St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

Well it has been a week! Thank you all for your engagement with the Ofsted process. Your feedback and comments both positive and negative will help us continue to try to give the children the best education possible. Your children were stars. Mr Wilkinson commented that they were very well behaved and engaged in their learning, he also commented on how respectful they were towards adults and each other. We won’t know the final grading for several weeks but I am pleased with the feedback we have been given so far.

We have taken part in The Great Science Share this week. It has been great to see the huge range of Science going on in school and hear how articulately the children can talk about what they have learnt. There has been work on the effect of exercise on the body, space, how waterproof different materials are, rocks and soil, the digestive system, sorting and classifying animals, the effect of mixing different liquids.

The weather has been lovely and I have been pleased to see the number of children who have had sun cream on and brought hats. If your child needs a top up of sun cream at lunch time, please can you teach them how to put it on and send it in in a named bottle. When it gets hot jumpers get taken off, please, please, please can you make sure your child’s name is in their jumper so we can try to reunite jumper and child.

Thank you to everyone who has sent back in their smarties tube already. If you still have it at home, please can you send it in as soon as possible so the PTA can count all the coins. I don’t envy Tim that job!

I know it feels as if we have just had a bag 2 school day, because it was delayed, but the next one is on July 7th so do start collecting your textiles.

If you haven’t booked your parents evening appointment yet, please do so. Remember booking is online this year.

I received an email about an online story event which looks interesting, the details are below:


We’re getting in touch today to let you know about an event, organised by the British Academy, which is taking place on Saturday 19th June at 11am. We hope is will be of interest to parents and teachers alike.

We Can Be Heroes: Classical Stories for Wellbeing Today is a live, free, 45 minute event for children aged 3-9 and their families, and part of the British Academy Summer Showcase.


What can you learn about kindness from a lion? Could a mouse show you how to help a friend in need?

Classical stories have a lot to teach us about wellbeing and mental health today, from how to help others, to showing kindness even when we are afraid.



Join Dr Rachel Bryant Davies from Queen Mary University London and storyteller Wendy Shearer to hear tales from the Greek and Roman world – plus kids can even learn to make your their own origami lion!
Parents can sign up on the British Academy’s website here.


Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes