St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents & Carers,

Thank you to everyone who supported the break 5 rules day.

The children will be bringing home a World Book Day book token today.  I really look forward to hearing about the books everyone has got with them.

I have already seen some wonderful photos of your children reading in surprising places and I look forward to seeing more!

On Friday 3rd of March Eagles will be leading our Collective Worship.  It will start just after 9am and I will send out the code word that morning.  It will be Kestrels’ turn on Friday 10th March.

Mrs Eltringham is going to be running some Maths Workshops for parents of children in Key Stage 1.  These will happen during the school day as part of the time will be spent doing maths activities with your children.  The workshops will be:

2pm on 21st March for Y2 Parents

2pm on 22nd March for Y1 Parents

2pm on 30th March for Reception Parents

Tomorrow the whole school will be working on the NSPCC ‘Pants Project’.  This is a project to help the children stay safe by following the simple rule that anything in the part of their body covered by their pants is personal and nobody should touch that area without permission.  It also encourages them to speak out and stay safe if something happens that makes them feel uncomfortable.  It is done very sensitively and supportively.  The NSPCC website has lots of information for parents to help you keep your children safe I would recommend looking at it.

Remember if your child wants to enter the Fairtrade Competition the entries need to be in school by 10th March.

There is a PTA quiz night for parents coming up on Friday 24th March pop it in your diary.  More details to follow.

A huge thank you for all his work goes out to Mr Barnett who after a number of years has stepped down as PTA treasurer.  This means there is a vacancy.  If you think you might be interested in taking up the role do speak to any of the PTA representatives in the playground to find out more.

I have been informed that people are still parking in the private carpark belonging to the flats across from school.  This is not a public carpark and should not be used by parents dropping off and picking up, just like you would not park on someone’s drive.  Please park respectfully.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes