St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

What an exciting week we have had with the older children camping out on the field. The children have been amazing. The staff from ATE who are running the residentials at school have been brilliant and the staff who have given up their time to make it possible have been fantastic. Thank you to everyone including Mrs Lomas the cook who has come back every night to cook tea for the children. It has been inspiring to see the children do something that scared them. Which may have been to stay all evening or may have been to stay all night. They, rightly, look so proud of themselves when they have done it.

Simon Lodge our brass teacher has spaces for children to learn a brass instrument from September. I am attaching a letter from him with details if your child is interested. Also he has produced a short video to help children decide if it is for them. Here is the link to it . Learning an instrument has been shown to help children learn in other areas so do think seriously about this.

If you have any dinner money outstanding, please can you make sure it is paid and that your child’s dinner money account is all settled before the end of term.

We have been given some new guidance from the DfE about changes, hopefully, from 19th July and beyond. We will digest them and make any changes recommended. The recommendation for children to be in bubbles will go but the rules around isolation will stay until at least 16th August. For this reason, we will be keeping the children basically in bubbles until the end of term. The last thing I want is for the whole school to have to isolate for the beginning of the summer holiday because of one case. I will give you more information about September before we finish for the summer.


Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes