St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

We have had another busy week at school with all the classes working hard. The bank holiday on Monday has meant that nobody knows what day of the week it is!

Friday saw all of Key Stage 1 go to the ballet. This was enjoyed by all my favourite comment came from one of the boys who said “you know when something is so good you don’t want it to ever end!”. The children were impeccably behaved so much so that several members of the audience bothered to come over and complement us.


The High Peak Kids Council reps attended a meeting this week. This group of young people are working hard for the community. They have been litter picking, running a campaign to stop dog owners leaving dog poo on the pavements and are looking at ways they can encourage the world to use less plastic.

Yesterday three of the children from Kites led an assembly all about homelessness and refugees. It got the whole school talking and thinking, many of them would like to think about how they can help. Our Pupil Parliament is going to meet and talk about this issue so watch this space.

Next week the parents of the children in Kestrels are invited to pop in any time between 2-4pm and look at the children’s learning journeys with them.

Remember there is a PTA meeting on Thursday 16th May at 7pm in school. Everyone is very welcome to come to this whether they have been to a PTA meeting before or not.

Friday 17th May, weather permitting is Sports Day starting at 9.15am.










Alice Littlehailes