Dear Parents,
What a lovely sunny few days we have had. The children have made the most of it at lunchtime.
As ever our children have enjoyed a number of sporting events. Our lower Key stage Two Gymnasts took part in a gymnastics competition and some of our Year Fives were in a Futsal tournament. Please don’t ask me what Futsal is, I believe it is a variation on indoor football but know no more than that, you will have to ask the children.
The choir went into Manchester to take part in a very inspiring workshop with the leader of The Halle Children’s Choir. If any of your children are interested in joining this choir they are recruiting now, if you google Halle Children’s Choir you will get to the application. I know a number of your children were interested, and would be good at it. If you have any questions Arthur and Henry are members and I am sure would be more than willing to answer them.
Tomorrow Eagles will be leading our assembly; do join us if you can.
Next Monday 20th March it is the Peak Dance Festival. The children in Years 2 &6 will be travelling by coach to The Opera House taking their picnic tea. After a rehersal on the stage and something to eat they will be performing to parents and friends of all the schools that will be there. Soooo exciting!
Thursday 23rd is Film Night organised by the children in aid of The High Peak Kid’s Council. I know lots of the children are hoping to attend.
Due to the Dance Festival Science Club will be cancelled on Monday and due to Film Night all after school clubs on Thursday 23rd will be cancelled.
Friday 24th is Red Nose Day when we are all encouraged to do something funny for money. My life would not be worth living if we didn’t do something! This year we are having an Odd Day, come in odd shoes, odd socks maybe have odd hair or clothes. Just let your inner odity out. In return for this chance to be decidedly odd all we ask is for a donation towards Comic Relief, which we will collect in the morning.
Yesterday I had a very shaky neighbour come in to see me after a near miss outside school. Due to a car parked on the zig zag lines she couldn’t see properly, a child started to quickly cross the road and an accident was only avoided because she was going very slowly and was on high alert. I feel as if I am continualy talking about safety and cars outside school. I hope it doesn’t take an accident rather than a near miss before everyone parks and drives responsibly.

Alice Littlehailes