St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

This week I wanted to start by checking in with you. How are you? I know through the worst of the pandemic I sent out lots of messages to offer you support but I haven’t done so recently for which I am sorry. As I have been talking to other Headteachers I have realised we are picking up that many people in our communities are struggling, not struggling badly but not feeling themselves. The things we are picking up on are that people are feeling weary, are finding themselves getting angry more easily and about things they normally wouldn’t get cross about, are sometimes tearful when they usually wouldn’t be, are low on energy, someone described it as their get up and go had got up and gone. If you are feeling any of these things be reassured you are not alone and these feelings are a natural reaction to the pandemic. I was on some training this week with a psychiatrist who has been doing research into happiness by looking at happy people and trying to find out the secret to being happy most of the time. He gave a few pointers;

  • Be your own friend – say kind things to yourself rather than telling yourself you are doing a bad job.
  • Treat every moment as the moment – this means instead of thinking of life as routine try to view each time you do something as the only time you are doing it.
  • Find a moment every day to think of something you feel grateful for.
  • Of course eat well, exercise and try to sleep well.

If any of this helps you I am very pleased. If you reach the point where you just need to tell someone how you are feeling please give me a ring. And please try to be kind to others, we all need a little kindness.

Remember next week on Tuesday 16th it is flu immunisation day, I hope you have all registered your children.

The Year 4 sleep over is coming up on Friday 26th November if you haven’t returned your child’s permission slip yet please do so as soon as possible.

A few children in Y5 haven’t returned their permission slips for Whitby, please can they be sent in.

On Friday 3rd of December the PTA are organising a winter event in the playground, a Christmas Fair outside (weather permitting). If you would like to help please let a member of the PTA executive committee or the office know. On Friday 26th November we will be having a non-uniform day for donations for the fair. Please see the attached flyer about this.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes