St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

I hope you are all bearing up during this extra uncertainty, hopefully by the end of today we will all know what tier we are living and working in for the next few weeks. I know lots of people are having to make difficult decisions about Christmas Bubbles, who is in who is out? Is it safe to include this person? If we are in this Grandparent’s bubble that means we cannot be in that Grandparent’s who do we choose? A social and emotional minefield. As ever we are here for all of you, not that we have the solution to any of the above.

The festive period is rapidly approaching. I am looking forward to seeing the trees each class makes this year. I will send out photographs as I know many of you love coming to see them and will miss this. The children are talking very excitedly about their advent calendars; I know some doors have been opened already! We are also approaching the time when we all have to annual Christmas Card dilemma. In recent years the number of children and adults sending cards has declined mainly due to their environmental impact. Some children still like writing them and others feel it is a big chore. Some children like receiving them and feel really upset if they don’t get one from one of their classmates others are less interested and they leave them lying around the classroom. Please do not feel you and your child have to send cards, some parents encourage their child to write one card for the whole class as a solution which works well. If your child does bring cards in for their classmates we will distribute them but it may not be on the day they come in.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes