St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

Here we are getting towards the end of November this term is flying. The effect of covid is growing with a number of local schools managing large outbreaks. This reminds me that we all still need to be vigilant and follow all the preventative measures such as hand washing, adults wearing masks in crowded places, our one-way system and ventilation. It is so easy to forget and think that everything is ok, I have to keep reminding myself.

Talking of the one-way system it has been set up to minimise the children walking across the car park. Recently on the way into school children have been coming in through the vehicle gate and walking across the car park rather than using the pedestrian gates and the path. This is dangerous, earlier this week there was a near miss only prevented by the quick reflexes of another parent. The children must use the path. I know pre-schoolers end up walking on a little bit of the carpark but I have kept this to a minimum and they are under the close supervision of an adult.

Tomorrow is non-uniform day for contributions to the Christmas fair. Key Stage 1 are asked to bring in chocolates for the chocolate tombola and Key Stage 2 gifts for the wrap stall. Attached to this email is an order form for a mug with houses designed by all the children in school, please get your orders in as soon as possible so they can be ready for the fair.

Year 4 have got an exciting day because as well as non-uniform they have got the Year Four Sleep Over.

As we are nearly in December I hope it might be safe to think about Christmas activities, though these are all covid dependent of course. On the last day of term, 22nd December, we are planning have a carol service in church but I am sorry I am not able to invite parents to this, I am hoping we will be able to live stream it as we did the leavers service last year. We will also have our Christmas dinner that day. Each class will have a party Year 3 & 4 will have theirs on Friday 17th, Years 5 & 6 on Monday 20th and Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 on Tuesday 21st.

In recent years we have tried to be more environmentally friendly and reduce the number of Christmas Cards sent so lots of children have written one card to the whole class rather than send everyone a card. Some children have even made their own recycled card. I know some parents have then donated the money they would have spent on cards for everyone to a charity of their choice.

I am getting concerned about the number of children coming late to school. The children have to be in school in their seats ready to learn by 9am. Please try to have your child to school by 8.50 as this gives a little bit of wriggle room if the morning is going badly.


Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes