St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

It was lovely to see everyone back after the half term break. I know it feels very strange as we have just gone into the second national lock down. This one feels different with darker nights and less optimism. I know lots of people are feeling a heightened anxiety level and are finding they get angry quicker and are less tolerant of others. Please try to be kind to yourself, accept we cannot do or control everything and forgive yourself for not always feeling great. This will help us all forgive each other. I hope you all have someone to talk to who will support you, if you haven’t please remember we are here for you as well as your children. We will get through this winter and spring will come, hold onto that hope for the future.

The lock down changes do not substantially affect primary schools, we remain open and are delighted to be here for your children.

This week has been RE week and across the school the children have been learning about different religions and thinking about those big questions. As ever the staff have been very pleased with the thought the children have put into their discussions.

It is also Parliament Week and we are very grateful to Robert Largan MP for The High Peak for taking time out of a very busy week to talk to the older children about the job he does. The children enjoyed learning more about being an MP.

We would like the children to enjoy as many of the traditional activities for this half term as possible, they may be different but they will still happen. The dates are:

December 1st – Christmas tree make – in classes not houses. One tree will be put up in the Methodist Church for their Christmas Tree Festival.

16th December – Y5 party Y1 party

17th December – Reception party,  Y2 party,  Y3 party,  Y6 party,  Y4 party (We will use the classrooms and other spaces for parties)

18th December – Carol Service – this will be on zoom and you will be invited to join us

Christmas Dinner

Finish for Christmas

4th January – Return to school

Applications for primary school places open on the 9th November. We are not able to give tours of the school but there is a link to a virtual tour on our website. The link is do share this with anyone who has a child due to start school next September.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes