St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

Well it has been a chilly one hasn’t it. Some beautiful days but cold on the toes and nose. Summed up in the immortal words of Winnie the Pooh ‘Nobody knows tiddly pom, how cold my nose tiddly pom, how cold my nose tiddly pom is growing’!

Glossop Fair Trade Group have organised this year’s annual competition for the children to be something you can do at home. It is a delicious baking challenge. I know from the children just how much they are enjoying baking at home so do have a go at it. I am attaching the details. Any entries can be emailed to the school office or brought into school.

I have been told about some great Community Outreach Work which has been undertaken by the keyworker pupils at St Philip Howard School during this term. As part of their work they were asked to come up with some ideas of how to connect with the wider community in these unusual times, after looking at lots of different ideas they have decided to create a ‘Covid secure’ activity trail for the children of the Glossopdale area for the upcoming half term.

Starting last week they had 60 pupils decorating pebbles to be used on the trail. I have attached a map for you to see the trail and what they have created for the children, along with the activities. The trail is approximately 1.5km and appropriate footwear will need to be worn. They would love you to walk the trail over the half term holiday.

As set out on the map the pupils are to follow the path to find the various stones and answer the questions about the stones. Once they have completed the trail the school want to encourage the children to email the answers back to St Philip Howard so that we can involve the keyworker pupils in the outcome. I also want to email back a certificate to in effect thank them for taking part. The email to use is

Points to note:

1. It needs to be made clear that they shouldn’t move or touch the stones

2. As this is unsupervised please make it clear to your pupils that they should only go on the trail in their family bubble

3. They should remember to follow social distancing guidelines

School will be closed next week for half term. Just like at Christmas if anyone who has been in school, adult or child, tests positive over half term they must let me know as I may need to ask others in school to isolate. As the school office will be closed please inform me by texting or emailing

It has come to my attention that people have started bringing their dogs to school again and leaving them outside the gate. Please can I remind you that this is not permitted, even if a member of school staff is asked to look after them. Even the friendliest dog can become anxious when left by their owner. We have had an incident of a pupil being bitten in just such a situation. I would ask you please not to use the school run as a dog walk, or if you need to stay with your dog at the gate and send your child into school from there.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes