St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

Thank you so much to everyone who supported the PTA Christmas Fair.  We are so grateful to everyone who donated something, gave their time to set up be on a stall or clear up, came and made it a success.  Lots of people left saying how much they had enjoyed the event so thank you to everyone.

We are so proud of our Merlins class as all of them have achieved the National Curriculum standard in swimming already.  It is a real achievement to have been deemed to swim well enough to save your life in an emergency and so important in this area with all the water in reservoirs, rivers and canals around us.  As they are now all at least where they should be, many of them well beyond this, they will not be swimming in January.  The Eagles Class will start school swimming lessons then. Ospreys will continue swimming until Easter.

Friday 16th December the Kestrels will be leading our collective act of worship.  Their assembly will be just after 9am.  Parents are very welcome to come and join us for this.  On the morning of the 16th a code word will be texted out to the parents of children in Kestrels.  You will need this code word to get in.  If you are unable to attend and you are asking someone else like a grandparent to represent you, please make sure they know the code word but don’t share it widely.  You will not be able to film the assembly or take pictures please just enjoy the moment.

Remember school led after school clubs finish this week.  Information about the next set of clubs will be sent out in the new year.

If your child is in Key Stage 2 and would like to have fruit at morning break remember the deadline is 16th December.  Anyone signing up for fruit after that date may not be able to have it.

This Sunday the choir are singing at St Pauls’ Church Stalybridge at 4pm.  They are also singing as part of the Carols in the square in Norfolk Square at 6.30 on Wednesday 14th December.  Do come and see them.

On the last day of term Thursday 22nd December we are holding our carol service in church at about 9.15 (or as soon as we can get all the school across there).  You are very welcome to join us for this service.

The PTA tea towels will be available to be collected the week of 19th December. Weather permitting they are planning to hold pop up stalls that week where you can collect any tea towels ordered and buy any little bits and pieces.

There is a flyer attached to this newsletter from Santa!

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes