St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter



Dear Parents & Carers,


I cannot believe it has come round so fast, my last newsletter to you after 13 years at St Luke’s.  I have been so lucky to do a job I love.  I have felt privileged to be allowed to come to work every day and work with your amazing children.  Thank you for all the support you have given me to enable me to work for your children.  We may not all have agreed all the time but I have always known that we are working for the same thing, the best for the children, and we have always been able to work things out.  Thank you for all the help you have given at events, the support at things like concerts and sporting events.  Most of all thank you for your cheery greetings every day.  I am going to miss you all.  I am going to miss your children so much.  I know however that Mrs Rogers is looking forward to taking over in September.  I know she will take the school on new adventures and that you are in safe hands.


I am attaching 3 things.  An offer for a stamp for children’s belongings so when they lose them we can reunite them! This will raise money for the PTA.  And two leaflets about what’s on over the summer.


It wouldn’t be a newsletter without a nag!  Please make sure you pay any dinner money you owe before we finish for summer.


I hope you have a lovely summer.  I wish you all well for the future.

Stay happy and healthy


Alice Littlehailes