Dear Fabulous St Luke’s Children,

I am so sorry that you are not able to come to school at the moment. The corona virus is doing what viruses do and infecting lots of people. Luckily it is not making lots of children ill but it is making adults ill. Most children are being asked to work at home so that you can help keep the grown-ups safe and well. Thank you so much for doing this you are really helping. Some children have been asked to come into school to help make sure everyone in our country can still be looked after, thank you to those children too.

We were told this was happening after school closed on Monday so I was not able to see you before it happened. I am sorry I was not able to answer your questions or reassure you that we are all still here and still care about you. I am still here for you. If you need me or any of the other adults in school you can send a message on See Saw, the other children will not see that. You can email school at info@st-lukes.derbyshire.sch.uk or you can phone 01457 852602.

It is really difficult for the adults at home with you so please be kind and helpful. There will be days when you feel grumpy and fed up, there will also be days when your grown-ups feel grumpy and fed up! We all need to be patient and forgiving.

Please remember to take care of each other. Please be kind on line, don’t say or write anything you would not say to me. Please make sure nobody is left out of group chats. If you think somebody is feeling sad please tell a grown-up.

You are all amazing. I am so proud of the wonderful young people you are. The St Luke’s team can get through this.

Remember as a church school we believe in hope for the future, things will get better. I am so looking forward to the day when we will all be at school together again.

Mrs Littlehailes