Newsletter 27/02/2020

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

I do hope you all managed to have a good half term despite the weather. It has been a very soggy late winter, let’s hope we have a good spring.

The children have come back with a renewed desire to learn. I was very impressed with them in assembly, or collective act of worship, on Monday where they had a really honest and useful discussion about our time together and how to make it even better. They came up with ideas such as having celebrations first so they can go off to class calm and reflective. They would like to take responsibility for welcoming the classes into the hall. They want more stories and songs. The thing that impressed me most was the respectful way they listened to each other and considered others opinions even when they didn’t agree with them.

On the last Friday before half term the children impressed us all with their choral speaking in our House Verse Speaking competition. Every house tackled the poems in a different way and made us appreciate different things. Thank you to our judges for doing the difficult task of selecting winners!

There will be no family assembly this Friday because we are working with an artist for the day – very exciting.

Next week the Eagles are off to The Bridgewater Hall to attend a school’s concert with the Halle orchestra. Please make sure you have returned permission slips.

Talking of exciting music events on Saturday 7th March 10-3.30 the Dark Peak Music Foundation is holding a strings play day for all young people who play a string instrument. If your child is interested leaflets are available in school.

Next Thursday 5th March is World Book Day. We are inviting the children to come to school dressed as character from a book and bring the book with them. Children who do not want to dress up do not have to. We would also love you to come in and share a book (or an extract from a book) with a group of children, if you have a little bit of time on Thursday and would like to join in this bookfest do let us know. You don’t have to dress up, but of course can if you want to!

The makers of Junior Bake Off have contacted me because they are looking for children to take part in the next series:

We are looking for young budding bakers between 9 -15 years old.

Filming would take place from July 2020, but our applications close on Sunday 5th April 2020.

Interested bakers can apply online at – WWW.APPLYFORJUNIORBAKEOFF.CO.UK.


Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 13/02/2020

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

I need to start with an apology to Manor House Surgery for attributing comments to them without checking my sources. I retract the comments in last week’s newsletter and apologise unreservedly for the error on my part.

Tuesday was Internet Safety Day and the children across the school thought about how to keep themselves safe online. The work included thinking about not sharing personal information including photographs with details such as road names or school uniform. Others thought about friends they only play games with online and how they can enjoy playing online but need to remember they don’t really know them. Our new Internet Safety Group came up with lots of ways they can help children stay safe, I look forward to seeing their work develop over the next few months.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the PTA disco last Friday, the children had a great time. As well as a good time being had by all £281 was raised. The discos would not happen without all the lovely people who help.

It is Merlin’s turn to lead our assembly tomorrow do join us if you can.

We finish for half term tomorrow and the children return to school on Monday 24th February. I hope you all have a good break though the weather is not looking promising.

After half term Gardening Club will restart on a Monday 3.30-4.30. It is open to children in years 3-6. Please can the gardeners bring wellies each week as there is every chance they will be getting muddy!

The Halle Youth Orchestra, Youth Choir and Children’s Choir are recruiting now. If your child is interested the link is www.halle.co.uk/youth-ensembles-recruitment . In the past we have had a number of children who have enjoyed being part of these groups.

Congratulations to the team that went to represent us at mini basketball they were good ambassadors for the school.

See you all back refreshed on Monday 24th February.

Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 30/01/2020

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

Thank you to the children who led our assembly this Wednesday on dance. We have some very talented children at school.

As I have walked round school this week I have seen some exciting learning going on. The older children are becoming fascinated by Brazil as they are studying its geography in preparation for its history. There is huge excitement in Harriers and computing club as Mr Holt is teaching them about green screen filming. Kites are showing a huge amount of interest as they learn more about Marie Curie, an important scientist they first heard about last year. The Ospreys are just excited about everything, they are loving their learning and are always keen to share it with me. Maths is really enthusing the Peregrines at the moment, they love being able to show how to solve problems with cubes, counters and other objects. Whilst the Kestrels are busy planning what they want to learn about dinosaurs – the roars coming from their area have been quite scary!

Yesterday I was doing some work with our Advisor from the local authority. It was a real pleasure to look at school through his eyes and see just how engaged in their learning your children are. They are excited by their learning and work with real purpose. He was very impressed by what they were learning and how they were learning.

Remember there is a meeting at Hayfield Primary School next week on Tuesday 4th February at 6.30 to help parents understand how maths is taught now. The aim is to help you be able to feel confident to support your children at home. Parking in Hayfield is not fantastic so I would recommend car sharing.

I hope your child has brought home their poems for House Verse Speaking and are starting to learn them.

Tomorrow 31st January Kites will be leading our assembly and on Friday 7th February it will be Harrier’s turn.

Also on Friday 7th February it will be the PTA disco 5-6.30. There is a flyer attached with more details.

There is a PTA meeting in school tonight at 7pm please come along if you can.


Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 23/01/2020

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

Thank you to the parents that ran the film night on Friday the children all enjoyed it. I was sorry not to be able to be there.

Also thank you to the children who led our assembly this Wednesday on disability. They reminded us all to celebrate our differences and show respect to everyone. They talked about visible disabilities and hidden disabilities and encouraged us all to be understanding of others. They did a fantastic job.

After a couple of weeks looking for sightings of the ‘naughty bus’, thank you to all the people of Glossop who joined in the fun, the younger children have started celebrating Chinese New Year. Their restaurant has a very good takeaway service (there are not many jobs where you get to have wool noodles and pompom dumplings brought to your desk by a group of excited children with chopsticks!). They have been learning how it is celebrated and what it means for the people from China.

Remember there is a meeting at Hayfield Primary School on Tuesday 4th February at 6.30 to help parents understand how maths is taught now. The aim is to help you be able to feel confident to support your children at home. Parking in Hayfield is not fantastic so I would recommend car sharing.

On Friday 31st January Kites will be leading our assembly and on Friday 7th February it will be Harrier’s turn.

Also on Friday 7th February it will be the PTA disco 5-6.30.

At some point over the next week your child will be bringing home two poems to learn. This is for our annual choral speaking competition ‘House Verse Speaking’. Every year parents say to me they will never manage to learn to say all that, and I am inclined to agree but every year they surprise us all. Please help your child to learn the poems.

I have been asked to pass on this message from the PTA:

Movie night was a big success with 90 students in attendance! We had lots of parents helping out which was amazing. Setting up, getting pizzas ready, cleaning up spillage and washing up so a big thank you to everyone. The profit for the event was £191, a great way to kick off 2020!!

Here are the next PTA events this term;

PTA meeting – Thursday 30th January, 7pm at school

School Disco – Friday 7th February (5pm-6.30pm) more details will be out soon

Parents Quiz Night – Friday 13th March, more details will be out soon.

Many thanks, the PTA team.


Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 16/01/2020

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

We were treated to a fantastic assembly yesterday all about recycling. The children who led it reminded us all that we should all try much harder to recycle. We were reminded that lots of plastics are recyclable, paper and cardboard are recyclable, tin cans and drinks cans can be recycled. At school we can recycle your batteries and printer cartridges and when we hold bags 2 school we recycle your textiles. It is great that so many people are managing to have more in their recycling bins than in their ordinary bin. Thank you so much to the children that led the assembly.

On Friday it is the PTA film night. They are showing ‘Abominable’. The children who have been booked in will go into the hall from class and you will need to pick them up at 5.15.

Some organised people have been asking me what the term dates are for the next academic year so here they are:

Thursday 3rd September 2020 Children return to school (Friday 4th September for the new Reception class)

Thursday 22nd October 2020 finish for half term

Monday 2nd October 2020 return to school

Friday 18th December 2020 finish for Christmas

Monday 4th January 2021 return to school

Friday 12th February 2021 finish for half term

Monday 22nd February 2021 return to school

Thursday 1st April 2021 finish for Easter

Monday 19th April 2021 return to school

Friday 28th May 2021 finish for half term

Thursday 10th June 2021 return to school

Thursday 22nd July 2021 finish for the summer

These dates include all the INSET days. I hope this is useful for you.


Alice Littlehailes

Newsletter 09/01/2020

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

Happy New Year I hope you all had a good festive period and haven’t found the return to normal too difficult. It was lovely to see the children excited to be back, even if they were finding getting back into the routine a little tiring. I love this term the children are all very settled and attack their work with gusto, it is always such a pleasure to see how much they learn across this term. But before we know what has hit us we will be talking about Easter.

The children have been very excited to share what they have done over Christmas, it sounds as if you have all had some good times together. They have also been telling us what presents they got; there are lots of new phones and smart watches about. I just want to remind everyone that any devices that can make and receive phone calls or are connected to the internet need to be signed in at the start of the day and be collected at the end of the day. The signing in book and box is usually in Y6 at the beginning and end of the day.

You should have received a clubs letter yesterday. School run clubs restart on Monday apart from Gardening and Netball which will restart when the light improves. PAS restarts next Tuesday to book on this visit www.pas.uk.com and then click book online. Forest Schools will restart on 17th March to book a place on this visit www.insideoutforestschool.com .

On Monday the children in Merlins and Ospreys will have a talk from the fire service about safety.

Swimming restarts on Thursday 16th January. Ospreys will meet at the baths as they did last term and Eagles will walk up there later in the morning.

The PTA is sorting out the rota for making toast on Friday mornings. If you would like to help make toast one Friday morning please let the office know or talk to Chika Jones who sorts the rota out.

As I was writing the date on this newsletter I was reminded of a helpful hint I heard this week – this year always write the year in full 2020 rather than 20, as just writing 20 allows for other numbers to be written after it leaving an opening for fraud. This may not be a big risk but I thought I would pass it on to you.

I am attaching the term dates – as usual things may change so do keep an eye on the newsletter for further information. Thinking about dates just a quick reminder that there is an INSET day on Monday 20th April so the children start back after Easter on Tuesday 21st April.

Alice Littlehailes


Dates January 2020


Monday 13th       Clubs restart

Thursday 16th     Swimming Starts

Friday 24th           Height and weight checks (Reception and Y6)

Thursday 30th     PTA 7pm

Friday 31st           Kites leading Assembly


Tuesday 4th         PEGS parents meeting about Maths

Friday 7th             Harriers leading Assembly

PTA Disco

Friday 14th           Merlins leading Assembly

Finish for half term

Monday 24th       School restarts


Tuesday 3rd         Eagles to the Halle

Thursday 5th       World Book Day

Friday 6th             Ospreys leading Assembly

Monday 9th         Class Photos

Friday 13th           Eagles leading Assembly

Friday 20th           Kestrels leading Assembly

Friday 27th           Peregrines leading Assembly

Monday 30th       Kites and Harriers Production 2pm

Tuesday 31st       Kites and Harriers Production 6pm


Wednesday 1st Parents evening

Thursday 2nd       Easter Service

House Netball and Football

Friday 3rd             Easter Raffle

Finish for Easter

Tuesday 21st       Term starts

Newsletter 19/12/2019


St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

I cannot believe we have reached the last newsletter of the term. Well done to all the Kestrels who have successfully negotiated their first term of school. I know they are all very tired now but they have achieved so much. Also well done to the rest of school who continue to make us all very proud of who they are becoming and what they are achieving. They have earned the rest they all so desperately need.

The choir have treated us to some wonderful singing this festive season. This week they have sung at the church carol service, at carols in Norfolk Square, which sensibly moved into the arcade due to the weather, and at Tesco where they raised an amazing £51.87 for crisis the homeless charity. They have one last gig at our carol service tomorrow.

The swimming team had a great time at the swimming gala and came back buzzing with how much they had enjoyed representing school. Congratulations to them.

Tomorrow we are going to round off our school celebration of Christmas with our carol service at 9.15 in St Luke’s church, please do join us, and our Christmas Dinner. The children then finish for the holiday and will return to school on Monday 6th January. There will be no clubs that week they will restart on Monday 13th January.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and that 2020 is a year which brings you happiness.

Alice Littlehailes



Newsletter 12/12/2019

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

Wow what a wonderful play the children in Peregrines and Ospreys treated us to this week. They all performed really well, made us laugh and cry.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Christmas Fair on Friday by, donating, helping or attending a good time was had by all and the princely sum of over £1,200 was raised for school. All the hard work that went into it was definitely worth while.

Next week is full on Christmas week with parties and concerts and carol services and Christmas dinner – lots and lots of lovely things.

Sunday 15th                 St Luke’s Carol Service 6.30 in church the choir are singing

Monday 16th                Flu immunisation for those that were off.

Tuesday 17th               Eagle’s and Merlin’s party

Wednesday 18th          Harrier’s concert at 9ish

Kite’s and Harrier’s party

Choir singing in Norfolk Square 6.30

Thursday 19th              Kestrel’s, Peregrine’s and Osprey’s party

Friday 20th                   Carol Service

Christmas Dinner

Finish for the holiday.

The PTA have asked me to pass on this message:

The PTA would like to say a massive thank you to all parents, carers and teachers who helped and came to the Christmas Fair last Friday. It is always a magical event with lots of happy and excited children!!! The event raised £1,206 of funds for the school which is an amazing amount that will contribute to this year’s spending plans…
Many thanks again and Happy Christmas!!!!
Julie Shepley, PTA Chair.

Remember the Kestrels are leading our assembly tomorrow.

Please remember to pay any dinner money debts as soon as possible.

If your child is in Key stage 2 and would like fruit next term slips need to be in tomorrow.

Alice Littlehailes


Newsletter 05/12/2019

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

We have had a technological disaster week with both the office and my computers deciding to die!! Please could you email the office info@st-lukes.derbyshire.sch.uk so we know we have your right email address. We lost all our contacts.

On a much more positive note the children taking part in the Bikeability course on Monday and Tuesday all did really well they made good progress despite the icy start. Well done to all of them.

The Christmas Fair is now almost here – I am looking forward to seeing you on Friday.

Next week it is the Peregrine’s and Osprey’s Christmas play which we are all looking forward to on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then on Friday the Kestrels will be leading the assembly with their Christmas performance.

On Sunday 15th the choir will be singing at St Luke’s Church carol service 6.30pm (choir to be there for 6.15). This is always a lovely service so do come if you can.

Party season is almost upon us with Eagle’s & Merlin’s party on 17th December, Kite’s & Harrier’s on 18th and Kestrel’s Peregrine’s and Osprey’s on 19th. . On party day the children can come in party clothes or get changed at lunchtime. The children will be doing normal lessons in the morning and playing out as normal so what they wear needs to enable them to do that.

On Wednesday 18th December the choir are singing in Norfolk Square at 6.30pm.

Friday 20th is our last day and is going to be a lovely day it starts with our carol service in church at 9.15, followed by our Christmas Dinner. This is a very special dinner where the children sit on tables with the staff and we all enjoy a special lunch together. What I love about this occasion is just about everyone takes part. If your child is on packed lunches and does not want to have a Christmas Dinner with us please let the office know. We finish at normal time that afternoon. School reopens on Monday 6th January.

I have managed to sort the last INSET day for this academic year – it will be on Monday 20th April.

The frosty weather has reminded me to tell you about arrangements for snowy days. If the school is going to be closed due to impassable or dangerous conditions we will send out a text message so it is important we have your correct number. In the past I have been able to keep school open when others have had to closed but due to staff changes this may not be possible. The staff now live further away and I cannot open school with insufficient staff to keep the children safe. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause if it has to happen. Closing school is never a decision taken lightly and I will do everything in my power not to have to do it.

Today is the last swim of the term.

Alice Littlehailes


PTO for a message from the PTA


🎄🎅 Santa’s coming!!🎄🎅


Thank you to everyone for the chocolates and lovely gifts donated for non-uniform day!


We are also collecting second hand books and preloved toys to sell at the book and toy stall this year. If you want to clear some clutter, please drop them off at reception this week. Nothing too big please, and all cleaned and ready to sell!!


We also have a few slots available if you’d like to help out at a stall at the fair!


All pre-booked appointments for the big man are taken but there will be spaces on the night. Just make sure you see the head elf in the Elf’s workshop on Friday!


We have some great prizes at the raffle which include £30 voucher for Pico’s, £15 for Harvey Leonards and a Woodland Wellbeing retreat (worth £60), definitely worth getting a few tickets!!


See you all at 5pm for some festive fun 🎉☃️


Newsletter 28/11/2019

St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

We have had a busy week! It started with St Luke’s being awarded the Timpson Attachment Award for 2019 in recognition for our work with children who have experienced trauma. It is a great honour to have won this prize and I am very proud of all the staff, governors, children and parents of this school who work so hard to help everyone. Then it was the Year 4 Sleep Over – so much fun was had by the children and we could see them grow in self-confidence just across the event. Well done to all of them, and thank you to the staff who made it possible. As if all that was not enough the children in Eagles enjoyed a dance workshop at Glossopdale on Monday and then yesterday went to an RE conference. They had an opportunity to work with children from four different faiths and gain an understanding of how their faith affects their lives. The young people from Blue Coats school in Nottingham showed maturity and generosity when sharing their lives. Whilst this was happening the children in Merlins were watching The Royal Shakespeare Company perform ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ via an outside broadcast. All this as well as the normal exciting vibrant learning that is happening in school.

Tomorrow the children will be making Christmas trees in their houses. We will be displaying them in the hall so you will all have the opportunity to see them in all their glory.

Remember tomorrow is non uniform day. In return for the opportunity to wear their own clothes the children are asked to bring in donations for the Christmas Fair. Children in Kestrels, Peregrines and Ospreys are asked to bring in chocolate for the chocolate tombola and the older children are asked to bring in presents for the presents stall – this is a stall where children can buy and have wrapped up presents for their adults; so only send in what you would be happy to receive.

The children in Harriers will be leading the assembly tomorrow, do join us if you can.

The children in the second Bikeability group are doing their training on Monday and Tuesday.

Thursday 5th December is the last swim of the term.

Clubs finish for Christmas on the 5th December as in the following weeks we have performances, parties and general celebrating. Film and Creative clubs have already finished as Mrs Hillier and I have meetings.

It is the Christmas Fair on Friday 6th December. This is always a magical event with stalls and games, the choir opens it at 5pm with song and I believe Father Christmas has managed to make time despite being so busy to come and see us. Please do try to come and support this event.


Alice Littlehailes

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