Dear All,
I am so proud of the children and staff here who have had sensible discussions about the events in Manchester. We did have families at the concert but they are all safe. It was great to see them back in school the next day getting on with life as normal and using the school community to support them. We must all remember that the people carrying out such terrorist attacks do not represent any religion or community and only they are to blame. The Muslim community in Manchester is as upset by what happened as any other community and also needs our support.
After the fantastic Take one Picture week last week we are having science week this week. All I can say is Wow! and a huge “thank you” to all the scientists from Manchester University who have come in and shared some of their work with the children. As well as the working scientists, we had a planetarium yesterday, today we have a biologist who is bringing some animals in, and tomorrow to finish the week in style we have Adrian Bowden with his travelling science show.
The Year 4s should have had a letter about continuing to learn an instrument next year after their whole class teaching finishes. It is an opportunity to learn an instrument at a much subsidised rate. I would urge as many people as possible to take up this offer. Please return the letter as soon as possible.
The Year 4s will be playing with The Halle Orchestra and lots of other schools at the Bridgewater Hall on Tuesday 13th June (choir parents do not worry they are able to do both the morning with the orchestra and the afternoon with the choir). I have just found out there may be some tickets available for parents at a cost of £7. If you would like a ticket please let me know this week, send in the money and I will try and get them for you.
The PTA Easter raffle raised an amazing £1,109.58. Well done and thank you to everyone who helped organise, sold tickets, baked or ate cake.
The local speech and language team is launching a new project called Talking Together and their first campaign is around mobile phones. All they are asking us to do is to put away our phones when we pick children up from school so we can greet them and talk about their day with no distractions. I am sure we can all do this.
We have had to change the date and time of Sports day because the cricket tournament now clashes. Sports day will now be Thursday 8th June in the morning. Children can come to school dressed in their PE kit and bring their uniforms to change into. We will aim to start as soon as we can, definitely by 9.30.
The show ‘Eat well for less’ is looking for families to take part; if you are interested in finding out more, the contact details are
Get in touch to apply or find out more!
0117 970 7661 or e-mail:

We finish for half term on Friday and return to school on Thursday 8th June. I hope you all have a lovely break.
Alice Littlehailes


St Luke’s Newsletter
Dear All,
What a turnaround! we have gone from my least favourite week to one of my favourites. This week is Take one Picture Week when we use the children’s responses to a picture to base all our work on. This year’s picture is Penelope and Her Suitors. On Monday the children worked in their houses and the Year 6s took the lead. A great day was had by all. There has been work about boats, castles, weaving, Greek myths, angles, taking the characters on adventures the range and quality has been amazing.
This week is also walk to school week – so of course it has been rainy. I have been very pleased to see the number of families who have still walked. Let’s see if everyone can walk at least part of the way on Friday.
Today the Year 5s are off to Castleton. I am sure they will find out a lot during this Geography field trip.
Tomorrow 19th May our High Peak kid’s Council representatives are going to New Mills to meet Andrew Bingham (a meeting arranged before the general election was called). This is in preparation for their trip to Parliament next month.
Next week is our science week, and what a week is planned. There will be scientists working with the children on experiments, a planetarium, animals and a science show.
The children in choir brought home a letter on Tuesday detailing all their gigs. Please could you return the slip as soon as possible so we know you have seen it. If the letter has not made it home please ask for another copy.
The PTA is as ever very busy; today is plant pick up day and preparations are well in place for the Family Fun event, incorporating scoot and skate. There will be stalls, bouncy castle, food and loads of other things. If you have a bit of time and would like to help with this event just let us know.
The Peregrines are off to Glossopdale Hadfield site on Wednesday 24th for a sports festival. Please send the permission slip back.
We have a fantastic reason to celebrate we have been awarded Music Excellence Partner status. We are the only school in this part of the county to have this award. It is in recognition of all the work we do, both within the curriculum and outside it, to promote music. Huge congratulations to all the staff and instrumental teachers for this. Remember if your child is interested in learning an instrument just let us know.
Remember the lollypop crossing may not be staffed next week. Derbyshire County Council is hoping to be able to staff it but cannot guarantee it.
Alice Littlehailes


Dear All,
My least favourite week of the year is almost finished – SATs week. The reason I dislike it so much is we are required to make the children sit tests which have little or no impact on them and their future, they are mainly used to judge schools. I am delighted with the calm and purposeful way the children have approached the tests, doing their best but not getting too stressed. This is just what we aim for. We will hopefully let you know how the children have done when they get their reports in July. I say hopefully because some years some schools haven’t had their results until during the summer holidays. We will be back to offering a broad and balanced curriculum next week after a weeks interruption.
Next week we are, as is traditional, having our Take One Picture Week. This is a project run by The National Gallery. Every year they choose a picture and invite schools across the country to make a response to it. The response does not have to be an artistic one but can be anything. I cannot wait to find out what the children will come up with this year. The week after will be science week when we will be celebrating all things scientific.
Next week is also walk to school week when children across the country are encouraged to come to school on foot, bike or scooter. If you need to come by car you could think about parking further away from school and walking some of the way.
This Friday 12th May the Peregrines are leading our assembly do join us if you can. We have had to change the date of the Eagle’s assembly to Friday 23rd June.
There have been a number of concerns raised about dogs. I know a number of you combine picking your child up with walking your dog, which is understandable. Thank you for not bringing them into the playground. Please could you tie them up away from the footpaths both in school and alongside school. I know you feel confident your dog can cope with large number of children walking past them, and possibly interacting with them, but not everyone shares your confidence. Some people are wary of dogs and feel unsafe passing them. Some dogs who are normally calm and passive can become agitated when surrounded by large groups of children and might react. I don’t want anxious dogs or people. My suggestions are if you are meeting an older child you could arrange to meet them near the gates where you can supervise your dog and keep them away from other children, or tie them up somewhere like the fence on the other side of the carpark gate, where gardening club made that lovely spring flower display. I am not a pet owner so do not always have the answer if anyone has better suggestions please let me know.
Tom Rank has let me know that there will be no ICT Club on 22nd May as he is unable to be there.
Remember if you have ordered any plants from the PTA the pick up will be on Tuesday 16th May.
Eagles are off to Castleton next week, 18th May, if you haven’t sent in your permission slip yet please do so as soon as possible.
Alice Littlehailes


Dear All,
I hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend. This one always feels strange when Easter is late but a three day weekend is always a lovely treat.
Thank you to the parents who sent in a petition following the consultation about and decision to change the colour of the school uniform. The points raised had been considered in the decision making process. Please be reassured it was a genuine consultation and the points raised in favour and against were carefully considered. I am sorry the decision that was made does not please everyone, but it was never going to.
Thank you to everyone who has sent in Sainsbury’s vouchers, we have never collected them before as there isn’t a very local one but we now have enough to be able to order something. We are going to use the vouchers for cookery club. If you have any or know anyone who has any we would love you to send them in.
Tomorrow, 5th May, Kites will be leading our assembly and on Friday 12th Peregrines will be taking the lead. Do join us if you can.
Kim our crossing patrol (lollipop lady) will be away from 18th May to 11th June. There may not be anyone crossing the children over the road during this period.
Remember there will be no clubs except PAS on Tuesday 9th May as the staff all have training.
The next PTA meeting is on Wednesday 10th May 7.30 at the Cricket Club

The children are all very excited about science and this event will further feed this excitement.
The University of Manchester Community Festival on 17 June: (open to all) 11-3pm
Come and experience our free Community Festival packed with fun family-friendly interactive activities. We are throwing open our doors for our local neighbours to discover the variety of things we do. Go behind the scenes at the University to find out all about our work and get hands-on with our exciting activities. More information at:
Alice Littlehailes


Dear Parents,
Well done to the children who organised film night last week. They did a great job and raised over £100.
The fund raising continued on Friday with red Nose Day. All the oddness raised £253 for comic relief. Thank you so much for your generosity.
The Year 5s are currently in Whitby. They have definitely followed the better weather. The last report I have had from the East is that the children are all enjoying themselves and being really good.
Next week is a really busy week with the Kites and Harriers performing Fee Fi Fo Fum on Tuesday at 6pm and Wednesday at 2pm. I had a sneak preview yesterday and you are in for a treat. On Tuesday the children need to be back at school between 5.30 and 5.40 to get costumed up all ready for you.
Next week is also Parents Evenings on Wednesday and Thursday. If you haven’t made an appointment to see your child’s teacher yet please contact us.
Friday 7th April is the last day of term and it is full of treats. We will start the day with our Easter Service in church at about 9.20. Please join us if you can. Following this is the PTA raffle and coffee morning back at school. The children bring in £1 and have a drink and cake, parents come and have cake and a drink and we pull the Easter Raffle. The prizes this year are amazing – Little Mix Tickets, the latest Toni and Guy hair styling products that have only just been launched, vouchers for Fieldings and many others. The buzz about who is going to win the main prizes is growing. At least 8 children have told me it is going to be them!
Due to all these events there will be no school run after school clubs next week.
Tomorrow Ospreys will be leading our assembly, as ever please do join us.
The children return to school on Tuesday 25th April and on Wednesday 26th Kestrels, Peregrines and Ospreys are all off to the Ballet in Buxton. We are still short of a few permission slips, please return them if you have not yet done so.
On Tuesday I was out at a Safeguarding meeting where the local Police shared with us which apps they have concerns about children using. They all have a minimum age requirement of at least 12 but the Police are aware that they are used by a lot of primary school children. The one they are most concerned about is as it is being used by predators to start conversations with children. ooVoo is a web cam to web cam app which enables people to group video chat. Children are adding people they don’t know into the chats and there are increasing reports of adult males popping up behaving inappropriately. Police also warned us about Roblox an online gaming app which is causing problems. Another concern is MYLOL which is a teenage dating app which encourages children to meet up with strangers. All these apps are being used by primary aged children so please be aware of what your child may be doing. A positive they told us about is Youtube Kids which enables children to access Youtube but not the wealth of inappropriate content and popups. The internet is a wonderful tool but as the average age a child first sees pornography is now 9 we as adults need to help keep our children safe online.
The popular plant sale leaflets came out this week. Please order your plants by 6th April.
Alice Littlehailes


Dear Parents,
Wow! Is the only word for how good the children were at Buxton Opera House performing in the Dance Festival. Both dances were amazing. The children gained so much in terms of personal confidence by taking part. I am especially proud of those children who at the start of the process said they didn’t want to, or couldn’t, dance. They were standing ten feet tall having conquered their fears. The girl’s finished the football tournament on Friday we don’t know what the final results are but a good time was had by all so well done to the whole team.
Congratulations to Lily Barlow who won a writing competition and has signed one of the metal tiles going on the new Glossopdale school. Just think our Lily’s name will be part of that building for years and years.
Swimming has finished for this term. After Easter Year 2 and Year 4 will be swimming. Letters will come out nearer the time.
Tomorrow Friday 24th March is Red Nose Day – a very odd day! Children can come in odd shoes, socks, clothes anything that is a bit odd. All we ask is for a donation to Comic Relief. As ever If your child does not like dressing up they do not have to.
Tomorrow as part of the Red Nose Day fun the Key Stage Two children are having a House Netball and Football competition and the younger children are doing sporting activities.
Talking of sport has reminded me about bags. The bags the children are bringing to school every day are getting bigger and bigger. When I ask the children, all that is in their huge bag is their reading book. We do not have space to store all these bags. Coat pegs are full of bags and coats are on the floor. Ideally all the children would have a PE bag on their peg all the time, just in case we have a sudden opportunity to do some sport, and would bring a book bag in each day. The next time you replace your child’s school bag please help us by making it as small as a book bag.
The Year 5s are off to Whitby on Wednesday, excitement is rising.
On Friday 31st March the Ospreys will be leading our Assembly do join us if you can.
Dates for 2017/18 are:
September 5th Children return to school Half term is the week of 23rd October. Term finishes on 21st Dec. Children return to school on 4th January. Half term is the week of 19th Feb. Term finishes on 22nd March. Term starts 9th April. Half term 28th May, we are back on 6th June. Finish for the summer on 20th July. There is also an INSET day on 20th October.
Church have asked me to pass on this message:
Doors open at 3.45 pm on Thursday 6th April. Join us for games, crafts and snacks.
Please just come along or if you would like more information contact

Alice Littlehailes


Dear Parents,
What a lovely sunny few days we have had. The children have made the most of it at lunchtime.
As ever our children have enjoyed a number of sporting events. Our lower Key stage Two Gymnasts took part in a gymnastics competition and some of our Year Fives were in a Futsal tournament. Please don’t ask me what Futsal is, I believe it is a variation on indoor football but know no more than that, you will have to ask the children.
The choir went into Manchester to take part in a very inspiring workshop with the leader of The Halle Children’s Choir. If any of your children are interested in joining this choir they are recruiting now, if you google Halle Children’s Choir you will get to the application. I know a number of your children were interested, and would be good at it. If you have any questions Arthur and Henry are members and I am sure would be more than willing to answer them.
Tomorrow Eagles will be leading our assembly; do join us if you can.
Next Monday 20th March it is the Peak Dance Festival. The children in Years 2 &6 will be travelling by coach to The Opera House taking their picnic tea. After a rehersal on the stage and something to eat they will be performing to parents and friends of all the schools that will be there. Soooo exciting!
Thursday 23rd is Film Night organised by the children in aid of The High Peak Kid’s Council. I know lots of the children are hoping to attend.
Due to the Dance Festival Science Club will be cancelled on Monday and due to Film Night all after school clubs on Thursday 23rd will be cancelled.
Friday 24th is Red Nose Day when we are all encouraged to do something funny for money. My life would not be worth living if we didn’t do something! This year we are having an Odd Day, come in odd shoes, odd socks maybe have odd hair or clothes. Just let your inner odity out. In return for this chance to be decidedly odd all we ask is for a donation towards Comic Relief, which we will collect in the morning.
Yesterday I had a very shaky neighbour come in to see me after a near miss outside school. Due to a car parked on the zig zag lines she couldn’t see properly, a child started to quickly cross the road and an accident was only avoided because she was going very slowly and was on high alert. I feel as if I am continualy talking about safety and cars outside school. I hope it doesn’t take an accident rather than a near miss before everyone parks and drives responsibly.

Alice Littlehailes


Dear Parents,
I am afraid there are no pictures this week because I am writing this as a speed newsletter having run out of time! If I have made any typos or other mistakes please forgive me.
All the events have been much enjoyed this week. The Dixieland workshop was amazing. The children all came back buzzing with excitement. They loved every minute and were so proud of themselves.
The trip to London was a fabulous experience. The tube ride amazed the children; they loved the long escalators and travelling at speed through a tunnel. The school we visited was a very interesting because it was a multi faith school combining Muslem and Jewish families with links to the local Christian church. It was inspiring to see how closely all these faiths worked together for the children. We were made incredibly welcome in the school and the local mosque. Not only did the school community give the children refreshments at the event they also gave them all a packed tea for the way home.
The PTA film night went well with the children enjoying the opportunity to watch a film with their friends.
This Friday Kestrels will be leading our assembly, so do join us if you can. Next week, 17th March, Eagles will be taking the lead.
Next week is another musical week with the choir going to a workshop with the Halle on Tuesday. They need to remember their packed lunches.
Some of our Year 5s are going on some training to be change4 life champions. I am really looking forward to finding out from them what that entails.
Please order your class photo online if you want a copy of it and have not yet returned your pack. I think they are all lovely.
I have been told by the pool that they are offering free swimming for 8-15 year olds in March so now is a good time to get everyone to the pool enjoying some exersise.
Remember it is the Peak Dance Festival on Monday 20th, tickets from Buxton Opera House. Our Year 2s and 6s will be performing.
Alice Littlehailes


St Luke’s Newsletter
Dear Parents,

I am writing this on Wednesday night so I am just assuming that all the children had a lovely World Book Day and that those that came dressed up looked amazing! Your child should be bringing home a World Book Day book token from the book sellers, if they don’t please let us know.

The PTA quiz night was a triumph enjoyed by all. Thank you to everyone who helped and supported this event especially our quiz master Mr Quirk.

The girls did very well at football on Friday winning 3 matches and drawing 1. They play again this Friday.

The children who came to Education Sunday were fab! They sang well and read their prayers with real feeling. I was very proud of all of them.
Tomorrow Friday 3rd March is the PTA film night. It is immediately after school, so children can stay here and go to the film from class. They can bring in their £1.50 and go from class to the film night. The event finishes at 5.15 and children can be picked up from the hall door. The ticket includes a drink and some popcorn.
On Monday 6th the Harriers are going to Gamesley Primary School to take part in a Dixieland workshop. They are meeting there with their clarinets at 9.00. They will be getting a coach back to school in time for lunch.
I am sure you have all realised that Merlin’s Assembly on Friday has been cancelled; however Kestrels will be leading Friday assembly on 10th March do join us if you can.
If any of you have any spare or old underwear, tight or socks suitable for Key Stage 1 children we would be very grateful for it as our supplies are much diminished.
There is a PTA meeting on Wednesday 8th March 7.30 at the cricket club. Everyone is very welcome please do come along.
I hope you are enjoying the online payment system. I know there have been some teething problems for some people. If it is not working for you please let us know and we will try and solve the problem for you.
Alice Littlehailes


St Luke’s Newsletter
Dear Parents,
I hope you all had a good, if wintery week off. It is lovely to see everyone back. Miss Byron hasn’t come back yet as she has had an operation. Everything went well and she is hoping to be back in a few weeks. Whilst she is off Mr Warburton is stepping into her shoes, the heels really suit him. He knows the children well so their learning will continue as normal.
The first week back has been a busy one. Our representatives have attended the High peak Kids Council and come back with a long list of things for the Pupil Parliament and me to do. Being part of PEGS has given our children so much already.
Some children have enjoyed a workshop with The Northern Ballet. They all joined in and produced some lovely movements. The staff then gave up their Wednesday evening to attend their own workshop at Buxton Opera House to help develop their dance teaching. All this is part of the preparation for the Peak Dance Festival. The Merlins and Ospreys are preparing their dances to perform on the stage at Buxton Opera House on Monday 20th March. Tickets for this are available from Buxton Opera House Box Office.
Tonight at 6pm is the parents meeting for Eagles in preparation for their trip to Whitby.
Tomorrow, Friday 24th February the Eagles are visiting Glossopdale. They are meeting at the Hadfield site with their PE kits at 9.10 and will then walk back to school for lunch.
The Girl’s football league starts this Friday, we hope all the girls participating enjoy it.
Friday is also the PTA quiz there are still tickets available from the school office.
On Sunday the choir are taking part in the Education Sunday service at St Luke’s Church. If they could meet us there in uniform at 9.45. The service should finish at about 11.15.
Next week the Eagles will be walking across to St Philip Howard School for a visit on Tuesday 28th, again they will need their PE kits.
It is World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March if your child would like to come to school dressed as a literary character they can but they do not have to.
Friday 3rd March is the PTA film night. The PTA have reviewed the event following the first film night and this one will be straight after school so children can stay at school and go to the film. The event finishes at 5.15 and children can be picked up from the hall door. The cost will be £1.50 on the door. The ticket includes a drink and some popcorn.
On Monday 6th the Harriers have been invited to Gamesley Primary School to take part in a Dixieland workshop with their clarinets. Watch this space for details.
I finally have the date for the last INSET day of the year Monday 24th April. Sorry it has taken so long I have been waiting for trainers to get back to me.
Alice Littlehailes

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