St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

It is such a shame that we have had to close a class but not unexpected in the present situation. The Ospreys are isolating and learning from home. We can’t wait until they are back with us again. The number of cases locally is rising so we all need to be extra vigilant to keep everyone safe and able to go about their lives.

The Year 6 and the Year 5 camps are almost here. I sent out a kit list yesterday. The Year 6s will come to school at normal time on Monday 5th July with their kit, in non-uniform and will stay until normal home time on Wednesday 7th July. The Year 5s will come to school at normal time on 7th July with their kit, in non-uniform and stay until Friday 9th July leaving at normal home time. If you have any questions do get in touch and I will try to answer them.

I hope you received your child’s report on Tuesday, if you didn’t please let us know. Parents meetings are online this time if you haven’t booked your appointment yet you still can.

There will be no toddler group next week as one of the leaders is isolating.

You should be getting a bag 2 school bag just in case you have any textiles that missed the last collection. As I explained last week the last collection we had was delayed by the company due to lockdown so the two are very close together.

I do have some very exciting news to cheer us all up. The High Peak is getting some new bin lorries and they had a competition to name them. We entered and …………… two of our names have been chosen. So there will be bin lorries in the High peak called ‘Binasaurus Rex’ and ‘Ariana Binday’. Well done to the classes that came up with those names.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes