St Luke’s CE Primary School

Newsletter 25.6.2020

Dear Parents,

What a difference in the weather! From wet and soggy to hot, hot, hot. It has been lovely to welcome more children into school this week. Their excited but slightly nervous faces relaxing across the day to now just being pleased to be here. I know they are tired not only is it hot but they are not used to being at school. It is like September only more so. If you remember how tired they are that first week and multiply it up. You can tell how much they are enjoying being back because they are not moaning about being tired. If your child is in the second group of children coming back on 6th July we cannot wait to see you.

The children are all working hard, learning lots both inside and out. We have had botany, deserted islands, Elmer, Maths and English. I have walked the plank and been shown how to funnel rainwater using leaves. All the classes are loving our pond. Thank you so much to Annie’s parents for all their help in creating it. We now have pond skaters, a newt, frogs, beetles, water boatmen and aquatic plants and I have been told pond guardians. You may be asking where the pond is well ……… is between the top field and the railway fence. We have a small secret garden there behind a locked gate so the perfect space to safely have a pond.

I know you are all wondering what the arrangements are for September. I am afraid I still cannot tell you the DFE has said they will give us information before the end of term but have not said when before the end of term so it may be very late. As soon as I have received the information and had chance to plan for September I will let you know what the plan is.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes