Newsletter 09/02/2023

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents & Carers,

This week I have been seeing children jigging around school!  As part of mental Health week the children have all been learning a dance.  They are amazing at it – I am less good it starts something like four taps with your left foot, four with your right four alternate a four step turn cross overs walk back and I am lost already.  You will have to get your children to show you.  We are doing it because dancing reduces anxiety and makes people happy.

Congratulations to the children who took part in the Sports Hall Athletics yesterday as ever they were a credit to the school.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the film night.  The children had a great time.  I have never seen 140 hot dogs disappear so fast.

Tomorrow Peregrines will be leading our Collective Worship.  Their assembly starts at about 9.10.  I will text out the code word in the morning. 

If you haven’t signed up for your online parent teacher meeting yet remember they are next week.

There are no school led, after school clubs next week because of parent teacher meetings.

Next week on Friday, the Pupil Parliament and High Peak Kids Council are running a break 5 rules day to raise money for Mountain Rescue and Blyth House.  The way it works is this, for each rule the children chose to break they are asked to donate at least 20p.  If they break all 5 rules that is a donation of at least £1.  The rules are:

  1. Wearing uniform – the children can wear their own clothes
  2. Only water to drink – the children can bring in unhealthy drinks
  3. Only fruit for snack – the children can bring in unhealthy snacks
  4. Tidy hair & no nail varnish – the children can have crazy hair and wear nail varnish
  5. No toys – the children can bring in a toy (remember toys in school can get damaged or lost so please don’t send in anything too precious).

Thank you to everyone who has responded to the choir letter.  We have only got 7 members of the choir able to sing at the Fairtrade Coffee Morning on Saturday 1st April so I will have to tell them we cannot perform.

We are starting to plan for World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March.  On that day we will have a book at breakfast, everyone will start the school day with toast, hot chocolate and a book (the swimmers will have theirs after swimming). We are going to have a book swop, bring a book you have finished with and choose a new one.  We are also asking the children to bring in a picture of them reading in unusual places here are some to get you thinking:

Mrs Hillier reads in the climbing tower.


          Mrs Littlehailes is reading in the paper cupboard




                                                                                                 Baby Sophie reads in her den with her Daddy.



Where will you read?  We look forward to seeing your pictures.



Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 03/02/2023

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents & Carers,

This week the High Peak Kid’s Council met with Robert Largan to talk about their Feet not Fuel campaign to get more people walking to school and for short journeys. They are also planning a ‘Break 5 Rules Day’ on Friday 17th of February to raise money for their chosen charities; Blyth House and Mountain Rescue.  They will send out details shortly.

We are all looking forward to PTA film night after school today.   

There is a PTA meeting in the hall at school on Tuesday 7th February at 7pm.  The agenda and papers are attached to this email.

The children are working hard learning their poems for House Verse Speaking.  I have been very impressed with just how much of them they know already.  Thank you for all the help you are giving your children with this.

Parent teacher online meetings will be held the week beginning 13th February you should have received information about how to book an appointment.  There will be no afterschool clubs that week.

Tomorrow Kites will be leading our Collective Worship.  Their assembly starts at about 9.10.  I will text out the code word in the morning.  On Friday 10th Peregrines will be taking the lead.

We have had a number of complaints about inconsiderate parking on Ashley Avenue and Elm Grove.  The complaints are that people are parking on the pavements and it is not possible to get a buggy past the cars.  Please park in a way that allows others to travel safely.


Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 26/01/2023

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents & Carers,

This week has been RE week.  The children have been learning about different faiths and considering big questions like ‘if people believe God is everywhere why do we have churches?’  As ever the children have impressed us with the respectful, thoughtful way they have approached their learning.

You should have received information about Film Night yesterday.  It is on Thursday 2nd Feb.  There will be no Recorders and Orchestra that day.

Parent teacher online meetings will be held the week beginning 13th February. Letters about this will be emailed to you later today. There will be no afterschool clubs that week. 

Tomorrow Harriers will be leading our Collective Worship.  Their assembly starts at about 9.10.  I will text out the code word in the morning.  On Friday 3rd Kites will be taking the lead.

Your children should be coming home with the words for 2 poems they are learning as part of our annual House Verse Speaking Challenge.  Due to covid it has been a number of years since we were able to do this.  Each house learn 2 poems, one I have chosen for everyone and one the house has chosen.  Your first reaction will be they will never learn these how ridiculous. However, every year the children rise to the challenge, learn the poems and perform them together.  Please help your child to learn the poems at home.

I am attaching information about this year’s Fairtrade competition for your child.  The choir have been asked to sing at the prize giving for this competition on Saturday 1st April.  I do not yet know where or at what time.  As soon as I know you will be asked to indicate your child’s availability.  We will do it if enough children are free, though we do appreciate it is the first day of the Easter Holiday.

Whitfield Parish has sent through the following invitation to you all:

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 19/01/2022

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

This week has been a chilly old week with the children in Kestrels making full use of the low temperatures to make ice sculptures.  I was very pleased to see some of them come rushing into my office with great excitement to ask me to come out and look at them.

The children in Eagles enjoyed a morning of dance at Glossopdale.  Thank you to the children and staff from Glossopdale school who ran this.

As you may be aware, we have been advised by the National Educational Union (NEU) that their teacher members intend to take industrial action. The union is declaring seven days of strike action in February and March, though any individual school will only be affected by four of them. The first is scheduled for Wednesday 1 February 2023.

The impact of this action on schools may vary depending on the proportion of teachers who are members of the NEU. As a result, headteachers are currently liaising with staff to determine the impact this may have on their individual schools. Headteachers will share further information with parents and carers at the earliest opportunity.

While we are not yet in a position to offer definitive guidance, we do want to reassure you that we will be in touch as soon as we have something to share.

Friday next week is the first of our child led collective worships.  On Friday 27th Harriers will be leading.  I will send the parents of the children in that class a code word that morning.

We have received this letter for you:

Dear Parent Carers
Derbyshire Parent Carer Voice (DPCV) have 3 lunchtime meet and eat information sessions coming up across the county in Buxton, Chesterfield and Swadlincote, 11am – 1pm.

Come for as little or as long as you can.

Have lunch, meet other parent carers and find out about:

  • DPCV (Derbyshire Parent Carer Voice) – Speak with trustees, become a member, learn about other upcoming parent carers events and tell us what information and support you need for the year ahead.
  • DIASS (Derbyshire Information Advice Support Service) – Useful information about EHCP (Education Health Care Plan) Assessments, speak with DIASS representative.
  • Sign up for a virtual 1:1 with Dan Careless, Strategic Lead for Schools and Learning from Derbyshire County Council, Children’s Services.

Click the link below to register via the DPCV website and Eventbrite:

We look forward to seeing you.
The DPCV Team

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes

  • Calendar

  • Staying safe online

    • Don’t post photographs which give personal information away ie with your school jumper on, in front of your house number etc.
    • Think about what you are saying on the post. All the staff will check each comment before it goes ‘live’ but still if you wouldn’t say it to Mrs Littlehailes don’t say it at all.
    • Don’t give out other personal information on the posts as it might not be suitable.
    • If you unsure of anything ask a trusted adult at home.
    • If you post a comment please just use initials eg CB, not full names
  • Additional Learning Resources

    Some websites provide additional resources for learning at home. Here are the ones we recommend:

    • Reading plus (year 4 and year 6)
    • Numberbots
    • Timestables rockstars
    • Hamilton Trust
    • Tables Logik
    • K& Maths
    • White Rose maths
    • Phonics play
    • Topmarks (NOT the paid app)
    • Cosmic Kids Yoga
    • BBC Supermovers
    • Go Noodle
    • School zone

    There are also apps available, in particular there is one which allows you to download books for free run by the Library service called: Borrow Box. You do need to be a member of a library in order to do this. Other apps which are free are also available : Spelling Shed, Creative Book Builder, Pic Collage etc.

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