St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

Good morning, I hope you are all doing alright. I know it feels a bit as if we are in limbo just waiting for the next easing of lockdown restrictions. It feels so tempting to pre-empt them and just cheat a little; however it would be terrible if all the hard work done by everyone was undone so I am resisting the temptation.

Very excitingly we have had ten births at St Luke’s this week, yes we have a full house 10 out of 10 eggs have hatched. We now have a very adorable, if camera shy, brood of chicks: We will be looking after them until a week on Friday. After that they will be rehomed on small independent farms or with private chicken keepers, they will not go to battery farms. Whilst they are with us the children will be observing them grow, learning about how they are cared for and just enjoying being near these lovely bundles of fluff.

We have welcomed Miss Fortune into Ospreys. She is a teaching student who will be working with Mrs Eltringham and them for a few months.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes