St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

I hope you have all had a good week last week and enjoyed the respite from home learning. I know a number of you are really enjoying home learning but everyone likes a break.

On Monday we had the announcement that schools will be open to everyone again from the 8th March. This is fantastic news both for the children and because it means infection rates are coming down. I am attaching a letter outlining all the arrangements that will be in place from the 8th. Don’t worry they have not changed significantly from the ones that were in place, but please do reread them to make sure.

There have been some questions asked about school uniform. The children are asked to wear school uniform. If your child has outgrown any item of uniform such as shoes I know it is not possible to shop for them at the moment so do not worry, send them in a suitable alternative as close to uniform as possible.

In order for staff to get school ready for Monday 8th there will be no live Zoom lessons on Friday 5th March. There will be work posted on See Saw but all staff will be in school getting the classrooms ready and so will not be available to lead those live lessons. As ever if there are any problems just phone school.

I know a lot of the children will be excited to be coming back to school and to be seeing their friends again however they may well be feeling a little anxious as well. Any change in routine brings with it those feelings of nervousness. Please reassure your child that lots of children will be feeling the same mixture of excitement and trepidation, that feeling in their tummy. Let them know that school is safe and they will be well looked after. These feelings will pass. If you think your child is more than a little anxious about the return please let me know and we will try to help them with this transition back into school.

Next Thursday is World Book Day. The booksellers of this country have again provided every child with a Book Token towards a book. This is incredibly generous of them at a difficult time for many businesses. I am attaching a pdf document which you can use instead of the physical voucher we usually give out. You can use this e voucher once for each of your children.

Raspberry Pi are running a coding competition for any budding programmers:

Inspire your child to create with technology! The Raspberry Pi Foundation is hosting an exciting, global technology showcase for young people, called Coolest Projects.

It is online, free to take part in, and open to all children aged 7+ who like coding and making things with tech. Your child can take part with a scratch project, a website, a game, an app, a robot, or anything else. After they register their tech creation for Coolest Projects, it will be showcased in the Coolest projects online gallery, for people all over the world to see. All ideas and experience levels are encouraged and celebrated!

Visit the Coolest Projects website to get started.

Junior Bake Off are looking for new contestants:

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes