St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

So much to celebrate this week – mainly you the parents. I have been chatting to the children who are at home, in small groups, and they have been so positive about what you are doing. They all want to come back to school as soon as possible and I have reassured them that I will do everything I can to get them back in. They sometimes have down times missing their friends and wanting to get out and about but they all generally feel positive. They all talk about all the things they have learnt with you such as judo, cooking savoury and sweet, to ride a bike, roller blading, to look after a baby and many, many other things. They all talk about getting some exercise every day and how much they enjoy doing it with you. They talk about learning at home with you working not in a negative way but understanding the compromises everyone has to make. They know you sometimes have down times as well but despite that they feel happy and safe. It has been, and I am sure will continue to be, a delight to talk to them. On their behalf, because I know they will sometimes forget, can I say a huge heartfelt thank you. You are doing an amazing job.

Next Tuesday 9th February is Internet Safety Day. This is an annual event where we all remind ourselves how to stay safe on the internet and use this amazing tool appropriately. As the children are not in school we can’t do the big push on this we normally would so please could you take some time to talk to your children about the internet and how to stay safe. I am attaching a letter from a Derbyshire charity ‘Safe and Sound’ with information about a very interesting sounding workshop please do take the time to read it and if possible attend the workshop.

Just a reminder that we have been told that schools should shut as normal at half term. Just like at Christmas if anyone who has been in school, adult or child, tests positive over half term they must let me know as I may need to ask others in school to isolate. As the school office will be closed please inform me by texting or emailing

I am loving all the sunflowers I am seeing. The whole school sunflower project will continue until after half term so do check back on Seesaw to see what suggestions there are. If you come up with anything extra do let us know so we can share your ideas with everyone else. I have already shared some of your sunflower pictures with the other schools in PEGS and invited them to spread the sunshine. They were very impressed.

Remember if your children want to enter our poetry recital they need to let me know by Wednesday 10th Feb.

I hope you all have a good week this week.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes