St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

I am sorry this newsletter is a day late this week, just keeping you on your toes.

Over the last week school has continued to be a vibrant learning community with children learning both inside and outside the classroom. The Year 6s had a great time at Whitehall challenging themselves to go that little bit further than they thought they could. A huge thank you to the staff who went with them. It is a massive commitment to give up that amount of time to help the children have these type of experiences.

It is the last evening of the Boy’s Football league tonight. Well done to all the boys who have taken part. We look forward to hearing what the results are.

Thank you to everyone who managed to attend the Maths Workshop. For those that couldn’t there is a website which can help you support your child at home. It does explain the principals on the opening page. If you want to use it and have any questions do ask and we will try to answer them. The link is

Parents of Y6 pupils remember to apply for secondary school places by the 30th October.

Next week is Walk to School Week. We encourage all the children to try to walk or scoot/cycle at least some of the way to and from school.

Remember there are no school led after school clubs next week.

We break up for half term on Thursday 25th October. The children return to school on Monday 5th November.

The managers of the Oakwood have asked me to let you know they have a family friendly day planned on 31st October. Haywill Animal Sanctuary is also having an event on Sunday 28th October 12-3.

I am looking forward to Peregrine’s Assembly this morning and seeing everyone at the disco 5-6.30 tonight.

Alice Littlehailes