the right thing for our children, which may of course not be the right thing for other children at schools.

We have been asked about school reports. We are in the process of writing reports on your children but they will be brief this year as we have not seen most of the children for 3 months. It is not possible for us to have face to face meetings about the reports but staff will continue to be available for telephone conversations should you need them.

Please can you check your dinner money account on School Money as some of you still owe money from before the lockdown.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes

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