St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

July already! How can that be true!

We are all missing the Y2 children. They will be released from lockdown at the end of Friday and we will be so pleased to see them on Monday. There has been lots of talk in the press around bubbles and children isolating. I just wanted to reassure you that we are taking a measured approach trying to protect both health and education. The advice we are receiving at the moment is to remain in bubbles until the summer holiday. This seems to be sensible advice, I do not want to mix the children that last week and then have to ask the whole of the school population to isolate for the first ten days of the summer holiday. However; I will wait until the much anticipated guidance comes out around possible full opening up to make final decisions about end of term activities. Just in case the Year 6 start panicking the end of primary school celebration we have planned for them in their bubble will still go ahead on the 22nd.

It is the last night of parent meetings I hope you have found them more convenient than having to find child care and come out to school. The feedback I have been getting is that a few people had a few problems but generally it is an improvement.

If your child is in Y2-5 this year and you would like them to have fruit next term the deadline for paying is 9th July. After this date we cannot guarantee that we can offer them fruit.

Next week is the residential at school week – so exciting. The children in Y6 will be camping Monday and Tuesday nights and the Y5s Wednesday and Thursday nights. You have been sent kit lists for the children. If you have problems with anything on the list do let me know.

If you still have a Smarties tube at home with some money in it please can you send it back into school as soon as possible as the PTA would like to finalise the total you have managed to raise.

I am going to say this very quietly so I don’t disturb them but have you seen that dinosaurs have moved into the sensory garden? There is even a pterodactyl in the trees by the path shhh! I believe they have been invited by the children in kestrels.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes