Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter 


Dear Parents,

Hasn’t it been lovely to have some sunshine this week I know the children have been enjoying it. The forecast looks good up until next Wednesday – hooray.

I want to congratulate all the Year 6 children who stood for office in the elections. Their husting speeches were really good. They had all put so much thought into what they wanted to say. I wanted to elect them all. As parents you should be incredibly proud of them.

The systems in the morning and evening seem to be working well. Thank you to you all for not hanging around in the yard, much as you would like to chat. In terms of the perennial problem of traffic outside school the staggered start and end of the days has reduced the number of school cars at any one time. However, there is an increased number of neighbour’s cars parked around school due to more people working from home, this has led to problems. One simple solution is to park a little further away from school and walk. Please also think about the safety of all the children and do not park or mount the pavements. I know these are stress points in the day but nobody want’s there to be an accident.

I know there has been a lot of activity on Facebook around the subject of testing. A number of the children have got colds, the advice from Public Health England is that people should not seek tests if they have a cold. If someone develops a high temperature, a new continuous cough or a loss of taste or smell they should have a covid test. I am saddened by how unkind people have been towards each other on Facebook over this issue please think before you post anything and make sure you are showing respect towards others opinions and feelings. We are a strong community who need to stand together at this time. I also believe that there have been rumours flying around about us closing. I will always let you know if a class or the whole school have been asked to isolate. Our thoughts go out to the local schools who have had to partially or fully go into isolation. We can all imagine how hard it will be to keep children at home isolated for 14 days when they have just gone back to school. I know you will all help the families effected in any way you can.

We sent out an email about access to digital devices at home. If you have not replied yet please can you as this will help our planning.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes