St Luke’s CE Primary School Newsletter


Dear Parents,

We have had another busy week.  The younger children all enjoyed a wellbeing workshop.  I hope some of the older children joined the newly formed Glossop Choir, it is still not too late for them to join now.  The footballers made a good start to the league.  I was especially impressed by their attitude towards teams with fewer strong players.  The Church of England Younger Leaders met for the first time.  The children attending ‘Healthy Me’ have come back with ideas of how to make us all healthier.

The PTA Christmas Fair is fast approaching (3.30 -5pm 2nd December) and plans are afoot.  On Friday 25th November the children are invited to come in non-uniform for a donation for the fair.  The children in Y4-6 are asked to bring in chocolate for the chocolate wheel.  The children in R – Y3 donations for the gift stall.  This is a stall where the children can secretly buy a present for you and have it wrapped all ready for the big day. In other words, make sure you send in something you would be happy to receive!  Of course if you want to send in donations for both stalls you are very welcome to.  Non-uniform is not dressing up as the children still have to do their normal day, it is practical casual clothes.

There is a change of date for the Harriers Assembly from the 9th December to the 7th December.  This is so they can give you a strings concert as part of it.

The Peregrines will be leading our collective worship on Friday.  Their assembly will be just after 9am.  You will be sent the code word to come into it in the morning.  The Ospreys will be leading the following Friday 25th November.

I just wanted to remind you about online safety particularly social media groups.  Despite none of our children being old enough to be on groups like WhatsApp (their age limit is 16+) we know a number of them are.  Every year we get reports of children being unkind to each other using these platforms.  We educate the children in school about social media but you also have a role to play.  As parents if you have allowed your child to use these platforms it is important you monitor what they are doing, saying and receiving.  We need to work together to keep our young people safe.

Stay happy and healthy

Alice Littlehailes